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Progressive 'Justice League' to Serve as Alt-Cabinet for Fact-Challenged Trump

Progressive 'Justice League' to Serve as Alt-Cabinet for Fact-Challenged Trump

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Dubbing itself an "online Justice League" of sorts, a progressive "Shadow Cabinet" launched Monday, filled with "citizen secretaries" tasked with debunking President Donald Trump's lies and putting forth substantive, democratic, and justice-based alternatives to his administration's right-wing agenda.


Why no Secretary of Agriculture? Food is rather important, and the agricultural system we have now has done little to support small farms or rural communities, protect the water, treat livestock in a humane manner, provide safe food as a human right or wean itself from hormones, pesticides and GMO’s. I can only imagine the Trump administration will be worse.


Ugghh! Just what we need. A bunch of Clinonites telling us how “extreme” the Trump Administration is when we all know it was Clinton’s policies that made this nightmare possible!

Even Robert Reich I can only take in limited doses after he turned his back on Sanders. I have had ENOUGH of sell-out Democrats telling us that we should’ve voted for Hillary.

Time for a People’s Party, and by extension, a “People’s Cabinet”.


Then you form it. There’s no reason one precludes the other.


I’m delighted at every effort to resist (and kind of giddy that djt himself can’t resist seeing it as obstruction). But I hope they present ideas at greater depth than 140 characters and for those of us who don’t live in the 140-character world.


Too sweet / toute suite / all tweets … smells funny … more study

Cultivation: pumping local, county & state; food and other interlinking co-ops; education and infrastructure; fair trade; eat more seasonally and keep an eye on indigenous rights - a bell weather bell ringing around the world. Note that ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ has intense applicability to abuses of systemic economic power. See that light at the end of the tunnel? Get out of the tunnel 'cause thats a trump train trying to build up steam on a down-hill slope.

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Actually, this is something positive and done independently of the democratic party. No surprise there, as democrats continue to bumble their way along hoping that lightening strikes.


Yes, I agree, except that this is a fantasy not in reality.

I think we are, but we have to work locally and state wise. Also, do not forget minor elections such as school boards, councils etc.

Well, I’ll be glad to look into it, but understand my skepticism when any Clinton Dems, such as Mr. Reich, claim to promote progressive ideology.


Thinking small since the 1980s hasn’t accomplished a whole lot. The fact is that any chance for political change would need to be pursued on every level. I’m not sure how liberals got caught up on the idea to “keep it small, keep it local.” Yep, use the skills of the “masses” to accomplish more than one thing at a time.

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I agree, but most politics that effect us on a daily level takes place at the local level. Sometimes people forget that or they do not vote, and only focus on the big elections or they do not vote at all. It’s not just liberals either. The US has a rather poor voting record compared to other developed nations.

Those guys don’t look anything at all like the Justice League

Online Democratic Party

The Green Shadow Cabinet has been around for quite some time now.
We recognize the need for a progressive alternative to both Democrats and Republicans.


There are a few people I trust on that list, a lot I know nothing about and a few I don’t trust at all. But I see no reason to applaud the creation of a group that represents existing institutions and groups that have failed to produce meaningful change in decades.

We need new niche groups and cutesy letterheads like we need Trump. We need systemic change. While we may not be able to produce it within DC, we have to start the conversations. We have to find new ways to reach people. We need to create an infrastructure the reaches the UNusual suspects. We have maybe 60-65% of the voting age adult citizens in this country that 1. don’t register, and if registered, 2. don’t vote. We have thousands of square miles all across the country in which our fellow citizens hear little more than the rantings of Rush, Sean, Savage, Medved, etc. We have millions of our fellow citizens of all political persuasions who live within informational bubbles, silos each with its own preacher and choir and no one else.

This has to change. We have to change it. We have to engage in genuine conversations. We have to ask questions of one another. We have to listen and then ask more questions and then listen again. We have to share our stories. We will never get anywhere with graphs and tables. We need to be able to tell morality tales as we did during the civil rights and anti-war campaigns, as we did during the environmental campaign.

Pronouncements from on high, from “experts” with letters after their names, have not replaced person to person contact out here in the real world. The 19th century Populists did it well. We could learn a lot from them.


I guess we can kiss the bees goodby.

There are other real progressives out there. This is just more of the Clinton team disguising themselves as Progressives. Please don’t be fooled. If you want change it has to be real. I think this DNC chair election proved there is going to be no change. When things don’t go their way, they will find a way to smear a good candidate. Third party is the only way forward and we don’t need to hide in the shadows for this.


AKA, “Act one.”

No body else is on the horizon but these recognizable names , some with duplicitous pasts…
We can’t do any better.
If we could, we would have voted in much larger numbers for Bernie.

this is the best we can do.
Vote for Hillary.

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The fantastical comic strip still created by a talented hardworking artist is all we have left in terms of hope.
Perhaps there is a son a carpenter somewhere in Texas who is really smart and can lead us to salvation.
His name might even be Jesus.

But because his last name is Guitterez, ICE will probably kill him before we can crucify him.