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Progressive International Launches 'To Form Common Front' in Global Struggle for Justice and a Better World

See barry_schiller, below.

Anyone with half a brain who lives in a Western country knows that any org with “Global or World” in it’ wants $Money from Western countries to give to third and fourth world countries!
The West has been pouring trillions into the third and fourth world now for Fifty Years and nothing has changed!
As the covid 19 virus consumes trillions of dollars in the U.S. the “Global Warmers” are appoplectic that they’re not getting a dime of it! As this goes on their claims are getting wilder and their pleas more desperate! (Just check Yahoo News everyday! they’re becomming very entertaining!lol)

No Thank You!

Actually you are wrong.

Remittances from migrants to their home countries far exceed official aid figures.

The foreign based trans-national corporations are well known for extracting profits to tax-havens. Transfer mispricing, abusive transfer pricing, trade mis-invoicing, base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS), and re-invoicing—they all fall under the umbrella of intentional falsification of transactions on an international level. The result is huge losses of revenue for the exploited countries.

So you actually have it the wrong way round. It is the undeveloped and developing countries that have been subsidising the wealth of the developed nations. The drain has been on their wealth not the Western nations.

Nothing changes because that is exactly what the Western governments and corporations wish. They impose through the World Bank and the IMF, economic policies that are in their interests. When sweat-shops become regulated, the multinationals move to cheaper countries to produce.