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Progressive Message to Joe Biden: Don't You Dare 'Cooperate' With Mitch McConnell

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/09/progressive-message-joe-biden-dont-you-dare-cooperate-mitch-mcconnell


Seeing how after the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation the Democrats redefined “bipartisanship” to mean capitulating to the GOP agenda, I concur with Solomon.

The center has moved way to the right of Nixon during the past half century, so don’t fall for any “centrist” doublespeak from either Party.


If Joe Biden is willing to toss aside the progressive base of his own party in order to cooperate with the likes of Mitch McConnell, the new president will be starting a fierce civil war inside his own party.

You mean like the civil war that Obama started, when he offered to privatize and destroy Social Security in a “Grand Bargain” with Republican swine?

Oh yes, we remember that bloodbath, a chastisement on the level of the Democratic revolt that started when Obama expended Bush and Cheney’s wars to seven Muslim countries. Or the tremendous kickback when he crushed the movement for Single Payer health… or when he kicked off a new nuclear arms race, or…


I thought those people refer to the Left not as “the Democratic Party’s Progressive Base” but as “F’ckin’ Retards”.


Joe spent his entire campaign courting the "moderate’ Republican vote, had numerous Republicans and neocons speak at the Democratic convention and will likely appoint Republicans to key positions in his administration, all the while snubbing progressives. If you believe MBNA Joe will start listening to progressives now, after they already pledged their vote to him and campaigned for him in exchange for NOTHING, I have a bridge and some swamp land to sell you. Get ready to bend over, America. This is going to hurt.


Here is how I feel:



byden will sellout and rollover just like obummer … the corporate democrats dont give a fuck what you think normon

#demexited forever


Hopefully this action will propel the dem base to get out of the party and come together with other progressive parties and expand the peoples party into a force to be reckoned with in 2024.


$$$$ Here is the real message from Norman Solomon. $$$$

The reality of the situation must not be seen!

We must pretend that Biden and Harris do not share the same agenda as McConnell!

As long as we keep ignoring the need for a real opposition party, we can deceive ourselves into

feeling that we are really pragmatic and we can continue to relish our masochistic role in

the “bipatisan” sadomasochism of our corporate masters.

We must continue to outline and analyze all of the possible means by which our beloved democrats

can and will abuse us as they and their beloved right-wing lust for global domination and abusiveness

will continue to destroy the commons in the name of private power. This will make us look as if we

are superior to the republicans while we also help them consolidate and reinforce everything we

tell ourselves we do not want.

It is the republicans who are to blame for keeping us in the democrat party while the democrats

repeatedly tell us to shut our stupid mouths and swallow more garbage.

Damn that McConnell! He has no integrity!


What other progressive parties?

When one actually exists, I’ll seriously consider it.

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That’s right - wait for someone else to do the work.

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Don’t you dare cooperate with Mitch!! If you do we will we will we will VOTE for you next election!


Who is doing the work now?

Running symbolic candidates for president is not building a party. Political movements are not built from the top down. When your so-called progressive parties get serious at the local and state level, they’ll get my attention.

At least as an independent, I have two members of Congress who share my values.


Perhaps Occupy Wall Street (OWS) needs to re-emerge and become the progressive party CD posters are discussing ?

Oh, wait a minute, Yes I DO recall Obama’s Department of Justice making everything OWS did illegal so they would not re-emerge during the spring of 2012.


Don’t you dare cooperate with McConnell.

Or what? You’ll hold your nose extra tight the next time you vote for him?


A shortcut to bipartisanship would be for both parties for forswear the Haster rule, so that majority rule could be restored to the House and Senate, as the Constitution intended.

Perhaps you could organize that Joe, if you’re serious and capable.


Thanks for the warning Norm, but this one was in the cards. Biden doesn’t
want Warren and neither does Wall Street, so Mitch and the GOP are
still in control.


If Joe and Mitch’s Sociopathic Corporate Masters want them to cooperate of course they will. In America what the Corporations want the Corporations get, Sociopaths rule in America and world wide.


Democratic Socialist’s of America
Green Party
Peace and Freedom Party
Socialist Party USA
Vermont Progressive Party
Working Families Party
and the newly formed Peoples party

And I didn’t name all of them.


No. HE ( McConnell ) has to COOPERATE with the new Administration!!

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