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Progressive Groups Urge Sanders-Warren Unity to Defeat Corporate Democrats in Primary—and Then Donald Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/16/progressive-groups-urge-sanders-warren-unity-defeat-corporate-democrats-primary-and


If Warren was really a Progressive, then I would agree with this premise. She isn’t, so I don’t.


" … establishment Democrats, corporate defenders of the status quo …

Precisely defines two faced Elizabeth Warren.

I will not vote for Trump and I will not vote for any democratic candidate who does not proclaim a FIRM, COMMITTED ANTI-WAR platform.

It’s up to you, democratic party bosses. I’m 70 years old and the US has instigated useless, needless wars my entire lifetime. I’ve had enough war.


There’s an implicit moral equivalence in this statement which is breezily oblivious to blatantly treacherous, underhanded conduct from one side only. There’s no polite way to ask a liar to stop lying.

Here’s an interesting thought-experiment: how many Warren loyalists do you suppose will have the cheek to speak here today? I’d be hanging my head in shame, if Warren’s duplicitous act had ever taken me in. There’s an issue of credulity which arises for conscientious (hopefully former) Warren supporters. How can anyone keep believing in someone with such a long rap sheet of lying her ass off for years?

Just yesterday, she denied leaking to CNN, which turned out to be another lie.


This tiff was started by Warren supporters, if not Warren herself. She had a chance to defuse it right at the beginning. She didn’t. Warren is desperate because she sees she is slipping in the polls and has to create a media event to try and regain the spotlight.


Warren’s supporters would say it was started by that door-knocker script. However mild or true it was, it was still an attempt to take support from her camp, and characterize them as elitist. Liz certainly reacted quite negatively to it, and then right after that, the CNN story was published. The politic thing for Bernie to do at that point would have been to apologize and disavow the script. Warren’s camp may have been looking for this excuse to go nuclear, but he certainly gave them the opening.


Warren is an establishment capitalist.


Let’s get real folks… CNN put that out there Tuesday night to get a ratings BUMP. It’s a fact that they are in trouble with their viewership. The SPAT between Bernie and Elizabeth was SHOW put on for the CORPORATE democrats that want Biden! Look I support Elizabeth because she has the desire and the drive that I am looking for in our candidate. Bernie was my choice back in 2016, and as we all know, he was ROBBED of the candidacy by the DNC, Donna Brasille Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the whole ESTABLISHMENT of the Democratic party. But, when all was said and done I did vote for Hillary. I knew at that time Trump was a real FAKE LIAR!! PLEASE let’s stop drinking al the media and the ESTABLISHMENT kool-aid and support both of these PROGRESSIVES! They both are qualified and are capable of beating the ORANGE BLUNDER! But, if we keep dissing ourselves and our two candidates we will surely lose. This is exactly what the ESTABLISHMENT wants and what Donald J. Trump wants… THINK ABOUT IT!!


Again, the corporate funded candidate let’s us down.

I never trusted her when in 2016 she chose to endorse the corporate candidate over Bernie.


There is a major difference between slanderous attacks on a person’s character and calling out factual divergences in campaign platforms and demographics.

To conflate the Sander’s campaign pointing out the difference in the demographics of the supporters of Warren vs Sanders and the likely fact that she is not bringing in large new bases of support with calling someone sexist is completely off the mark.

It’s never been “Us, not me” from the Warren campaign.

It would be impossible for any campaign to not point out negatives about their opponent’s campaigns. To think that a highly competitive election between democratic candidates would be all rainbows, unicorns and kumbaya between the candidates is not living in reality.

But I will state again: There is a difference between personal, slanderous attacks on an individual and attacks on campaign divergences.

It’s never been “Us, not me” from the Warren campaign.

With this said, it is important not get down into the mud with Warren and her campaign.

Sanders is staying high above the fray. I do not foresee most his supporters getting caught up in this immature, ego based attack.

True progressives know at a cellular level that we are in the midst of unprecedented crises where literally survival of humans and nonhuman life is at stake.

Getting caught up in someone’s baseless personal attacks is a waste of time when we are fighting for survival.

I would rather read an article praising Sanders for walking away from Warren’s verbal attack post debate.

After essentially being called a sexist on national TV, Sanders continued on with his unwavering, laser sharp focus on the massive issues we face (environment, health care, income inequality) ----he was not sidetracked. Listen to his post debate video for proof of this.

Now is not the time for us to elect a leader we need to “make better”, a leader that we need to “rise above” as Norman Solomon suggests in his article earlier today when he wrote:

“In a sense, this moment calls for Sanders and Warren supporters to be better than their candidates, who’ve descended into an avoidably harsh conflict that hugely benefits corporate power and corporate Democrat”

We’ve heard for years that we need to “hold our leaders feet to the fire”.

How did that turn out?

We can see how that turned out: we have a planet literally on fire while the rich, including our former “leaders” are in their multi million dollar fortresses.

This is not about feeling and being “better” than the candidates we are backing.

Now is the time for us to come together as equals.

Bernie Sanders through his actions inspire me to be better and do more.

That is a sign of a true leader: making others feel empowered and wanting to be better human beings.

Not me, Us, Bernie Sanders 2020


I agree. I was dismayed by that script when I saw it, just before things escalated. It deflects in its own way, by looking at reductive demographics instead of substantive policy differences. And why would you even want to proselytize in a way that takes your allies down a notch? I can’t imagine that it Bernie Sanders’ idea.


That failed handshake was a terrible political blunder by Warren. The accusation is, as Bernie said, ludicrous. The faux outrage - “you just called me a liar on national TV” - is pretty sickening to hear. Remember the guy who calls you Pocahontas? That’s the enemy.


Although this article is somewhat interesting, I find it odd that CD hasn’t published an article on the fact that Lev Parnas is the smoking gun who directly stated that Trump and Pence were totally in charge of the impeachable Ukraine offenses. THAT is far more important news than this article about political strategy.


Time will tell how this plays out, but alot of damage has been done and it’s not clear how much recovery is possible. I think Michael Moore got it right:

So, to be honest, the night that happened my first thought was that they will mark this day, January 13, as the day Donald Trump was re-elected, because once again the Democrats, the liberals, the left couldn’t get it together, couldn’t figure instead of much, so happy to get right in there and fight each other like this. And I’m like, when are we ever going to learn? This is on us, this is not on the Russians, it is not on the Republicans, it is on the Democratic Party for not getting its act together and not using its head,"


It is clear that sanders stands alone as the progressive candidate. It is literally sanders vs the corporate dems - the media - the republicans - the billionaires - and yes warren.

There can be no appeasement or coming back from the sort of betrayal warren has perpetrated. Sanders must in no uncertain terms state that he is very disappointed that warren is lying. That it appears she has betrayed her progressive followers and has seemingly made some sort of back room deal with the corporate wing of the democratic party to destroy the rise of progressive policies in the 2020 election.

Bernie Sanders… Do not make the same mistake you made during the 2016 campaign.

If you extend your hand to the corporate wing of the democratic party - they will pull a “warren” and jerk their hand away in disgust. They are not your friends.


As someone who has run door knocking crews and who has written talking points for them to use, take it from me: Bernie’s talking points on Liz were extremely mild compare-and-contrast items, that happened to be factually defendable – her supporters ARE better educated an d wealthier, she DOES NOT bring any new constituencies to the table.

Add to that her serial dishonesty, and these are the points I’ve made about her not being able to beat Trump, which is the whole thrust behind this effort to reunite Liz and Bernie. Only one of them can win the nomination, that’s what this effin primary process is about. Liz’s feathers got ruffled, I suspect her internal polling numbers are tanking, she had well over a year to tell America that Bernie said a woman couldn’t win, but panicked to blurt it out at the eleventh hour. I don’t trust her progressivism, the shifting versions of her life story, or her version of that December 2018 private discussion.

Finally, this incident refreshes my joy in having left the d-party 12 years back. the party remains an incoherent mess in which unifying around defeating Repub boogiemen is more important than unifying around policies and programs that actually help people. That tent is so big, it’s constantly tearing at the seams.


Warren is very smart, I am surprised she did not realize that stunt would backfire on her. Judging by the many comments she probably lost significant support by her underhanded actions. How could she not realize that her accusation would fall flat against Bernie’s decades long support of women candidates all the the way up to the Presidency?
He even pushed her to run in 2016.
She does have a history of massaging the truth and a very conservative background. She has declared her love for capitalism, which needs to be qualified. Is she a neo-liberal?
I am wondering if her progressive façade may be no more sound than Obamascam’s was.
Her most disturbing action lately (The Greyzone 11/20/2019) is to endorse Trump’s brutal sanctions against Venezuela and tacitly support the Bolivian coup. This is very telling, between this neo-con foreign policy and slandering Sanders she has completely and utterly disqualified herself even for Veep.


If the Working Families Party were as progressive as they claim to be, they would officially un-endorse Warren today, the faux-gressive for whom they rigged their endorsement in the first place!


What is the nature of the alliance between Warren and Sanders? Like, what are they supposed to be agreeing to do or not do?

Has Warren pledged to support Sanders at a brokered convention or in the event that she drops out of the race? (And vice versa, of course.) I would think this is a basic requirement of any such alliance. If there is no such pledge, isn’t an alliance between Warren’s and Sanders’s campaigns basically empty of meaning?

I doubt Warren would make such a pledge. I think she would remain neutral or support Biden. After all, that is what she did in 2016. Why would we expect differently now? Nathan Robinson makes a persuasive argument that Warren is more likely to support Biden than Bernie in his opinion piece today at Currentaffairs.

How do you maintain an alliance with someone who isn’t allied with you?


What’s the context ?
Did he even say it and if so , was it derogatory or was he making a point about the American people not being ready for a woman president?
Or , is this another , i’m part american Indian moment from Warren?