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Progressive Strides Undone If Hickenlooper Chosen as HRC Running Mate


Progressive Strides Undone If Hickenlooper Chosen as HRC Running Mate

Donna Smith

As we approach Friday’s announcement by the Hillary Clinton camp of their selection of running mates, Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado is apparently one of the people who has been under consideration. Choosing Hickenlooper to share the Democratic Party’s ticket would weaken the modest progressive gains made during the DNC’s platform struggle and set the tone for what a Hillary Clinton presidency might value.


The Clinton campaign cannot "undo progressive strides" because any "progressive strides" the Clinton campaign takes are strictly for show.

The true soul of the Clinton campaign can be summed up as "neoliberalism wedded to neoconservatism": the worst of corporate libertarianism (ignore the "progressive strides" of pandering to anti-TPP movement, because Clinton's goal remains passage of these monstrous deals), wedded to the worst of war-mongering (ignore the "progressive strides" of pandering to the Iran nuclear deal, because Clinton's goal remains "regime change" in Iran, not to mention high-risk brinksmanship with Russia and China).

Any "progressive strides" the Clinton campaign takes, are only due to their need to bamboozle portions of the US public, and should be ignored to focus on the hard truths at the core of the Clinton campaign.

Hickenlooper, the governor of fracking against the democratic will of the people, and other corporate sell-outs of people and the ecology, would be a great fit for the true soul Clinton campaign.

Now i'll read this article by the stalwart and admired Donna Smith...

EDIT: No edits, except that i would have included reference to Hickenlooper's fight against democracy and universal health care, intervening in the Amendment 69 campaign.

Thanks for your witness and testimony Donna Smith!


Now that is a joke, is it not: Hickenlooper? Really??? Fracking, Animas River debacle, mining...unregulated, unsupervised laying waste to one of the most naturally beautiful states in the US?

Boy, would the Trump campaign and super pacs have a heyday with that ticket: Hillary and the Hick, Frick and Mr. Frack. Ugh!

Hey, HRC take a lesson from the McCain campaign choosing Sarah Palin as VP. History repeats itself.


Clinton already loves her some fracking, and picking Governor DooHicky would not change her position to anyone who knows where she is coming from. Based on the bill of goods Obama sold us while I lived in Eagle, Colorado, nobody believes that Mrs. Clinton will veer to the left an inch after getting into office. So no matter what the combination, benchmarks achieved by progressives on their own are in no danger of being glorified or furthered.

I understand Donna Smith's concern being a Coloradan. It is the house and senate in DC that progressives must pour their energy into.


they'd be a good fit. two self-interested, devoted corporatists representing a party committed to the ongoing fire sale of America.

dumbest election ever.


Again I say, there is absolutely NOTHING Hillary can do or say to bring me and millions of other Sanders' supporters back. We have walked away from the party until we make her lose this election, and will come back when we have the chance to kick her faction out for good and take the party over for The People. Join us in going Green in November. Send an unmistakable message to the establishment Dems that we are out of their control and not under their thumb. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


Scariest election ever, too, if you only look at the D and R candidates.

Give some money to Jill Stein before the matching fund period expires. She's pulling up on half a million in donations since July 12.


Sorry Bern, does not look like she got your memo on moving to the left. Better luck next time....if there is a next time. As it was well said a few days ago "frack her" and I add her perspective VP.


Thank you Donna Smith. I too live in Colorado, Denver to be exact and I too remember when he was Mayor and seemed to be progressive. Although my adult son thought he was a Republican for a while, he sure seems to have tracked right and forgotten all about us.
He talked badly about Colorado's vote to legalize marijuana, don't bring out the Cheetos yet he said, and hasn't made it any easier there. Then I found out about his deep involvement in Craft Beers. Ah Ha! Had a beer tap installed in the Gov. Mansion, I heard.
He and Michael Bennet and Jared Polis, all Democrats, overruled the will of the people on fracking and oil and gas companies, as you said. Hickenlooper even drank fracking fluid to convince us that it was safe. Can you believe the arrogance? It will most likely give him cancer. Then I found out he worked as a geologist at one time. Hmmm
The thought of him as Vice President scares me, though I wouldn't mind getting him out of Colorado. HRC isn't someone I could vote for anyway but picking him would surely show she has no desire to listen to the will of the people.
I have decided, since Bernie will not be on the ballot I will vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party. Last I heard there is a gentleman from the Greens that will possibly run against Michael Bennet, also a sell out. I truly hope so as Bennet has been a huge disappointment, Polis too, in many ways.
Colorado went firmly for Bernie Sanders but ol' Hick of course is a Clinton fan. He just threw us under the bus on so many issues I will never vote for him again, he may as well hang out with the likes of Clinton. Most Democrats are sold out so I'm throwing my hat in with Jill Stein.


I was all excited to see that I might read about some "progressive strides", only to find that the Democrats have made NONE.

Back to Plan A, voting Green.


Donna Smith states that if Hickenloper is chosen as VP, it 'would weaken the modest progressive gains made during the DNC’s platform struggle."

—"Modest gains" she notes. So, WHO writes the headlines for CD? I almost did not want to read the article because of the use of "strides."

It was not in Smith's article, so who made that decision? It was not a good one.


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Smith refers to "the disconnect the DNC has with a large segment of its base."

"Disconnect" somehow makes it seem, for me, like an tactical error or misjudgment. I may be a stickler here but I feel this is deeper and more serious than as presented by her.

This is closer to an inherent or purposeful "NON-Connect."

AS the treatment of Bernie Sanders huge campaign this year shows (not to mention the campaigns of Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich and others), the Establishment Dems have no interest in the ideas or opinions of progressives in general and the younger generation in particular — except when it comes to collecting votes in November — when those folks become USEFUL to the Party. A purely Consumerist's Approach which hardly surprises.


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If Hillary wants to give up a considerable number of the possible votes that she might have in our little ole swing state, then yes, go ahead and name Frackenlooper as he is a dyed in the wool neolib who has done everything he can to destroy education in the state, the environment (even taking the right away from towns to disallow fracking and other oil drilling in the city limits) and the list goes on. I cannot see this person being advantageous to her campaign in any way. Not that I care cuz she is pretty awful on the environment and education and campaign finance reform and ...oh everything.


Given your love of all things Trump, I think your pretense of not identifying with Nazis is rather transparent.


Hick's "too far to the left" ?
Well, I guess I get the point...Clinton is as far to the right as Dem's get.

But Frackenloooper isn't really that much different. Both believers in"tinkle down" economics, i.e. tax-subsidized capitalism unfettered by those nettlesome regulations. In their eyes, what's good for the corporate officers and financiers is good for the world. His disdain for the pee-ons is evident.

Frackenlooper's addition to Hillary's team would not do anything to help in this purple state... it's likely that most D's long ago got fed up with him.


Does who is VP make a bigger difference than what the public knows about candidates? Jill Stein has received little attention, yet if the public could hear about her that might change things
Part of the solution for Dr. Stein might be seen here https://youtu.be/8UuF7JZr3lA .


"Then I found out about his deep involvement in Craft Beers. Ah Ha! Had a beer tap installed in the Gov. Mansion, I heard."


Man, I really don't follow that inclusion in your thread/thinking!

Unless of course you're inferring some allegiance to Coors or something, say like the international conglomerate that bought Anheuser-Busch, which decided to rename Budweiser 'America', in an obvious ploy to hold on to market share.


Whatever "progressive strides" might have been made were negated when neoliberal Clinton was selected.