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Progressive Ilhan Omar Faces Dark Money and Right-Wing Attacks in Minnesota Primary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/11/progressive-ilhan-omar-faces-dark-money-and-right-wing-attacks-minnesota-primary


The DCCC said earlier this year it would cut off firms who work to challenge party incumbents.

ROTFL…Give me a break! Hell, would not be shocked AT ALL if the DCCC is the people behind the dark money. And the only reason Pelosi has endorsed her (unless that is an error in the reporting!) is because she has a progressive challenger in her Primary, though a smear campaign against Buttar is effectively quashing his campaign. Power loves to keep their power.


I sent Checks to Ilhan and the other Squad members. The checks were mailed out on August 3—and yet 9 days on Aug 11th —none of the checks have been cashed!
Are Trump and the DeJoy person making sure that money for Democrats does not
arrive? MaiI from Oregon shouId reach Washington state pretty fast— but that one for Rashida in Washington state has not been cashed. NOT one of the Squad checks have been cashed. I find this aII very odd. : (


US Mail everywhere is being slowed down, in some cases by days, but just as often by weeks.
A very effective voter suppression strategy AND it accelerates the US’ descent to third world status, a goal of the GOP ever since Robert Taft and Joseph McCarthy started their kangaroo courts 70 years ago.


One place Ms Omar is wrong. She says she’s honored to “be a voice for the people of my district.” But she is the one, I believe, who called that bastard Elliott Abrams to his face, a war criminal…speaking not as some street protester, but a Congresswoman. That meant a lot to me as I’m old enough to remember Abram’s machinations in Central America. But I live in West Virginia. She is not just a voice for people in Minneapolis but people all over this country, and in fact, I expect people in Honduras and Nicaragua heard about it. She is a voice for them, a voice for Palestinians, Iranians, people all over with the temerity to want sovereignty for their own countries, and peace.


Almost all of Congress has been lily-white for so long. This is the first time that I’ve heard of the term “dark” money used in conjunction with a darker-skinned member of Congress. Hmm. I kind of wish we had a better term than “dark” for corporate megamoney.

“Dark” is a modifier for colors, e.g., dark blue versus light blue. The modifier shouldn’t carry any inherent prejudice. Sometimes a dark blue coat is a better fashion statement than a light blue coat, and sometimes the opposite will be true.

Such a lovely post. Thank you

I happened to be in a public space last week, with a big ass tee vee on…the attack ads against Omar are over the top lies lies lies. It is so ugly.
(I live in the twin cities, btw.)

The early returns have Ilhan up by a fairly wide margin. A hopeful sign.
She and Rashida Tlaib are the real voices for the oppressed in The Squad.

NYTimes just called it for Ilhan. She won convincingly. Nice.


You can use Act Blue to donate.

Local paper said that she won with a added 30 thousand more votes than her first term run.I love that.

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