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Progressives Back Rep. Cori Bush's Resolution to Expel Lawmakers Who Incited Violent Siege of Capitol

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/06/progressives-back-rep-cori-bushs-resolution-expel-lawmakers-who-incited-violent


Hear! Hear! Every single last one of them!


I agree.
But unfortunately, Sleepy Joe will come to the rescue of the Traitors and urge all of the real Democrats to back off.


I think Biden is as shocked as the rest of us. What I do think is that if the VP is the unofficial president, the 25th amendment needs to be invoked so we can get the insurrectionist leader out of the White House. Or, as in with Nixon, GOP leaders need to tell Trump to leave or he will be removed. Either one is faster than impeachment and removal, but I think that should be in the cards as well.

We’ve got two weeks of a madman in the White House. He’s clearly not well. Why risk a button press that could be worse than seditious fools trying to steal ballots and take over the capital?


I actually agree with this as a matter of law. If you’re going to commit to re-establishing order, you’re going to have to start sending some strong messages back to these sh*theads. Part of the reason the Right pulls crap like this is that they’ve enjoyed virtual immunity for their shenanigans.


FWIW i wrote my reps and senators:

Senator Murray,

i expect you, my representative in the US Senate, to act immediately to:

  • Complete the certification of the Electoral College vote for incoming President Biden;
  • Upon impeachment, vote to convict Donald J Trump for treason, sedition, and incitement;
  • Support invocation of the 25th Amendment by VP Pence and the Cabinet;
  • Vote against seating the numerous Senate and Congressional traitors who abused their elected office by seeking to overturn the valid vote of the Electoral College.

Thanks in advance for not being a coward, a “summer soldier” in Tom Paine’s phrase. Stand up for real accountability, and stick out the fight against this cancerous threat to representative democracy in the USA.

Your constituent,
webster s walker, Seattle


I’d say its well beyond “virtual” immunity. The thing is that Pelosi was just reelected as speaker, who seriously opposed to impeaching Trump in the first place. When Bush was warring based on falsified evidence, torturing, disappearing Americans to black sites for more extensive torture, drone assassinating, using federal money to produce false news, all she could think to say about it was “Impeachment is off the table”. Basically accountability is what is off the table for democrats and republicans alike, and it will continue to be this way until Americans refuse flat out to vote for any of them under any circumstance.


Don’t make the mistake of confusing violent fascist insurrection for peaceful protest for a just cause.


agree with all this.

Kick the can down the road Joe and no balls Pelosi are now facing a historical moment, we’ll see if they realize it. If this so called democracy falls, they will be blamed. A game of pin the the tail on the donkeys anyone?


nicely done. and thanks for taking the time to write them. I wish more people would.


Pretty sure they’ll be seeing a lot of subject lines about this, and will get reports from their staffers that they are getting a lot of pressure to act. Like i said, FWIW!


Rep.Ilhan Omar is putting together the Articles of Impeachment.


And people are dying from covid due to trump, deniers of science, selfish a–holes and shitty health care system.
Over 4,000 people have died today.
Those that are complicit in the way covid is being handled should be expelled too.


WW, a much nicer message than mine, the second in recent history i.e. a week’s time that I sent to that pathetic grand stander and power grubber Josh Hawley my despicable rep. in Congress.


Saw that, was happy to hear it. I think there’s been an unofficial agreement with Pence regarding the 25th amendment, so I can’t help but wonder if a notice of some sort is forthcoming to Congress? It takes 7 cabinet heads.

I don’t want to hear the mealy-mouthesd"Let’s move on; let’s forget the past" of Obama. Cori Bush is 100% RIGHT ON


Broadly speaking, i agree, but… it’ll continue to be this way after Americans refuse to vote for the duopoly. That’s when tptb abandon all pretense of representative government.

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Representative government was long ago abandoned, only the illusion, faint though it is, remains. What you speak of is truth, the moment that the lies stop and the sheep see their imminent slaughter and begin to act accordingly.


By all means, the taxpayers should foot the bill for personal 24/7 security guards for every member of Congress, I mean, really, no member of Congress gets paid enough to have to suffer the humiliation of being photographed hunched under a desk when the great unwashed masses come pounding on the gate. (sarcasm)

Some would say the democrats are somewhat complicit for not doing anything about Trump and his hordes of the disgruntled. It took Obama 3 hot seconds to quash OWS, but then they were criticizing and exposing his regime.

That said, one way or another, Trump should be removed from office for the remainder of his term. This is on him (btw, Babbit was a protestor):

The woman who was shot and killed inside the US Capitol during the protests was from the San Diego area. KUSI News has spoken with her husband. The woman is Ashli Babbit, a 14-year veteran, who served four tours with the US Air Force, and was a high level security official throughout her time in service. Her husband says she was a strong supporter of President Trump, and was a great patriot to all who knew her.

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