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Progressive Groups Say Biden-Warren Ticket Best Way to Excite Voters and 'Win the White House'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/30/progressive-groups-say-biden-warren-ticket-best-way-excite-voters-and-win-white

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Liz would be an excellent choice. She is likable and therefore an asset on the ticket. She is a policy wonk and therefore capable and motivated toward doing the heavy lifting needed to effect the structural reforms to which the article alludes. Liz is passionate about repairing the gross damages wreaked on the nation via inequality. As a bonus “Pocahontas” will drive Trump even more rabid, if possible.


Jesus, we’re SO fucked! Has David Brock bought Common Dreams, too? Warren was demonstrably only allowed to run, to divide the party’s nascent “left,” to co-opt Sanders’ long promoted policies… then drop them all and subvert M4A, GND, BLM, $15/hr, debt relief into blatant K Street scams. I’m guessing Joe was just bought in, as Harris fumbled, stumbled, stammered and spewed equally preposterous lies, over and over and over? As CNNBC fed stale talking points to 23 slavering kleptocrats to silence us and stomp down Medicare for All, Green New Deal and most especially any taxes on millionaire superdelegates? How do WE pay?





My letter to Joe is short. Drop out. Endorse Bernie.


Unfortunately, Joe Biden’s main talking point is still:
“I am not Donald Trump”

And Donald Trump’s main talking points are:
“I am not Joe Biden”
and “Make America Great Again”

Sounds like Donald Trump is beating Joe Biden two to one and we will have a rerun of the 2016 election.
Plus with the Republican “Suppress the Vote” tatics along with the Democrat’s Milquetoast candidate, we will be screwed again.
Our only hope is that Joe will withdraw due to his declining mental state.


But in the meantime stories are being reported that elite white voters are turning away from the GOP and have never before supported democrats–will the " democrats" focus on them or on the “progressives”? The speculation that Biden choose a woman of color has yet to consider an indigenous candidate.


For President, not VP. Biden should not be on the ticket. Also, as Warren didnt pick up as many votes is Sanders, Bernie Sanders should be there, not Warren.

Biden has issues that should disqualify him. He supports bad antidemocracy trade deals that should be illegal.

His “supercop” approach is NOT what’s called for. (unless we want to alienate voters)

Also, we don’t need another “molester in chief”.


Elizabeth Warren would make a fine vice-president but with many polls showing Biden ahead of our Supreme Leader by a respectable margin there may be little need in Biden’s mind, or in the view of his Corporate backers, to concern themselves with the demands of the Progressive movement.


Unfortunately what the article does not say is that the best way to excite voters is to make sure that third party candidates are on ballots across the country so that they can challenge the stranglehold which the two corporate and militant political parties have on this country. No other advanced country in the world offers its citizens only two political parties to choose from. Unless Americans finally wake up from their slumber and realize that they have been conned and understand that there are few major differences between the Democrats and the Republicans then this country will continue to remain a democracy in name only.


I think the biggest concern about Warren is losing a Senate seat. There is a way around that prospect, but the Biden campaign would have to get the Massachusetts legislature onboard and, likely pass a bill over a governor’s veto. That’s a lift they may not want to undertake during an election where avoiding headlines and staying away from social media controversies has been a huge plus for them. Oh, and she’s also 70.



The numbers the polls call are land line numbers and the people who pick up the phone are skewed towards older people. Nobody I know here where I live is even remotely excited about Biden. Biden wont get out the vote nor will Trump. Nobody will be the winner of this “selection”. (So named because it was most probably rigged)

I would never vote for a Republican but at the same time i’m making it a point to vote for progressive Democrats. I’m not going to vote for Biden. Doing so sends a message that I assent to the theft of the country by him and his ilk. A message I dont want to send.

A vote for Biden is a vote for coercion, deceit and outsourcing.

If I could vote to have Pelosi and Schumer and the other DNC corporatists replaced, I would.

I’ll probably write in Sanders.

Common Dreams, how can you support somebody who wants to allow FTAs to steal our future and jobs for big corporations?


Here is a bit of a twist in Utah, the reddest of the red, Democrats are registering as Republicans.


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Liz is a Republican convert just like Hillary. Wow the D party keeps growing!


Does anyone that reads CD really think the Wall Street Neo Liberal Democrats give a rats behind what you think?


Liz isn’t perfect but she is no where near Hillary…


Vote lesser evil?!!! My answer to u smerl is Just Say No.


i will only vote if warren or bernie are on the ticket. Joe and dnc are losers, who only reason to win is to beat Rump orange. if rump wins, so be it! the revolution will be here sooner than later.


Is it illegal for CD to post Green Party or other third Party opinions!!! How about Cornell West thoughts? Can’t wait to see the D Green New Deal that the D Party knows has no chance to pass, but will look good before election, and if control of houses is gained won’t be passed cause we need to bail out the Banks and Corporations again…


We get to vote but we don’t get to pick the candidates…and increasingly, to count 'em.


give me a reason to vote for joe! “beating rump” is NOT reason to vote for dnc/joe. DNC/joe are just spokeSheepeople for wall street, oil, big ag, war machine…etc.

write in Bernie or bust! it is better that the revolution start earlier than later, the elite will have less time to steal now than later.