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Progressives Applaud Sanders for Willingness to Release List of Possible Judicial Nominees Before Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/13/progressives-applaud-sanders-willingness-release-list-possible-judicial-nominees

Memo to Sen. Sanders and others re the pool of judicial candidates: membership in–or endorsement by–the Federalist Society is sufficient to disqualify.


Bernie 2020 and…I’d also encourage him to release a list of Trump judges he’d try to get rid of, especially Kavanod and Gorsuck.

Not sure why it matters since McConnell will stonewall.

I hope his list isn’t filled with rather useless centrist careerists like Obama’s. The liberal bench is an unbelievably namby pamby and quite careerist bunch. Nothing like the sharp-eyed and ultra strategic killers in the Federalist Society.

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I’d like to see candidates release lists of possible nominees for Treasury, State, and the War Department. Make sure we get no more “progressives” installing Goldman Sachs CEOs to run the economy and chicken Hawks for foreign policy.


Exactly. Few of us are capable of even recognizing judges (I have not known a single person before they were nominated). But I’ve known a whole bunch of people before they entered the cabinet. I never would have supported Obama in 08 if I knew the caliber of the cabinet he would choose.

I hearby suggest Lawrence Wilkerson for Sec of Defense. He’s been fantastic on Democracy Now, The Real News, and The Ralph Nader Radio Hour. He’s one of the few Republicans I could tolerate in the cabinet (and definitely none for VP - that was a dumb idea by Biden).

Mark Weisbrot for State, Treasury, or Commerce (wherever he can be best utilized).

I’d love to see Bernie’s ideas on these and all the other cabinet positions.


Please. PLEASE let Bernie release a list of left wing judges he would nominate. One of the driving forces of Trump’s election was his slate of originalist judges. Please let Bernie show that he’d nominate judges eager to reinterpret the Constitution.