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Progressive Groups Say Biden-Warren Ticket Best Way to Excite Voters and 'Win the White House'

Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize my setup was all wrong anyway. There is a Democratic primary election BEFORE (July 14th is the date I saw) the RCV election with Lisa Savage in November. So Betsy is likely not even going to be there in November.

Hopefully it goes without saying that in November, anybody in Maine who prefers the Democratic pic to Lisa Savage, will still vote Lisa Savage over Susan Collins (or not even rank Susan Collins since there is nobody Collins needs to be picked before).

I saw there was an interview of Savage on the Humanist Report, but I haven’t caught that one yet. I really like Howie Hawkins - hopefully Savage is equally impressive.

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CounterPunch had this interview a few weeks ago: ~https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/exclusive-hundreds-of-george-w-bush-administration-officials-to-back-biden-group-says/ar-BB16c78R?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout

The interview lasts about 70 minutes. If you’re accustomed to gibberish Joe’s incoherent babbling and Trump’s incomplete sentences, you may need a few minutes to adjust your mind to the interview. Lisa speaks in complete sentences and holds a train of thought long enough to convey real thinking.

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Strike “excite” add “nauseate”.

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Thanks Dara. I’m taking a break from listening to it at the moment. I’ve been leaning to the “those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution necessary” point of view.

But the link makes me question that view. (Not necessarily dismiss it entirely.) It’s fascinating listening to a rational discussion of, essentially, the logic of violence.

It is a compelling point that the sociopolitical effects of actions are not entirely intrinsic to the actions themselves, but that the way the media describe those actions may have as much or more impact than the acts themselves. And, while we can’t control media framing, it’s wise to consider the wisdom of providing the media with ammunition they can use against us.


The Trump banner in my neighbors yard says “keep America great” and Biden promises nothing will change, so finally we have an all Truth battle. The Republicans say they’ll keep doing what’s being done, and the Democrats confirm nothing will change. Trump says Biden is crooked and unfit, and Biden says Trump is crooked and unfit. Hell the Democrats just backed a woman who doesn’t think Mitch McTurtle pushes Trumps agenda enough over a guy who wanted some policies to change. It couldn’t be any clearer what’s on offer if we keep supporting the parties the corporations and oligarchs own.


The only way to change this is to expose the trade deals underneath the bad policy, because they are THE very real roadblock to success.

Were it not for them Pelosi, McConnel, Schumer, and Trump/Biden would not have this thing they could point to behind the scenes in their secret meetings and say you must do this because these rules say we must.

Seriously, there is no way out unless we leave them soon. Its the only thing that actually addresses the core problem. Anybody who doesn’t support that is a DNCRNC mole because they want to hide the source of the sellout…

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They want to lose. They cant win because the things they would be expected to do are all forbidden by a trade deal.

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Liz’s snake emojis were well-earned.

The DNC cares about winning? Sorry, they care about fundraising, first, last and always.


You can’t just look at who would complete a winning ticket, you also have to consider who would make a good president if required by the loss of the presidential nominee. Senator Warren. I submit would make a very good president, probably better than even the presidential nominee.

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What a horrible nominee Biden is. No VP candidate can put lipstick on this pig.


“probably” ?

What a low low bar to meet.

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Why am I not excited…?

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She is, or used to be into the Law and Economics Movement. Which I think is one of the worst things thats changed in our society.

I have NO IDEA who these progressive groups polled, but there’s a few little issues regarding Senator Warren… aside of the obvious baggage with her lies about being Native American.

First, is that the Massachusetts Senator has sold out everyone and everything she’s presumably been allied with, from the CFPB to “Her People” at Standing Rock.

And the others are strictly political, since her possible election as VP would mean the Republican governor, Charlie Baker would pick her replacement, and Biden choosing her (or any other senator) would indicate the Democrats have no real intention of flipping the Senate to take control away from #DonniesBitchMoscowMitch.

Yes, the only sane choice is Sanders-Warren. Although Warren has chosen the wrong path, they’re the only 2 responding rationally to climate catastrophe, corona virus, or any of the other crises we’re facing.

No, its too late, both are GATSlighting us.

No more selling out and lying to the country.

It’s odd that the article didn’t mention the Statistical Fact the the #1 reason that Biden should choose Liz as his running mate is that His Weakest and Her Strongest Support is Youngest Voters. Kamala Harris is a freshman Senator and former Prosecutor who did little support Drug De-Criminalization - would anyone expect her to De-Fund the POLICE STATE just because she’s Black! In my book, Liz’s Strongest Argument during this corona Pandemic is Her Idea of a WEALTH TAX as Billionaires wealth has Increased Well Over tTen Percent Over the Last Four Months alone!

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Politics is the process by which public policy concepts become legislatively affirmed public policy. It doesn’t demand compromise by anyone, merely a majority (or occassionally a super-majority) of affirmatve votes. Compromise (and Corruption) Politics are “easier” ways of achieving public policy goals, but they seldom result in good, solid, sustainable public policy.

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Biden would never ever support a Wealth Tax. He knows who butters his bread, and it sure as hell isnt poor black people.

Its really time for a new direct voting system that replaces politicians with direct participation in the electoral process.