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Progressive Groups Rally Ahead of Possible #TrumpShutdown to Condemn 'Racist, Anti-Immigrant Agenda'

Progressive Groups Rally Ahead of Possible #TrumpShutdown to Condemn 'Racist, Anti-Immigrant Agenda'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
"If the Republicans DO shut down the government, be the first to say '#DoYourJob, pass the #DreamAct, and end the #TrumpShutdown now!'"
Stop the #TrumpShutdown

I do NOT NOT NOT support this government shutdown! I put this on YOU President Trump… you foul, WRECKLESS, DUMBFUCK, KNUCKLE-DRAGGER, PIECE OF SHIT! I am so infuriated by your incompetance! You have my home (land line) number to call me… since you’re a fat, out of shape (your medical results are FAKE NEWS!) piece of fuck who has all of our data for your fascist agenda. Sigh… Sorry all…had to vent…


Truly sorry… but this guy gets me so angry. I m not ashamed of my post, however, and will leave it posted. :slight_smile:


#shithole fake prez causes this level of anger in me daily! I am impressed that you have held it back this long! Now take a long, cleansing breath and pat yourself on the back for expressing how you feel in a coherent, and more than understandable manner!

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OMG--------The democrats just grew a ball. The republicans have been screwing the democrats all year—from the appointment to the republican judge to the supreme court to the health care bill and taxes. This is a protest----take a stand. And look who refused to take a stand —Manchin of West Virginia -----this guy is in a primary----vote him out.

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If “the non uniformed workers” includes the CIA, then long live the shutdown.

Absolutely agree, Trump played the (non) immigrant and DACA removal game precisely so that they could be turned against any bipartisan attempt to “do business” on the budget. Its so silly for people to bonk their heads against ‘silos’ of topics in an ostensible democracy, doncha think?

Kinda like Mad magazine model of a Trump administration - never thought of it as ‘prophetic’ before - but hey, there you go!

now there is an agenda!!

Your venting does not offend me in the least. I know exactly how you feel. And, I agree with “wolfess” – now go do something nice for yourself. Maybe get a massage or something…

False alarm. It’s just a cyst.

It is surprising that anyone here uses that horrid expression; “grow some balls”.

Not needed: testosterone infused chest thumping.

Needed more than ever: wisdom, compassion, empathy, critical thinking and courage as fascism’s putrid roots continue to deepen and spread in the u.s.

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Agreed. It’s a terrible phrase.

On a side note, I read Morris Berman’s “Why America Failed.” Generally, I experienced the same thing I felt every time I’ve read his work in the past: an overwhelming sense of relief that “I’m not crazy!” So, thanks for mentioning the book a while ago.


My vote would be for a Trump shutdown - duct tape super glued across his lips.

“Diluting our culture”?? Really? I can read into your code speak, you fascist bastard. And fucking check your grammar before you post your ignorant comments. Let us see if you can figure out your grammatical error. Thank you (bowing with all due respect). Your post sends this to the universe “I’m an uniformed, Nazi, dumb-ass who hates people who aren’t like myself.” Shit fuck… I see that the Arizona school system has taught you well. I have googled you. Ha! I KNOW where you live!