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Progressive Groups Say Biden-Warren Ticket Best Way to Excite Voters and 'Win the White House'

To Joanie, wrestling with the contradictions within us all shows greater character and rectitude than you’ll get from even our #1 choice Bernie Sanders. Compare Warren’s remark in context about being a ‘corporatist’ and a ‘capitalist.’ That internal wrestling match came in remarks she made explaining how neither of those word labels mean what they used to when they were well regulated and where criminal liability of corporate officers was actually enforced and successfully prosecuted. Transparency even in the way one’s views evolve with inevitable institutional corruption is not something either career bankster representing the interests of his legal-fiction PO Box state of Delaware where all corporations seeking anonymity and bank secrecy laws go to charter themselves or his former bosses at MBNA or Constitutional Law Prof at Harvard Obummer much concerned themselves with.

Also, to the next member of your chorus Joanie, Chapdrum, the term ‘Capitalism’, neither in its well-regulated nor Predatory and Rapacious late stages of devolution we are now witnessing is about to exit this Food Chain we live on. It will be called ‘commerce’ when the Public Interest needs are properly balanced with individual freedoms and right to a fair and open criminal trial. You won’t be rejoining our forbears in hunter-gatherer tribes where shopping reverts to urban metro area and gated community hunting parties.

We can remember when under Bush-Cheney-Paulson the Enron Energy scandal of the largest abusers of Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines opened the door for the largest Private Interest energy traders to sabotage California and the Western U.S.'s Public Interest Energy Distribution Grid to maximize corporate leverage and profits. The highest figures on that corporate tree were criminally prosecuted. Look up Wikipedia for the Enron Trials of Corporate Officers (Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay who died while on bail awaiting his prosecution.

Compare that with the reasons Obama-Biden-Geithner-Holder gave for not indicting or prosecuting the corporate officers of the banks, global capital traders and banking insurance trans nationals like AIG who defrauded the most vulnerable fellow citizens. "TOO BIG TO FAIL\JAIL" was a phrase the Ivy League Constitutional Law Professor’s cabinet full of Wall Street Predators came up with, not the dumb and crasser Bush-Cheney-Paulson-Hubbard finance team.

That was not only a media meme. I certainly do not mean to hold any presidential administration of the last 50 years of Wage Stag-Nation, Working Class Food Stamp Nation and the mass mediated indoctri-Nation of wealth concentrating into the fewest hands and off-shore accounts protected by bank secrecy laws in human history as any kind of Good Public Interest Privileging Government exemplars. These Greenspan cronies waving the federally subsidized and Corporate Welfare Safety Net constructing disciples of the Robber Barons and Snake Oil bid-net models and Pay2Play gubment are trotted out merely to show how Warren was right to note the change for the worse in matters of degree from Bush-Cheney-Paulson-Hubbard to Obama-Biden-Geithner-Holder-Summers.

And Summers is back as the Biden campaign’s first hire, even as Obama had first hired his Chief E-CONomic Advisor and White House gate-keeper to be Larry Summers. Summers, the fellow Harvard intellectual E-CONomic wunderkind behind the concentration of wealth, unfettering of Global Capital, the corporate-capture of our regulatory systems and globalized supply chains while pooling corporate risks even as privatizing maximized profits. All in the name of corporate efficiencies, doncha know? Watch U.S. Private Interest TV, even the Public’s Airwaves that were taken over by corporate underwriting and where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET, or PLANET MONEY or BUSINESS INSIDER or MARKETPLACE or FREAKANOMICS or FORBES and where never a word is heard through the skyscraper canyons of unfettered Global Capital Financialization from the creators of capital, namely WAGE SLAVES who’ve never had even one Public Interest broadcast like WAGE SLAVE WEEK or PLANET OF THE CLOCK-PUNCHERS to give voice to the unrepresented mass of the U.S. body politic who don’t live off their investments or create austerity to keep inflation from eroding the value of their off-shore hoarded untaxed and idle wealth.

Back in the time Warren was recalling that her formative beliefs were being subverted by a lack of Corporate Officer Criminal Liability, the politicians owned by Corporate Officers and combined CEO\Board Chairs like those that drove Wells Fargo takeover by smaller Norwest Bancorp that began the huge value boosting on Wall Street of the Wells Fargo stock had to at least pretend to operate in the Public Interest.

Before Milton Friedman’s Cold Warrior Chicago Boys weaponized for propaganda purposes classical liberal economics (a la Adam Smith) and created the easy to remember and so seductive media meme “GREED IS GOOD” to exonerate our tragic history of GREAT DEPRESSION brought on by WALL STREET COLLAPSE after boom\bust cycles of deregulated and anti-competitive LOOTING OF THE NATIONAL RESOURCES.

The federal government paid academics like Uncle Miltie Friedman (read up on the Wikipedia dossier under Milton and Rose Director Friedman and also under THE CHICAGO BOYS and THE MIGHTY WURLITZER which was the slang term for the Washington slush fund paid to propagandists who sold their academic and journalistic standards to hasten the demise of the even more corrupt commie\cult of personality system in use by our terribly weakened by a 20th Century of world wars that U.S. industries got rich on supplying all sides of every war, a la Daddy Warbucks. The latter being the euphamism for that Military Industrial Complex that General turned President Eisenhower warned U.S. about in his exit from the White House speech now posted to You Tube and that was televised to the nation back in the year of my birth 1959.

Now compare legit war leader Eisenhower, also wrestling publicly like Warren with his own culpability during his 1950’s time in the White House where his Executive Power was eroded by the Shadow Government of the Dulles Brothers and their global corporate clients and client states so that Eisenhower himself was authorizing disastrous and unnecessary subversions of Post WW II democratic movements around the globe, beginning with the regime changes in our own hemisphere in Guatemala.

Then on to the inheritors of the Muddle Eastern Oil Empire the British or Anglo American Oil Corp of Iran or the Saudi Royal Family holdings on the Arabian Peninsula incorporated as ARAMCO because the Anglo British Empire Upon Whom the Sun Was Said to Never Set couldn’t keep control over after WW II imperial losses that themselves followed hard on WW I imperial follies.

All of which great U.S. robber baron dynasties like the Koch Brothers exploited as the U.S. mostly (save for Woodrow Wilson’s use of tax-payer money to convince isolationist Americans to send boots on the ground) sat by and sold supplies to until the end of the Euro-Asian depletions of empires and the retreat to war ravaged Euro-Asian soil. Neither World War really reached across our oceanic and continental divide defense lines to exact much collateral damage upon.

Now compare Prof turned Senator and constant critic of corporate regulatory capture to the point that Obama-Biden and their bankster backers being bailed out had to accept the creation of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that Elizabeth Warren blue-printed, even if they denied her for political reasons the first directorship of said agency that has in fact prevented or returned the banksters ill-gotten gains at the expense of the Public Interest.

Here is what Elizabeth Warren was doing grilling on barely watched television the summer that the Trump\Pence campaign got the ratings and their corporate takeover into gear to combat Hillary and the House of Clinton, another Democratic Party contributor via the 1998 2nd term for impeached Bill Clinton who reached across the aisle to sign into law the Neo-Liberal and Neo-Conservative drafted BANK MODERNIZATION ACT that a majority of Republicans backed with only a minority of corporate democrats like the Clintons and Larry Summers (yes, him again!)

Prof turned Senator and now Presidential contender Elizabeth Warren took on in the name of the Public Interest defense against the rapacious Private Interests the combined CEO\Board Chair of Wall Street value boosting and utterly fraudulent bid-net models of Wells Fargo. Here, cut and paste the links to U. of Tube and watch Eisenhower get resurrected, the Eisenhower with the guts to go on national TV into Americans homes and vy for the primacy of the Public Interest over the mutineer and subversive fattened cow Private Interests:

Now after Prof Senator Warren’s preparation and focused attention got at least enough Wells Fargo Proxy stockholders to separate the jobs of CEO (all about maximizing profits now, regardless of long term value of the enterprise) from Board Chair (that job is supposed to look after the long-term interests of a corporate enterprise so no short-term private looting can occur), again like Eisenhower closing the gates on the Dulles Brothers too late after the camel had squeezed under the tent flaps of Wall Street, here is Presidential contender Warren going after former CEO\Board Chair Stumpf and now hired from within ‘Reform CEO’ alone, Timothy Sloan, drawn from the silent and corrupt hulk of Wells Fargo-Wachovia Corporate Officers all spared criminal liability over Warren’s eloquent objections and calls for criminal prosecutions, here is how she scared Wall Street into sabotaging any further political aspirations of the Public Interest’s last well-prepared defender in office:

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In 2020, Reviving the Spirit of FDR

That is just what the Republicans want publicized so that the Biden voters will stay home in 2020 and Trump can “win” just like in 2016.

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Why do progressive groups like compulsive liars? Two of them on one ticket would be a bit much.


You are correct.
The voter suppressions due to C-19 moving us to mail in ballots.
Where the state sec’y of state can design ambiguous instructions for signatures, clerks initials, etc.

Wayne County Michigan.= Detroit
36,000 third party prez votes in 2016 provided Trump wins the state. Polls there were wrong because they used exit polss from 2008, Obama sweep, to model 2016. They stupidly did not account for demographic changes such as deaths of oldersm and move outs of folks looking for jobs.

This coming November, will Michigan go to Joe? Will Wayne county?

Democrats can only win if they gain young people registering to vote and becoming interested in governance at every levlel. Local, county, state and federal.

What if republicans appoint a decent person as VP candidate?
President McDonalds may have health issues but the Navy doc may be able to keep him on the path for a few more years ruining our society, economy, freedoms.

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When only one side is involved in the negotiations it’s not compromise. Compromise requires two sides, the corporate side can’t compromise, only decide how much to take this time.


When it works better than lies for increasing their families net worth?

When we stop being “informed” by corporate media?

Never, it’ll be all lies now, right up to the end.

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hundreds of officials who worked for former Republican President George W. Bush are set to endorse Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden, people involved in the effort said, the latest Republican-led group coming out to oppose the re-election of Donald Trump.”

(Source: ~https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/exclusive-hundreds-of-george-w-bush-administration-officials-to-back-biden-group-says/ar-BB16c78R?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout)

Many people griped that the Obama-Biden years were Bush 3 & 4. Do these Dubya alums expect a Biden administration to be Bush 5 & 6? Will Cheney be Biden’s VP?


Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize my setup was all wrong anyway. There is a Democratic primary election BEFORE (July 14th is the date I saw) the RCV election with Lisa Savage in November. So Betsy is likely not even going to be there in November.

Hopefully it goes without saying that in November, anybody in Maine who prefers the Democratic pic to Lisa Savage, will still vote Lisa Savage over Susan Collins (or not even rank Susan Collins since there is nobody Collins needs to be picked before).

I saw there was an interview of Savage on the Humanist Report, but I haven’t caught that one yet. I really like Howie Hawkins - hopefully Savage is equally impressive.

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CounterPunch had this interview a few weeks ago: ~https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/exclusive-hundreds-of-george-w-bush-administration-officials-to-back-biden-group-says/ar-BB16c78R?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout

The interview lasts about 70 minutes. If you’re accustomed to gibberish Joe’s incoherent babbling and Trump’s incomplete sentences, you may need a few minutes to adjust your mind to the interview. Lisa speaks in complete sentences and holds a train of thought long enough to convey real thinking.

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Strike “excite” add “nauseate”.

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Thanks Dara. I’m taking a break from listening to it at the moment. I’ve been leaning to the “those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution necessary” point of view.

But the link makes me question that view. (Not necessarily dismiss it entirely.) It’s fascinating listening to a rational discussion of, essentially, the logic of violence.

It is a compelling point that the sociopolitical effects of actions are not entirely intrinsic to the actions themselves, but that the way the media describe those actions may have as much or more impact than the acts themselves. And, while we can’t control media framing, it’s wise to consider the wisdom of providing the media with ammunition they can use against us.


The Trump banner in my neighbors yard says “keep America great” and Biden promises nothing will change, so finally we have an all Truth battle. The Republicans say they’ll keep doing what’s being done, and the Democrats confirm nothing will change. Trump says Biden is crooked and unfit, and Biden says Trump is crooked and unfit. Hell the Democrats just backed a woman who doesn’t think Mitch McTurtle pushes Trumps agenda enough over a guy who wanted some policies to change. It couldn’t be any clearer what’s on offer if we keep supporting the parties the corporations and oligarchs own.


The only way to change this is to expose the trade deals underneath the bad policy, because they are THE very real roadblock to success.

Were it not for them Pelosi, McConnel, Schumer, and Trump/Biden would not have this thing they could point to behind the scenes in their secret meetings and say you must do this because these rules say we must.

Seriously, there is no way out unless we leave them soon. Its the only thing that actually addresses the core problem. Anybody who doesn’t support that is a DNCRNC mole because they want to hide the source of the sellout…

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They want to lose. They cant win because the things they would be expected to do are all forbidden by a trade deal.

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Liz’s snake emojis were well-earned.

The DNC cares about winning? Sorry, they care about fundraising, first, last and always.


You can’t just look at who would complete a winning ticket, you also have to consider who would make a good president if required by the loss of the presidential nominee. Senator Warren. I submit would make a very good president, probably better than even the presidential nominee.

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What a horrible nominee Biden is. No VP candidate can put lipstick on this pig.


“probably” ?

What a low low bar to meet.

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