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Progressive Lawmakers Call on US to 'Take a Clear Stand' by Suspending Military Aid If Israel Carries Out 'Illegal' Annexation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/30/progressive-lawmakers-call-us-take-clear-stand-suspending-military-aid-if-israel


We all live in a nation that annexed the entire land mass driving the indigenous people onto reservations, murdering masses as they went.

Now, that same government is going to change it’s stripes? And tell an ally to behave? “Don’t do as we did.”

The clear majority of Americans will vote to support those same “Hypocrites” in a little over 5 months.

Changing this nation’s stripes will require much, much more from it’s people.

Much, much more.


The USA has taken a clear stand when it comes to this. The USA has always looked away and occasionally wagged a finger. But the USA is just fine with Israel breaking “international law” just as the USA does itself. And there is no way the USA is going to suspend military spending on Israel as the Military Industrial Complex owns the USA and will not give up any profit because of a humanitarian issue. After all, war making and war profiteering is what they do and so its all thumbs up when it comes to Israel destroying Palestinians.


Yes, that is for certain. Educating themselves to start. Or learning compassion---- if it can be learned.

A few months before covid and the George Floyd protests I visited a (neoliberal who simply calls herself a democrat) friend in an area of the Twin Cities. Hypocrisy was everywhere apparent in this very upscale area where I stayed. This little village (not far from the looting) had their own “little lending libraries” all about, nice parks, Co-op with organic foods (very $$$), perfectly tended gardens, expensive homes many of which displayed “All are Welcome Here” signs along with “Black Lives Matter”.

Think about that “All are Welcome” message. We are talking homes that average around 500,000 dollars. Many were up in the million dollar range. Cute little old ranches from the sixties sell for 300,000 or more just to be torn down and replaced by a massive, 5-6 bedroom homes.

There were Teslas and Mercedes hybrids, some Priuses in the alleys . . .

Who are the “All” in the “All are welcome”"?

The gardeners? The cleaning people?

I guess they are welcome to visit? Maybe do some work for these people?

Some of the residents still had their Bernie signs in front, some had old “I’m with her” bumper stickers.

Behind way too many of these homes where I visited with the “All Are Welcome” signs are those that are tied into oligarchic capitalism----- 401 k’s connected to Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase etc. They do not want to give that up or even admit there is a problem with how they make their money or how their retirement accounts are accruing interest.

When the protests hit----many hightailed it out of the twin cities to their “cabins” in N. Wisconsin (ignoring stay at home orders).

Bottom line for much of what we discuss here: greed, money, power, lack of empathy and the choice to avert their eyes.


I agree that we also need to address our own crimes, however, standing up against a clear violation of international law is a start. Thank you, AOC and friends!


Annexation of Palestinian territory can only be remedied by the retaking of Palestinian territory. And when that happens there is no reason to stop with those parcels that are being stolen today, or even those stolen after 1967.


Violation of international law; but still goes ahead:


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Sounds like a trick question Vet4Peas.

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Hi Crabpot:
The and theft and murder of Palestinians actually began in earnest in 1948— when the British pu!!ed out. : (

Read THE SEVENTH MiIION by Tom Segev. A rea! education and a horrifying one too. So soon after the holocaust too, and yet the Israe!is began their attacks in earnest—Nothing seems to stop it, including the murder of Americans (See. USS Liberty, Murder in the F!oti!!as and the Israe! man driving a caterpillar over a protesting Raceh Corrie standing on Pa!estinian !and . Her parents even went to court in Israel—and !ost. Dead Americans apparently count the same as Palestinians----both treated as !ess than human. : (.

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The entire ME fiasco has existed for the simple reason that the US has supported the theft and ‘lockup’ of land literally stolen from Palestinians by the right wing Jewish government. What is occurring there is a good example of what happened to the Native People in our own country and the racism against people of color that has existed throughout our history. There will be no peace in the world until the situation is fairly resolved by starting from scratch with the United Nations as leader in negotiations. My solution would be to make Palestine whole again with equal citizenship rights for all people living there full time; and, to give those people full voting rights. We should also drop all military help for Israel, as it now exists. Our support for Israel, as it now exists, could very possibly lead to a ‘world war’ that will be of no benefit to anyone.

With US weapons, I might add!

The horrors that are occurring in what is now called Israel are all occurring under the umbrella and with the full help of our government (which means that of “we the people”). We have the power and the Constitutional right to change this government when it no longer represents us. How many of us agree with the military aggressions all over the world condoned and conducted by ‘our’ government? Should we take a vote for all the world to see? That would be step 1 toward real change, or acceptance of things as they are. It is time for all of us, US citizens, to get our heads out of the sand and take a stand. This is our very survival at stake.

Hi notwistaemon:
One of the fastest and easiest ways to change things is to get away with the private’s owned computers----or any computers at a!!.
My state is vote by mail on!y. It’s more efficient, easier for people without cars, and better for the heath of a!! during a pandemic. It’s a!so harder for people to cheat too. : )