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Progressives Call on Democrats to 'Do the Opposite' as Rahm Emanuel Advises Biden to Shun Medicare for All and Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/24/progressives-call-democrats-do-opposite-rahm-emanuel-advises-biden-shun-medicare-all


More proof that Biden, once elected, will do nothing for the majority of Americans. Biden and the Dems will not give us universal health care, legalize marijuana, stop the endless wars, etc. I’m sick of people telling me I have to vote for Biden because he’s not Trump.


Rham is a phucking Republican so there’s that.
The Elite will not listen until they have been hurt financially. I guess we all know that already

Reforms Are Won When Social Movements Inflict Real Costs on the Economic Elite
The left should focus on building organizations that can do two things: confront predatory institutions and build alternatives. Our movements need to do both simultaneously.



I and my husband will vote for Biden to save our democracy but this vote is only temporary. The Democratic Party of Rahm Emanuel is on probation. If they continue to dis Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, I’m. all in favor of a new party and will be taking appropriate action.


Lots of great Twitter take downs but do any of these people have any influence with Biden’s team? Because Biden’s petty good at ignoring any progressive voices on Twitter or anywhere else.

Getting to know Rahm was the beginning of my disillusionment with Obama. What a jerk. I don’t relish being reacquainted.


I’ve got news for you folks, Rahm Emanuel will part of the Biden administration, I can guarantee it. Probably as secretary of labor or education.
Progressives will have no voice in the Biden administration. We will be dismissed like petulant children, and working class Americans will continue to suffer, will continue to go bankrupt over medical bills, will continue to work 50 hour weeks, and continue to see their futures whither and die.
The Democratic Party is making the same mistakes it did in 2016. They seem, at least, just as conservative as the Republicans when it comes to many major issues. All it will take is Trump to pull a “liberal” October surprise, like pardoning Snowden and lowering the Medicare age, and what should be an electoral blowout will turn into a horse race, just as it did four years ago.
Emanuel is the democratic party’s Yago, whispering the worst things in a new Othellos ear. Will the new (white) Othello fall for it too?


They will! Please …join the Green Party.


The sense I got from the Democrat’s convention was a message, to Republicans, that Biden and Harris will push the standard plutocrat friendly economics and imperialist war mongering of Republicans, but that Biden/Harris will do it with more political savoir faire and sophistication than Trump. Throwing progressives under the bus to present themselves as “kinder, gentler Republicans” is clearly a losing strategy. A big part of Trump’s appeal, among Republicans, is his crassness and disregard for political norms.


Emanuel is no Democrat. Neither is Biden. But, yet again, we are required to take them and their machine seriously.


Can you recall the last time that a third party was given credence, or had any tangible effect on our country?
Neither can I.


Why wait? Start exploring this week, Grandma:



How about that time Ross Perot won the election for Bill Clinton?


" Two weeks is a lifetime in politics. "
This is about how long it will take someone like Rahm Emanuel to completely deflate any young progressives from working for the Biden/Harris ticket. That’s what bad advice from old hack guys like him can do, to contests between well known and mildly unpopular ( by the party base ) national political figures.
It doesn’t take much to tip over a one-wheeled apple cart. A shove from the right side might be all it takes. Rahm go away, please.


“The sense I got from the Democrat’s convention was a message, to Republicans, that Biden and Harris will push the standard plutocrat friendly economics and imperialist war mongering of Republicans, but that Biden/Harris will do it with more political savoir faire and sophistication than Trump.”

A poll out this morning found that 73% of Republican voters think COVID-19 is being handled well, and most think the number of deaths is exaggerated. If that is the Democrat strategy (and considering how much time was given at the convention to Republicans, I agree with you that it is) it seems like a good way to hand Trump a 2nd term.

Emanuel is only remarkable in that he says out loud what most of the Democratic leadership - including Biden - thinks. Rahm doesn’t care about getting elected anymore - he knows he’ll get cushy jobs on TV or maybe in Biden’s Administration regardless of whether the little people like him or his policies. Robert Reich and liberal Democrats like Reich can say all they want, but the reality is that Emanuel has far more influence in the party than they do.

This guy is the most detested mayor in modern Chicago history - at George W. Bush levels of popularity. But his policies are no different than Biden’s, Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Schumer’s or Clinton’s. He perfectly represents the party leadership, saying stuff out loud so they don’t have to.


I used to use this line, but now I think it isn’t justified. After reading the Analysis section of ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ross_Perot_1992_presidential_campaign, it looks pretty clear Republicans who make this claim are just as guilty of not looking at exit polling correctly as are Democrats who argue Jill Stein tipped it for Trump.

Usually the argument is idea transfer. If you go way back, the abolition movement got it’s start in a third party and more recently, you could argue the Green New Deal and Medicare for All got their starts in third party movements and if they had been banned, it might have been harder to get those concepts into the Democratic party (where they are still failing unlike abolition, but I’m not giving up on any avenue just yet).


1992, for sure. 2000, possibly. 2016- the Libertarian vote may have denied Trump his raw vote total victory. You just never know, right?
Anything else? Don’t mention the damn machines


The more these neoliberal LOSERS open their mouths, telling us what we shouldn’t fight for, the more progressives will turn away from Biden.


That has always been the democrats fallback campaign. Vote for Humphrey because he’s not as bad as Nixon. Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon, so vote for Carter. Vote for Mondale because he’s not a crazy old man like Reagan. Bush is criminal, so try not to notice that Dukakis is a putz. Vote for Clinton because he’s not a Bush. Vote for Gore because he’s not W. Vote for Barry because McCain is an idiot. Vote for Hillary because of well, Trump.
Let’s set the bar a little higher


That apple cart was tipped long ago.

On the other hand you’re right: Perhaps the only thing different about this d-party ticket is how obviously they show their disdain for DFHs – they ain’t holding back one iota.


“The Democratic Party is making the same mistakes it did in 2016.”

You and I agree on a lot with this subject, I’m surprised you still believe these are mistakes and not calculated moves on their part.