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Progressive Media Outlets—Including This One—Decry Facebook's Plan to Act as Gatekeeper of "Trustworthy" News


Progressive Media Outlets—Including This One—Decry Facebook's Plan to Act as Gatekeeper of "Trustworthy" News

Julia Conley, staff writer

Progressive and independent journalists are raising grave concerns this week about Facebook's plan to fashion itself as an arbiter of what news outlets should be deemed "trustworthy"—arguing that the social media giant's new proposal will punish non-corporate news sources and journalists offering left-leaning news analysis that it finds to be "polarizing."


Is there no competition to Facebook?


this is very ugly. the big news media are out for revenge and this is one of the ways they are going about it.

very bad sign of things to come


Twitter is the biggest one but they have this problem as well. Apparently SteamIt is a new one that is gaining traction. Remember there was a time where people thought MySpace was the end all be all of social media.


Complaining isn’t quite as effective as writing an open source version of Facebook and refusing to vett any remaining members of Facebook. Sure we could have a dating app.


Four out of five dentists prefer Facebook truth!


People would rather have their teeth pulled than spend time on Facebook?


First of all, people should not be relying on Facebook for their news. They should go to websites that they trust to get news if the want to use the internet for news. But many people are too lazy to do that. Also, Facebook in some way has to pay for the news on its site. About half of all newspaper journalism jobs have been lost because of social media. Most first-hand reporting is done by newspaper journalists. The newspapers need more income or they will continue to decline. Facebook should act as a gatekeeper just as newspapers do. Facebook isn’t just a platform, it is publisher. There is no simple answer to how Facebook should act as a gatekeeper. A publisher should be publishing the truth so while that may be difficult to determine the best thing for Facebook to do is hire humans to do the job and stop relying so much on algorithms. It appears millions of people will keep using Facebook even though they lose their privacy and become addicted to Facebook. Until something better comes along as long as there is Facebook it appears there will be difficult problems that negatively affect society.


Right wing extremist Kyl’s investigation of liberal bias is just stage 12 of the right wing’s four plus decades of grandstanding a contrived “liberal media” that has never existed in the US.

Trump took the “liberal media” myth to new heights with is accusations of “fake news”.

While I agree with Trump that we have been awash with fake news for a long time, Trump fails to mention that he and the GOP originate and perpetuate more fake news than all other sources combined.


Many corporations (including American ones) in fascist Germany colluded with the regime for their own financial gains. Fascism knows no morals. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to figure out who’s side Zuckerberg is on…


Censorship by any other name would result in the same lack of information. It cracks me up that “polarizing” articles will be banished. Just pablum will be allowed.


I rarely use facebook, never twitter or anything else. As far as I’m concerned, the corporate media can go fuck themselves sideways. I’ve never noticed anything of value w/ them.


The Corporate Fascists are determined to silence any and all voices of dissent. It is critical for them to do so as more and more the facade of democracy is exposed for the charade it is.


Zuckerberg is one of the .1%, of course he is pro-corporate and right-wing. That this man can essentially censor the information obtained from his website by users is alarming. If he totally ignores or bans progressive or liberal
websites and news he is giving the impression to people that news from those sources are false and biased.


I do not doubt that right-wing pro-corporate propaganda will be allowed.


A “Ministry of Truth” Orwell would recognize all too well


My grandfather had a saying in Friesian Dutch which went thusly in English, “Drunken men and little children will tell you the truth.” Maybe it meant to give ear and some consideration at least if not total vindication to small, generally overlooked and less seemingly credible voices.


Zuckerberg’s Facebook as ‘gatekeeper for trustworthy news’ is like the idea of DJT being nominated for the Nobel Peace prize. What unites both is the stench of unadulterated fascism…


“Trustworthy news” from this Zuckerberg lost me with self-driving car jingo.
Oh sure, really, tell me where to go, autobot vehicle getting uppity,
with your incessant “I’m sorry Dave. But I can’t do that” attitude, followed
with “I’m gonna get you for that, Dave” which I’m even less inclined to favor.
Self-driving tech is a fraud. It’s a lie. PHEVs BEVs FCEVs PVrooftop
regional utility grid most complementary to larger centralized PV arrays,
“The walking communities of 2040” just maybe got published somewhere.
This land is my land. This land is your land. From the redwood forests,
to the New York Island. This land was made for you and me sans #45 forever.


Trump’s problem is that he actually believes the nonsense, right-leaning “news,” which is mostly gossip anyway. If Trump reads Hillary had a baby on Mars, he’d want to see its birth certificate.

To get an idea where Zuckerberg is coming from need to watch The Social Network. Seems he was a bit of a goof that couldn’t get a date. May have impacted his respect (or lack thereof) for women. His idea was Facemash, a Facebook style website that stole the pics of female classmates at Harvard and then allowed users to compare them to farm animals and another Hot or Not, where the females were rated whether they were hot or not by users. So now he wants to create a dating app?
Facebook wasn’t Zuckerberg’s, it was stolen from classmates. They won a settlement from Zuckerberg along with Zuckerberg’s co-founder and moneyman, who also sued and was cheated out of his rightful place in the company too, by Zuckerberg.
You can read it all here: