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Progressive Groups Rally Behind Sanders' Plan to Tax 1% and Fund Higher Ed


Progressive Groups Rally Behind Sanders' Plan to Tax 1% and Fund Higher Ed

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A broad coalition of nurses, students, religious and civil rights groups, environmentalists, labor and housing advocates on Tuesday praised Sen. Bernie Sanders's (I-Vt.) plan to use a so-called Robin Hood tax on stock transactions to fund tuition at four-year public colleges and universities.


The difference between Obama and Sanders?

Obama was a mendacious liar that told the American people and especially progressives, what they wanted to hear and I was excoriated by many well meaning people for calling Obama " the consummate con man in 2008.

Sanders is a man of some integrity on domestic issues, and is not lying but Bernie is being used to tell the American people what they want to hear to fool many well meaning progressives, albeit misled, people again.


the proposed tax is too little ,and probably too late


“Sanders is a man of some integrity” who isn’t being used by anyone. He has his weak points but is miles ahead of anyone else with access to the big microphone. Are you running or do have a better plausible candidate?


If you have ever heard Lunch with Bernie on the Thom Hartman radio show, you know he is just as cagey a politician as any other.

It is the best we have running for the big chair, and he barely has a shot.


Sounds like one of the replies I got in 2008 from the Obamabots. Sorry to rain your parade…


THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY… Bernie is just a cagey politician that knows how to play the game; like his votes for the MIC. . .


Place a one percent tax on all Wall Street transactions. The generated Billions from this tax. Would be used to help paid for infrastructure, alternative energy projects mass transit and start to bring living wage jobs back to the United States.


Do you have a suggested candidate?


Berne is sounding better to many of us. I am still waiting for some candidate to mention direct electronic democracy. I know I may have to wait forever to hear that.


Both parties are corrupt to the core. So it would have to be something other then the War Party (Democrats/Republicans).


Sanders has been around a long time and has a record – imperfect though it is. I was never big on Obama.


Sanders addresses that corruption has a primary issue. Sure, he could run as a green or invent a party but who would know? Because he is running as a Dem, he was interviewed last night on McNeil Lehrer (PBS) and did well, stating real problems of class disparity and corruption that no other candidate would bring up, (though now that he did, Clinton and others will). He came off as competent and experienced. Had he chosen to satisfy purists by avoiding the Dems, he would not get the coverage or outreach.


I like Bernie for the most part. But the fact he has duel Israeli/US citizenship. And he never condemned the slaughter of Palestine’s last year. Makes me feel strongly, that he’s not the right person for the job.


We aren’t going to find a candidate who suits us all. They all have issues. The point should be, who most closely represents the people, by their actions? At least Bernie ACTS which is more than I can say for Hillary who TALKS but has little action to back her. It is a shame because I think we could use a female voice, just not hers, in my opinion. She resembles the kind of government I want nothing further to do with.


If I were in the 1% I would be happy to pay that tax.


Meanwhile Obama via the USTR is trying with our secret trade deals, to compel 49 other TISA countries and 38 TTIP countries to make free higher education free-trade-agreement-illegal.

Thats what the European Education Association and innumerable other NGOs and trade experts are saying.

The two trade deals attack the very concept of public services by endorsing the horrible WTO-GATS agreement.

Read what the European Students union has to say about GATS

Another essay on GATS and Education’s conflict is why- for example, Google GATS Article 1:3


Dr. Jill Stein has no chance, but that is who I backed in the last election…


That’s brunch with Bernie and his weak points can be remedied with good advisors and I’m not talking about the retread Republican crooks Obama hired. On social issues and Wall Street he is on his game and his economic policies are spot on. I seriously doubt that he will roll over for corporate interests but the roots of that weed are strong and deep. We definitely need to get out the democratic vote and if he makes past the primary he will inspire the voters as much as Obama did but with difference, Bernie will not use capitulation as a tool of negotiation. I caught him on Face the Nation and try as he might Bob Schieffer could not get him to slam Hillary which demonstrated a rare ethic sense rare in today’s political climate. Bernie Sanders is a mensch of the first water.


Not one American politician has gone against Israel since it’s inception and come out ahead of the game. Your argument against a Jewish president is a red herring. You are using it as an excuse to ignore his social strengths which cannot be denied.