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Progressives Call on Clinton to End Wall-Street-to-Washington Revolving Door

Progressives Call on Clinton to End Wall-Street-to-Washington Revolving Door

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Decrying what they describe as "a barely legal, backdoor form of bribery," a coalition of eight progressive groups representing nine million Americans is asking Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to condemn the controversial practice of Wall Street firms paying large bonuses, or "golden parachutes," to executives who take on government jobs.

Appealing to Shillary to end WS graft and greed is almost beyond ironic. She, along with her husband and daughter and daughter’s husband, are corporate/WS/bankster whores and she and her husband will say and do anything to win an election. Anyone truly interested in changing an economic system, neoliberal capitalism, which has completely corrupted our political system, devastated our ecosystem and made wage slaves out of most of us, who is planning to vote for this shyster is willfully, woefully ignorant. Bernie is our best and last chance to turn this shit around.


In other words she has to go ask her bosses what she can say.


She was on the board of Walmart for five years … before she ‘entered’ politics.


Well, I can’t say the source here surprises me. Because for sure, HRC would never lie to the faithful. Would she? Sigh…Democrats at play. Alternately cute and horrifying. It’s hard to say which.


" Still, Clinton has declined to address the issue."
What do you expect from the Wall… Street walker?


“Progressives Call on Clinton to End Wall Street-to-Washington Revolving Door”

WTF? Do people not know who are the sponsors of Clinton??!! What family Chelsea married into?? Who delivered the head of Glass Steagall that shifted the wealth on this planet to fewer hands ever before in history? Who the Clinton Foundation is partnered with? I mean this is just willful ignorance and blatantly putting one’s head in the sand. Sometimes I wonder about just how stupid the propaganda machine thinks Americans are. Apparently, pretty damn dumb. Good Grief.


Please produce the DNA tests that prove that low rent claim you post automatically. You appear to be the love child of Donald Trump and the old goat we had on the farm years ago.

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Horrifying " to a grumpy old socialist " who thinks Hillary is a done deal. Did you read the quote from Sen. Warren? Did you see the co-signor? Did you see the conservative estimate of over 9 million members who support this idea? I looked again at the GP map and you haven’t added any states where you even have a state organization. Like that old pistachio nut commercial says, " you better get crackin’ ". Or can’t you find enough money to even buy some nuts?

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Like most others here, I very much disliked Hillary. After reading “Hillary on the Issues”, I now think she is not so bad, although like most other politicians, she takes Wall Street bribes and “won’t disarm unilaterally” like Bill Clinton said.


If that’s the case, Republicans have done a great job of demonizing her. I wondered why conservatives painted her as a cow long before her pending nomination. Knowing that Oligarchy Republicans will stoop to anything to win, I think I know why now. If they are so afraid of her, she can’t be all bad.

She married into the Mezvinsky family. He was a moderate Democratic Congressman from Iowa in the 1970s. Ed got into a little trouble a while back. :wink: ( His current wife is ex-Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies; who cast the deciding vote on the tax increase in the 1st Clinton Adm. She got pole axed in the 1994 Republican Revolution. Which was kind of like the French Revolution only different ) He was defeated by Congressman Jim Leech, a Republican banker from Davenport. Leech endorsed Obama in 2008. He’s also a longstanding member of The Ripon Society. So, I’d guess your point is that Hillary could be a DLC candidate with close ties to Illinois Republicans, like Obama has? You’d be right, of course. Some of us still pay attention.

Even if you’re right it’s still wrong and low rent. If you get my drift?

She’s a Republican at heart but couldn’t get elected dogcatcher in the current Republican Party. She’s a " Methodist feminist on a church mission " and that’s really scary. To paraphrase M. Twain, " an ethical woman is a Christian holding four aces. " :scream:

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HILARIous; I’m sure she will promptly and honestly respond to this call.


Your honor, I rest my case.

Wow… you judge people by a web page full of bullet points?

hang on there just a darn tootin dag nabit humpty dumpty minute… goats have a very particular beauty … and I can speak from experience. (otherwise thanks for calling out the scurrilous)

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My favorite goat was named Billy the Kid. He met his demise when he climbed atop a good friend’s brand new ( 1 day old ) VW Bug. Oh, those hoofs. He was traded away for another goat, to be named later, of course.

To quote the character played by Bryan Brown in Breaker Morant, " nobody misses a slice from an already cut loaf ". And, it ain’t nobody’s business but their own ( the people involved in the slicing ). If you get my drift?

Hillary’s been in the limelight for a long time and her life has been minutely dissected. Not even Cheney has as many detractors. And conservatives are besieging her with bogus issues.

If we dig deep enough, we’ll find that even Jesus was imperfect. The fact that Republicans hate her so violently should raise some flags in progressive’s minds.

Open minded progressives could check where Hillary stands on “Hillary on the Issues” before criticizing her, or chance being mistaken for close minded conservatives.