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Progressive Victories from Maine to Washington Inspire Hope


Progressive Victories from Maine to Washington Inspire Hope

Terrance Heath

Off-year elections are almost never good for progressives, and 2015 is no exception. But this off-year election held some surprising victories for progressives in Maine, Ohio, Washington and elsewhere that could lay the foundation for more victories to come.

Earlier this week, I wrote about campaigns in Seattle and in Ohio that had the potential to change how we do politics in America.


Progressives praise their victories and conservatives praise their victories in this off time election. All in all I would say it was a 50/50 split like everything else and the two party system marches on.


Well cloudchooper for those who took the time to watch the Democratic forum tonight from S. Carolina, one has to wonder if the South will continue with the Nixon Southern strategy? I would describe Hillary as "slick" and expected nothing else. Then I was impressed by O'Malley who all wonder why he continues to bother and even Sen. Sanders may or or may not please the progressive base required to move past the primaries in state after state. The polls don't amount to a lot IMHO even though the MSM sprouts them daily. What will it take to end all of the negatives of the last four years, though unlike others I don't blame it on Obama, but the electorate who gets fooled by rhetoric or ends up voting on the last commercial if they bother to go to go to the polls.