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Progressive Straw Poll Shows Sanders Leading 2020 Democrats, With Green New Deal and Medicare for All Top Priorities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/22/progressive-straw-poll-shows-sanders-leading-2020-democrats-green-new-deal-and


Joe Biden @ 9.53%! and Bernie @ 32.16 %! Did we finally get a true poll?


I have been supporting Warren but I would have no problem with Bernie as the nominee and would support him enthusiastically. My big thing is - if he is cheated out of the nomination like last time - will he move to form a new party. I think we need that to happen and the Democratic mainstream needs to understand that.


Kamala Harris…Bold…LOLOLOLOLOL


Well if those 2 issues are the prime issues for voters polled, Warren shouldn’t be anywhere near Sanders. She is NOT for single payer. She has ducked the question of whether or not to keep private insurance. She is OK with a tweaked for-profit system.

Remember how she wanted to ‘cap’ drug costs at $500/mo?

She’s too much a supporter of the military - a huge fossil fuel user not to mention one of the leading reasons for its numerous wars - to truly support what needs to be done for a fast and massive shift off fossil fuels. She was one of the Democrats who voted for even more money for the defense bill than Trump asked for.

So it seems like she has a lot of people fooled, because her popularity doesn’t add up when you consider what issues people are most concerned about.


Polls, the snake oil that everyone is pandering

This is probably the most accurate.

Biden and Harris…right about where I thought.
9%, I’m surprised the zombie made it that far

Still Bernie/Warren is the best ticket to win.
Actually I would prefer Bernie/AOC


You apparently did not watch the debates. Elizabeth Warren stated very clearly that she is in favor of Single Payer Health Care. Please stop posting misinformation that suits your agenda.


My feelings as well. Those numbers coincide with my gut understanding of who is at what level of support.
I hope for the best for Telsi. She needs to be a force for reason in the next administration.


That’s right reader321, and Bernie breaking off with our newest progressives in congress, and a new army of progressives entering the cause, would be an outstanding event.


I would hope like hell that I have it wrong, but I would argue that ticket has no chance of being nominated for POTUS. Biden has already been pre-selected for POTUS by the corrupt DNC.

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The days of the existing Democratic party may be numbered. We need courageous people to stand up and make the move and we need to get behind them. It may be the only hope. The Green party and other progressive parties should be willing to fold into something newer and greater with a potential to gain power and make change.


The repugs went through reorganization. And in my opinion that transformation failed. What of the left?

Are you referring to the Tea Party takeover of the republican party? Can the Democratic party be reformed? It seems doubtful. It has been co-opted. A strong third party maybe created by people like Bernie Sanders, the squad of four and brining in the green party and some other progressive parties - maybe that could create a party that could have impact. The problem is that the two parties have set things up to their benefit and made it almost impossible for anyone else to get a seat at the table. Of course, the mainstream media will always support the two parties in existence. Nonetheless - a new party may be the only hope.


Sounds like the patients are running the asylum.
Oh, and yes, the Tea Party madness.

That was an Astroturf op from the git-go. We can’t afford to outbid the bastards—we have to rely on numbers. Let’s show 'em what 99% opposed looks like.


Train wreck re-dux
I hope you are wrong too.

But we both know the DuNC

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Well he may have majority support among progressives. Of course the big question is would that be enough in the primaries or the general. It reminds me of the old story. A woman tells Adalai Stevenson at a campaign event that “every thinking person will vote for you!” He responds, “well thank you maam but I need a majority.”


Feel the Bern !!! He is the only candidate in my mind ! He needs to get Tulsi on the ticket and an AOC endorsement and its off to the races. Bernie 2020 ! The gentleman from Vermont


Sen. Warren continues to get a pass on foreign policy. Not only on MENA and Iran but also in the turbulent South; Venezuela, Honduras, et al.
I’ve given to both Sanders and Warren in the past, btw. However, the $1Trillion ? remains the same, here. Absent Warren’s tax increase schema, the leverage she’ll have as POTUS, will be to present 30-40% cuts in the MIC/DoD/HSA etc. budgets phased in over 5 years. That’s a tough sell, imo.
Sen. Sanders, though not a profile in courage on these issues, has repeatedly been more honest in his intentions on these various policy matters.
Friday Sen. Sanders get another monthly campaign contribution, as per usual. And, then CD is next on the list, getting Sen. Warren’s share.

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What if Greens fall before the relentless D & R partnership that rigs the system?

ESPI will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of dead democracies; Ecological socialist party international. Partido socialista ecológico internacional, PSEI.

We need a new seven-facet government able to focus the vast distributed intelligence and knowledge held by cosmic powered biology manifest as Human.

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