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Progressive Jewish Groups Thank Diverse Coalition That Mobilized to Thwart Democrats' Misguided Rebuke of Omar


Progressive Jewish Groups Thank Diverse Coalition That Mobilized to Thwart Democrats' Misguided Rebuke of Omar

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Progressive Jewish advocacy groups leading the grassroots mobilization in defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) celebrated late Wednesday after House Democratic leaders were forced to delay a resolution rebuking the congresswoman over her criticism of the Israeli lobby and government.

"We must not equate anti-Semitism with legitimate criticism of the right-wing, Netanyahu government in Israel."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders



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About time we had this debate but let’s not stop there: We need to come clean by admitting and atoning for the enslavement of Africans and their continuing oppression; we need to come clean about the genocide of the First Nations and make amends. These were the original crimes that made and make all other crimes possible, domestically and on foreign lands.

Thank you Jewish Voice For Peace and all other groups including Jewish Bend The Arc and to Ilhan Omar–millions stand with you.



This is wonderful news, progress, however small.

This validates my observation that many of the most vocal and passionate critics of the criminal government in Tel Aviv are good and conscientious Jews. Bravo!



It has gotten so bad that if you mention Jew or Israel and it ISN’T praise you are automatically called anti-sematic. The whole world was behind Israel pretty much after 1948. Through the Mid-east wars of the 60’s the world sided with Israel. But, since the 80’s their treatment of the Palestinians has turned much of the world against them. In a sense they have become what the Germans were to them during WWII.



Watch this section of my comment carefully, it’s pro-Jewish:

I applaud the many progressive Jews who understand that discrimination and intolerance are separate from foreign policy and influence peddling in Washington DC. I stand with you and Ilhan.

Watch this section of my comment, it’s anti-Israeli:

To the extent that Israeli policy toward the Palestinians living in Israel and those who are barred from returning amounts to apartheid, theft of land, and codified second-class citizenship, I have no choice but to express my extreme disapproval through BDS. Zionists say 'never again, ’ but apparently they mean ‘never again, unless we do it.’



see my post above. It pretty much verifies what you did in your post by STATING loudly that you AREN’T being anti Jewish or anti Israel, BUT just disagreeing with Israel’s policies NOT their ethnicity or religion.

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I urge readers to consider supporting JVP.

It is truly a grassroots organization.



Nothing is more Powerful than an Idea whose Time has Come. Hugo




Thank God for reason, be he Christian or Jewish. The Netanyahu thugs just shot a protesting Palestinian boy , last week they shot a 16 year old Palestinian student as she was returning home. Not a peep from media; MSNBC CNN, Fox… Rep. Omar mentions the fact that money may impact American politics and the Media goes absolutely nuts with anti Semitic anti Semitic,. There aren;'t enough me too’s to go around AIPAC spent 3.7 million in lobbying last year. Their annual revenue 77 million. You can buy a few politicians for that. Enough with the Holocaust credit carding. The child is right, a thug is a thug, even when he uses his religion. Hitler used the Christian religion



Contrast this with CNN where they have gone all in on “Ilhan is Anti-semitic”. Note as well their continous attacks on the Government of Venezuela. FAIR pointed out some interesting discrepancies in the MSM reporting on Venezuela. The opposition, those protesting the Government are labled “Civil Society” who are struggling to resist oppression. The opposition tends to be lighter skinned, descended from the Spaniards and the ones who ruled the Country for decades. The Maduro suppoters when they gather to protest are labled “Gangsters and mobs” resorting to violence. Those supporting the legitimate Government are darker skinned tending to be descended from blacks or the Indigenous peoples.

This is the same thing they do in Israel when reporting on those White European jews as compared to the darker Palestinians.

The Democrats , those that slander Ilhan buy fully into this. They feel they have the legitimate right to attack the Governmnet of Venezuela and not be called on their racism (even as it is) yet condemn people that critique the Government of Israel as ant–semites.

They are a pathetic group of gutter crawlers. They are absolute and utter frauds.

That they are being called on it is refreshing.



when we come together we are powerful! Bravo to Omar. I speak as a Jewish elder of many years in the struggle for justice for all.



I knew you guys were out there! Thanks for speaking out in support of Ilhan!



100% correct analysis - Omar would have been so f’d over if groups inside and outside Congress hadn’t had her back.

For once, for now, an outrage has been blocked - because some good people acted.

And, of course, those people had to be there, knowledgable and engaged, to act as they did - couldn’t have gone from 0 to 60 effectively otherwise. Words to activists…



Regarding Jewish Voice for Peace support/membership using link you posted:

Thanks. Got too many activist irons in the fire to do much more than support w/18 dollars for membership - but was glad to click on the link and do that.

For those wondering, they support BDS.



Thank you thank you thank you



I am ecstatic with this turn of events - Omar did nothing wrong and this (now postponed) resolution is reprehensible. But I want to focus on what this says about the corrupt Neoliberal Democratic “Leadership”. Who the hell do they think they are? Their knee-jerk reaction to please their donors is not “misguided”, it’s corruption. These are the same people who abetted one candidate’s (their preference) takeover of the DNC in 2016. These are the same people using Republican talking points to try to thwart the will of their own base on climate change, healthcare, minimum wage, etc. These are the same people whose leader (Pelosi) arrogantly said “green dream or whatever they call it” to denigrate bold progressive action. These are the same people who robbed Barbara Lee of a leadership position in favor of corporate hack Hakeem Jeffries. These are the same people who now tried to silence the voice of (allegedly) “one of their own”. And on this site right now, a new article asking an important question:

There Are 106 Democratic Co-Sponsors for Medicare for All. What’s Up With the Other 130?

Who still thinks these shills are on the side of the people? Can we sh*tcan these people now?



A vote to impose sanctions on the Zionist State of Israel is what must be held.



Long time member, they do good work, always right there when their voice and actions are needed.



WaPo sez:
“The announcement … represents an effort by leaders to move past a controversy over alleged anti-Semitic comments from freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and not overshadow the planned Friday passage of a sweeping election and ethics reform bill.”

Interesting way to spin this censure resolution. So we can expect its supporters to vote en masse in favour of the election reform bill the following day, right?