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Progressive Groups Say Biden-Warren Ticket Best Way to Excite Voters and 'Win the White House'

Chuck, we need to keep in mind that the relationship between GOP and Democrats has been “fluid” for some time and they are both invested in the same capitalist system. Recall that Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican who coined the idea of “progressive” continues to be considered as one of the most “progressive” presidents even as he was an imperialist overseas. His cousin FDR, a Democrat, was equally “progressive”. So, that Hillary and Liz switched sides has a larger history.


Here is the thing, a lot of wealthy people may really wish they had let Sanders win because he’s likely much more of a centrist than he lets on.

Biden is likely to lose.


I think Biden can win based on current conditions if he doesn’t talk to much. That and the miserable incompetence of his opponent. There is open disdain for Trump and this comes from all quarters.

I know Bernie is deified here but he is still a politician too.

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WUT? OM dog, I could not be LESS excited unless the Chosen One was Tulsi. good grief.


First of all, Warren as VP is not going to happen. Follow the big money donors (a la Watergate). They will not stand for her, she wants them to pay slightly more in taxes (certainly far, far less than they should be made to pay), and for that she is a non-starter. Second, and I don’t think the late Tim Carpenter, founder of PDA intended it, but PDA has become an establishment Astroturf group, which exists to funnel progressives into voting for the establishment Democrat after the progressive one gets cheated out of the nomination (“maybe next time…” which never comes).

I still think it’s going to be Kamala. The money people want her, and she’s already totally bought-and-paid-for. They know that whoever the VP pick is (in either party this time), that the odds are overwhelming they will end up being POTUS before 2024. This is the most consequential VP nomination since 1944, when the party bosses threw socialist-leaning VP Henry Wallace off the Dem. ticket (at the time the second most popular politician in America after FDR) for a nobody they could control - Harry Truman. They knew, but wouldn’t tell the rest of America just how ill FDR was and that he would not live another four years, and didn’t want a leftist succeeding him. It was one of the great “what-ifs” in American history. Certainly Wallace would not have dropped the bomb on Japan, would never have gone along with gutting labor rights, would have spoken out against the Red Scare and McCarthy-ism, and may have averted most of the Cold War. We’ll never know, but certainly the 1950’s would have been very different if Wallace had been POTUS from 1945 to 1953, and probably much better for more people.

This time, we’re probably going to get another corporate tool that next to nobody wanted as POTUS, probably for another eight years of nothing getting structurally better for the underclasses. I’m not going along with this. I would have voted for the Democrat if it had been Bernie, but I will NEVER vote for rapey old Uncle Joe and you shouldn’t either. Until we quit eating the sh*t sandwich they keep serving up, nothing will ever change for the better. Sit this one out. #NeverBiden.


Warren isn’t the vice president I’d support, I see her as an creeping incrementalist pacifier more like Biden than an actual Progressive and much more likely to sacrifice progress for the sake of corporate money and likely to use Biden’s Corporatist greed and puppetry as cover for her own inclinations in that direction. She is pinned to conservidiocy by her unrepentant subservience to the false promises of corrupt capitalism, rather than a good tool to use to bring Biden to the the fight for the survival of our nation, global civilization, and species.


Kamala Harris keeps switching accents depending on who she is talking to. It’s SO annoying.


This is nothing but putting lipstick on two pigs. My apologies to pigs who are far more intelligent than these two. These two are nothing but Neo-liberals who will ensure the ongoing destruction of our nation and the world. Warren’s backtracking on Medicare for All and her refusal to endorse Bernie in 2016/2020 tells me all I need to know.


On this, I agree. A Senate seat is not as glamorous as the Presidency, and as a relatively local race, it’s rarely well known outside of its state - but it’s critically important. Exceptions like Hickenlooper, whose fame comes from drinking veggie juice that he claimed was fracking fluid, prove the point.

Which would be worse - Dixiecrat warmonger Biden with a Republican Senate or Trump with a Democratic Senate?

For proggies, Trump-Schumer beats Biden-McConnell by a nose.

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You make it sound like a Lincoln - Douglas debate. Perhaps it is to some extent.

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My thoughts exactly, I’d be much more interested in hearing what democratic Progressive Americans have to say than the bleats and barks of the PDA. I’d much rather have a Progressive, or even a Socialist ahead of any DNC “Democrat.”


No, its going to be anything but what you say, for one thing, a plan thats been cooking for 35 years to lower wages globally that depends on shock treatment for the middle class is about to get underway. Next year WTO will rule on a case involving our non-immigrant work visas.

According to economists trillions upon trillions are being wasted by paying workers wages that are way too high in rich countries, while preventing trade deals that globalize services from having their full effects.

allowing us to welch out of our responsibilities to let the poorest Third World nations’s richest corporations do most of our middle class jobs. We allegedly agreed to do this in the 1990s.

So millions of jobs have been existing on borrowed time.

That delay will soon end. If we lose, Millions may have to train their replacements, then after 9 months will be laid off for good. the shift will become new WTO law, and will be binding on many countries all around the world.

After this change is made millions of people currently in stable employment wont be able to find jobs that pay what they need to keep their homes, etc. So it will cause a huge nationwide crash, worse than 2008. That will be the beginning of a descent into hell and the loss of much of the world’s middle class.

Profits for owners will increase a lot, but the ecohnomy which is dependent on a healthy middle class to exist, will crash. Many countries whose economies depend on exports to the US will also crash.

Cuts in all public services, dissolution of Social Security and Medicare, more tax cuts for the rich, - none will help.

Privatizing everything wont help either.

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Good point. This could be a good place to introduce some young blood into higher echelon of leadership. Anybody in the 40-60 range out there?

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The perfect scenario for a Green Party or many other groups to run for our top spot.


Hell Yeah pick Warren!!! She could make it to president after all!!!

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The senate vacancy also applies to Harris and Klobuchar.

If the south is really in the bag for Biden, other geographics may be more appealing.

Perhaps Baldwin, yet another senator.


This is the deal that went down the weekend before Super Tuesday. Liz was told to stay in the race by the Clintons and DNC, taking votes away from Bernie, and solidifying the hapless non-campaign of Joe Biden.
The VP spot is Liz’s, if she wants it.
The (not so) funny part of this election season is starting to play out in front of us. You have a sitting POTUS going down in flames before our eyes. You have an opponent who wasn’t a serious candidate until a meeting in a smoke filled room in the Hamptons where all the younger candidates were ordered to drop out, Liz was ordered to stay in and the congressional black caucus was brought to heel once again. The big money easy coast democrats had decided that since Trump was floundering and ripe for the plucking, that they could, must, do two things in order to keep their Third Way agenda alive. They needed to nominate a “fellow traveler” and they needed to crush the left once again.
So, there will be no MFA. There will be no green new deal, or any new deal. Police reform? Fuggetaboutit. Cut pentagon spending? No. Student loan, bankruptcy reform, and re regulating Wall Street? Please!
Joe Biden is go to set the record for fewest campaign appearances and spending the least amount of cash ever to get elected POTUS.
And then what?


The pander-er in chief. His phony “black” accent was The worst.



Losing the Senate may be part of the Democrats’ plan.

Remember - a Republican Senate worked so well for Obama (of the Obama-Biden administration).


The one thing you can count on Biden to do is to make the wrong decision.