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Progressive Push for $2,000 Checks in Georgia Shows Bold, Universal Policies Winning Strategy for Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/06/progressive-push-2000-checks-georgia-shows-bold-universal-policies-winning-strategy

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Bold, universal policies — policies that benefit the average person — have always been enormously popular. We have known this for centuries.


Just imagine if these two neolib wannabe GOP candidates had embraced National Improved Medicare for All, massive criminal justice reform, student debt cancelation, ending the drug war, ending intervention in other democratically elected governments, the GND, and many other very popular issues, they would have won by landslides rather than just winning by the skin of their teeth.

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Without shoving (screw “pushing”), these promises are mere momentary political expediency, watered down, if not drowned, once pols start to paint “the art of the possible”.

progressive policies have long been favored by the electorate–but they do not own the politicians --the corporations do --and so we get what the corporations want instead–the trick is only allowing your corporate toadies the nomination–which is why the corporate Democrats fight the progressives harder than they fight the Republicans --I am willing to bet the Dems will find a way to DENY the people the $2000 that they supported when it looked like it would not make it past the Republican obstruction