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Progressive Leaders Urge Mass Mobilization over 'Five-Alarm Fire' Trump


Progressive Leaders Urge Mass Mobilization over 'Five-Alarm Fire' Trump

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

From non-violent organizing to large-scale marches and rallies to massive get-out-the-vote efforts, left-leaning Americans must do all they can to keep Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump out of office.


This great video titled ‘Using racism to divide and conquer’ by Reggie Hood explains the long ugly history behind Trump’s message and sounds a lot like something Howard Zinn would have composed.

‘There is no war but class war’ and the artificial divisions, be they, race, gender, religious beliefs, geography etc. are used by the elites to make people blind to that reality.


This is exactly why Trump should be the next President. The Left will finally wake up. Dormant during the Obama years while he was committing war crimes; and I assume will remain silent when Hillary does the same.


I don’t agree. It’s easy for a white male to discount the struggles, challenges, and insults that are PARTIULAR to people based on race, gender, and religious beliefs.

The class war–being real–in no way discounts the fact that OTHER groups face very real struggles.

Very few people who see life through the prism of the class war give a damn about women’s rights, that Black Lives Matter, or that Muslims have been set up as today’s scapegoat population.

If the class war were the be-all, end-all, then racism and sexism would not exist. They do.

Elites may use EXISTING divisions and EXISTING hierarchies of privilege to their own ends; but that hardly means that these divisive hierarchical rights and aborted privileges don’t impact MILLIONS of very real lives.


This is a foolish premise. It discounts the harm that Trump could and would do since he operates as the boy-king, a kind of American version of that imp ruling North Korea.

How much time would the still remaining forests and rivers have with someone like Trump seeing no reason NOT to commoditize it all?

How much time before further global warming eats away at coastlines while he gives the corporatists free rein?

How much time allocated to Mexican families before they are further ruptured on this narcissist’s watch?

How many bombs dropped on ISIS, itself an outgrowth of prior attacks on an already badly bludgeoned Middle East?

This guy has NO concept of history, cause and effect, blowback (karmic or otherwise), and would treat governance of a nation no different from firing people on his “Apprentice” T.V. show. If ever there were an apprentice, it would be Trump… a man UNFIT for leadership.

The world could not afford 4 years of THAT… NOT at this incredibly precarious time.


organized by your local HRC supporters, who would lose. If they really want to ensure no Trump, they would all support Bernie.


“The world could not afford 4 years of THAT… NOT at this incredibly precarious time.”

The same argument I heard when Obama was running. And look what happened. We are now threatening a nuclear armed Russia. Can’t can any closer to extinction than that.


Not only progressives but also conservatives need to mobilize to stop Trump. He is bringing out the worst in voters. This type of hate which is being displayed can be exhibited by people from any country, It probably goes back to our evolutionary tribal roots. Trump is using these hateful emotions in people to gain power. It by using reason and logic that we realize that this is not the way to go, to give into our baser instincts. We must elect a president who is civil and committed to trying to get people to work together for the common good. I am glad to see that these few organizations are stepping up to take on Trump. The more groups joining this fight the better.


Absolutely astonishing how the American revolution is shaping up before our very eyes. The formation of events and in the way we are being guided toward winning back our nation and our world. I see a clear pattern in our movement toward a common good repelling racism, sexism and homophobia. The message of love has the strength to unite all Americans and the world to finally recognize our real enemy that is greed and it’s destructive powers. I would love to participate in rallies and demonstrations, since I feel it will enable us to unite and embrace one another for a common cause and a peaceful but persistent revolution.


So these organizations want a big voter turnout? It’s really simple: give us someone to vote for.

Fear-mongering against this guy will not be enough if the Democratic Party insists on foisting an abhorrent neoliberal monster like Hillary Clinton on the country. Too many will walk away or not show up.

The polls say it, the giant rallies say it, the millions of small donations say it: give us Bernie Sanders and together we’ll bring down this crypto-fascist buffoon Trump.


They did say progressive leaders and groups? The only one who sees Hillary as a progressive is Hillary. An amazing example of how much the American public is being dumbed down by the media since they let her get away with saying that.

Trump represents the rise of fascism, Cruz represents the rise of theocractic fascism while Hillary represents the status quo and the rise of corporate fascism and oligarchy.

Bernie represents the rise… of populism…lol


a measured professional-sounding set of stupid ideas is no less dangerous than one screamed from a step-pyramid of upended shopping carts.<

Precisely. Trump isn’t responsible for the outrageous war budget that’s largely behind today’s massive unemployment, poverty and inequalities in American society. He isn’t responsible for the many wars and military buildups that stretched from Eastern Europe to the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. Instead, Trump has often stated that he could actually work with Russia and, using his negotiation skills, find a better way to conduct international relations. Further,Trump is irrelevant as poll after poll shows Sanders beating him in any general elections. It is Hillary that should strike fears in the hearts of true progressives. Americans must not be diverted by the so-called Trump menace and redouble their efforts to see that Sanders win in all coming elections with overwhelming majorities. You don’t want Trump, dump Hillary and get Sanders into the White House.


Regardless of whatever you might say about the progressives and their “leadership”, this is a call to action an opportunity for those who intend to make a difference, an opportunity to unite the people to show our strength to the hate mongers and the small minded racists. Imagine the media coverage, we can use this vehicle for our purpose and that is to push forward the people agenda. It’s wrong to argue and complain about the progressive leaders take charge and use the energy to people’s benefit.


write in Bernie. :O)


And we can help get the anti Clinton word out at these rallies that are being organized. It’s up to us to ensure the right man/woman wins and don’t forget about Jill Stein. I happen to think Killery is already in trouble and her troubles will only get worse.


No, you’re still entirely irrational. Putting up walls around the world does ZERO to address human population numbers, human ecological impact, the prospects for humanity.

Except to exacerbate violence.


Isn’t Obama already our own boy king? Doesn’t he pick who to kill every Tuesday? How much human blood is on Hillary’s hands? Russia pulls out of Syria in a day, has our boy king left any third world wreckage? Trump is supposed to be worse than what we have?


One way of nudging dems into unification mode is to unite against the monster who has quietly given the Clinton Foundation tens of thousands of dollars…or was it a hundred grand?

The confounding turmoil created by Mr. Man doesn’t seem like a natural phenomenon. Anybody see the latest all-female anti sexist-Trump ad? It smacks of pro-Clintonry, even though repubs are behind it.

Is this really he who seemed so coolly logical and business-savvy, lecturing one apprentice after another?

I wonder what Bill Clinton makes of it all.

It will be a sad day if we have to look back on this and say, color us played.


The hypocrisy among some of these “progressives” is stunning. They’re so worried “about our democracy?” They should be looking straight at Wall St and HIllary Rodham Clinton - all the money she’s taking and what her record on the issues really and truly is.

How do her supporters feel about her involvement in the Honduran coup de’etat toppling the democratically elected government of another nation? Are they worried about what happened to the Honduran democracy? How about the assassination of Berta Caceres, thanks to Mrs Clinton’s support for the fall of democracy in their nation? How about that high femicide rate, thanks to their fearless “feminist” leader? How about all those children coming across our border fleeing violence and Mrs. Clinton basically says their parents are irresponsible? Is Mrs.Clinton going to take any responsibility?

Trump is a direct result of neo-liberalism – criminal trade deals fostered by the Clintons.

And - while these supporters of HERS are so worried about our democracy - why are they then voting for people who put another 1 million Americans behind bars - many of whom are there for decades long sentences thanks to the Ciinton crackdown on “super predators” who needed to “heel.”

If they’re worried about democracy they should vote for Bernie and march for Bernie and march for getting OLIGARCHY out of our government - which is completely undemocratic.

When they do that, Trump will lose all his steam and fuel. His followers are very misguided - but they are rightfully angry about the economy – and that’s how you deal with Trump - you do something about the effin’ economy. And you kick the money out of our politics - meaning you stop voting for politicians like Clinton.

Clinton and Trump are long and dear friends. Their adult children are friends. Clinton was friends with KKK Sen Byrd. She spends every Christmas with a war criminal - Kissinger.

This posturing about “our democracy” is c.r.a.p.


If “the Left” are okay with war crimes as long as there is a donkey logo on the side of the bullets and bombs, you can have them.

The reality is that Democrats are not the Left. They’re feckless liberal scum; mere partisan soft-heads. I have no desire to see them suddenly “wake up” to the fact that drone assassinations are bad and publicly bleed their hypocritical little hearts out about that awful Trump.

Fck the Democrats and fck liberals!