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Progressive Orgs. to Schumer: Stand for the Resistance and Ditch Manchin


Progressive Orgs. to Schumer: Stand for the Resistance and Ditch Manchin

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A group of progressive organizations is calling on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to boot Joe Manchin from his party leadership position, saying the West Virginia senator's recent record proves he's unfit to be among those spearheading resistance to the Trump administration's right-wing agenda.


On such important votes we do not need democrat turncoats, he will always be for fossil fuels and pharma greedy daughter. It is why the dems lost the people and lost the last three elections and a low voter turnout.


At a very limited event in Parkersburg he claimed he voted as a superdelegate for Clinton (in a state that went heavily for Sanders) because "Bernie isn't a Democrat"!! Bernie is 100 times more of a Democrat than Manchin, who is a Republican but for the "D" in front of his name.
He also claimed he wasn't in favor of single payer because he doesn't want government in our healthcare. No, he want's insurance companies and big pharma to dictate our health care options and costs. He also said that he wasn't in favor of free higher education because if people pay for it, they will appreciate it more. Or something to that effect. He was so condescending and lying. No wonder he's afraid to face his constituents. And I hope we have a real people's representative go up against him next year.


Yes, dump Manchin and all establishment neoliberal democrats, and Schumer too while you're at it.


By their deeds shall ye know them! DINO quislings must be purged or the entire DP is beyond reform/redemption. We need a true opposition party and if dems schumer,pelosi, booker, cuomo, et al, are not up top the task or have the integrity and vision to lead get out of the fargn way! We the people must then form a new mechanism to represent us!


The continued existence of the Democratic party is useful only insofar as it can be forged into a weapon to be used against the fascist onslaught. We should be grateful to be handed such a clear and obvious danger to oppose. The obvious threat of the present regime to the country, the constitution and to democracy itself could not have been drawn more clearly.

Political parties will try to co-opt but cannot create movements. The Republican party did not create the angry Trump phenomenon, and now they find they cannot control it. History is shaped by movements, NOT politicians or political parties. Do we really give a shit whether Manchin puts a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ after his name? He will still respond to and serve the same interests. This weekend the DNC can offer itself as a tool in the service of the people or it will find itself discarded on the trash heap of other useless garbage.


he's not the only democrat voting against our values. long time Senator Diane Feinstein in California deserves to be retired this 2018, voted for 8 of Trump's nominees before she decided to pay attention to her constituents, among only one of her dastardly deeds as did the 13 who betrayed us in voting against Bernie's attempt to have us buy our drugs outside the country

I have sent out a letter to my network of folks online who live in California, to ask them to consider putting forward a progressive candidate to oppose Feinstein, the war hawk and not a protector of the 99% ever. those of us in the bay area know this woman very well and many of us are willing to work to get her retired. If Bernie accomplished as much as he did nationwide, why not believe that a progressive person can do it the same way, with small contributions state wide. everybody in, nobody out, and working for health care for all californians at the same time. Let's do it. all doable in the chaos that now exists.


While you're at it, Pelosi has to go as well.


After 20-some years of pushing a solidly right wing ideology, by what logic would progressives expect any of the Clinton wing to reconsider their agenda?


Though we have to come to terms with the reality that there is no "99%" today. We're rich vs. middle class vs. poor. Liberal media have spent the last 20 years implicitly promoting the notion that our deregulated capitalism is so successful, that everyone is able to work and there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. They are wrong, and the US as whole continues to sink because we ignore the consequences of our socioeconomic agenda.


This is truth


I know I'm going to be the wet blanket here, but as much as I disagree with Manchin, I think his vote in favor of Social Security expansion is worth keeping barring a massive change in West Virginia politics. Bernie only did well in West Virginia as not-Clinton. Polls showed his voters, such as they were, planned to vote for Trump in the general. Bernie would've been destroyed over his anti-fracking/fossil fuel stances, let's not kid ourselves, once am radio turned its sights on him in the state.

Again, not saying Manchin is wonderful or anything of the sort. But, the Republicans are poised strongly for 2018 for institutional reasons barring collapse. He does support Social Security, Medicare, and labor.


But wait - Sanders supporters have been saying all along that he isn't a Dem - so which is it? Can't eat your cake and have it, too ...


As they say - dump 'em all (and the Rs, too) and let God sort them out ...


Seems to me those folks have already demonstrated, over and over, that they are not up to the task - so how many times do you give a kid an allowance for cleaning up his room when he doesn't do it ...

SAs for new mechanism, we have one and have had for awhile - we just fail to support it ...


Oh the Ds have always "offer(ed) themselves has a tool in the service of the people" - in fact they have been "tooling" us for decades ... but every time we try to use that tool it proves quite defective ...


Sure a "prog" could, but why bother with a Dem?


Bingo @DHFabian. The Resistance Party? My left foot. FDR was a real progressive on domestic policy; Kennedy was a real progressive on foreign policy and domestic issues, and those are the the last of the truly left/progressive presidencies. (Johnson may have made this list for his Great Society, but Vietnam was his undoing.) After that it was all downhill for the Dems, who don't grasp the basic purpose of a political party, which is to gain power (not money for personal benefit) and to wield it in favor of their base of supporters.

For my entire adulthood, the Democratic Party has become more craven in its quest for money, making progressive promises and completely dissing progressives once in office. The Democratic Party failed to stop Trump in the election, went onto to elect Clinton supporters Pelosi and Schumer as their Congressional leaders, and on top of it they can't whip cream nevermind narrow-minded congress members, who are unable to think outside of the beltway box. Why anyone would think Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Party will be the tool for systemic change is beyond me.


Bernie stands for what Democrats used to stand for- moderate positions that help the majority of Americans. Democrats now represent the big money corporations that fund them. They have become what the Republican party was before it went so far right it fell off a cliff.
So Bernie doesn't fit the Democratic party anymore. And neither do most Americans. Independents now outnumber both parties in terms of how people identify.
That's why we are desperately in need of a third party.


Well.......most all you say is accurate, but you should read my comment again for comprehension's sake........the knee-jerk response, you always have is unwarranted and serves the status quo. As far as there "already being a viable vibrant GP mechanism", there is precious little of that showing....check the GPUS site...crickets..........lack of leadership, money, intensity, or whatever, the GP is dysfunctional (currently) for whatever reasons - 1% vote totals in the last debacle shows it is not a goin concern..........sure IF people joined and voted GP it would be different, and IF that dog hadn't stopped to take a dump, the rabbit would'a never got away. sadly there is no 'opposition party" currently in the GP is not attracting the millions needed, sorry that's just the case and I vote GP whenever I can, as I did for Jill.
It MAY (please read carefully) be possible to take the DP (a mechanism run by people) to progressive left issues....MAY..Certainly "those folks" you reference, the DP Clinton/Obama/corporate/banker/wall street/war-machine whores have demonstrated over and over their failures and service to big money - still on social issues, etc, a galaxy away from the hideous shag-head creatures now in command (and supported by a lot of people for various reasons).
I don't give a damn what "mechanism" makes the radical changes possible and builds the power to accomplish what I see as critical, I support issues, not "those folks" SB sellouts - IF you haven't noticed, I skewer them constantly for their 'deeds" and quisling betrayals and will continue to do so! - read my comment again............."form a new mechanism" includes the GP by the way..........comprehension and building, not belittling and selling the GP as currently viable..............