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Progressives Applaud Sikh MP Dhesi for Publicly Condemning Racism of Boris Johnson and 'Politics of Hate'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/04/progressives-applaud-sikh-mp-dhesi-publicly-condemning-racism-boris-johnson-and

In the USA, Omar was attacked by her own effin party for her call out of AIPAC bribes.

And unlike in the UK, where some conservatives had the integrity to stand up to Boris Johnson, we get complete spinelessness from our Republicans, who sacrificed what was left of their souls on the altar of Trumpism. Hell, at least 11 of them have the sense to retire after this term is up…


I do not know if these are true; but they seem consistent with his demeanour:

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Boris may cause a shipwreck, trainwreck, and close the airports - all on the same day.
The Tuesday and Wednesday parliment votes may lead to an autocratic decision or just a lame duck reality that England leaves the EU without trade deal, visa acceptance etc.

For some of us who remember Churchill’s darned losing ww2 strategy in the Mediterranean Sea = North Africa, Sicily, Italy - the britz can go to blazes. Heck, we would still be in the Alps following his map !!

Boris is englands el trumpo.
One MP interviewed on NPR advises that Boris advisers are making errors. They are brexit but not parliment. Expecting daily chuckles here in america’s rust belt northwest territory.

Americans may get lucky and leave the British Empire without a war or vote!!
Russia and Germany have gotta be concerned.

So the real BIG news of the day is that Parliament just shot back at the Queen and Boris! Parliament sent a message from the COMMONS------a message that should be heard around the world ----a world that moves deeper into an Orwellian police state. The current US congress bows down to the Tory King who sits in the White House. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM----social, political and economic freedom-----SUPPORT THE COMMONS----we all have a fundamental right to clean air , water , land and natural resources beyond the power of the state system.

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Amazing that of all the historical developments that happened in UK Parliament today, this relatively minor, subsidiary incident is the main news item CD picks up on and portrays as the most significant!