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Progressives Call on Democrats to 'Do the Opposite' as Rahm Emanuel Advises Biden to Shun Medicare for All and Green New Deal

“Progressives call on blah, blah, blah…”

And yet again, the brilliant Noam Chomsky’s argument about pressure being a tool that can be brought to bear against the neo-liberal security state empire, appears to be as potent as a fart in a windstorm.


Don’t ever base an argument on exit polling. According to exit polling Hillary won a landslide.
Perot ran for one reason. He didn’t want to win, he just wanted to fire the last shot in his war with the bush’s. It worked.


and yet, we should base our entire faith in our non-democratic system of government on a cabal of sleazy government contractors who write, “secure,” and maintain the software that counts our vote and determines who wins.


Rahm’s idea of improving education was closing down schools that were having academic trouble; guess what color most of the students were. There is synonym for that approach; it is called euthanasia. Of course his solution is privatization , charter schools.

He was roundly hated in Chicago. I think calling him a moderate is wrong; he’s more of a reactionary and if he was honest would be a Republican.

Obama’s to be commerce secretary Penny Pritzker- Obama’s king maker- quit the school board just before that stupid and embarrassing vote. Then got appointed to run commerce. We probably wouldn’t have had Obama if it wasn’t for Penny, the hotel heiress.


Thanks for that, though I’d seen it before.
My problem with the analysis is that it sets out to sort out something hypothetical.
That said, Perot’s 19% of the the vote isn’t inconsequential, as averred by chapdrum.

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Pompeo is a trump Israeli racist stooge - Emanuel is a Dem Israeli racist stooge - both Israeli supporters and neither gives a shite about Israeli subversion of the US or racist police killings of Black people - Emanuel complicit to and central to the 2015 cover-up of murder of Laquan McDonald and suppressing the murder video that had its sound deleted/erased! He did that to assure his re-election!

The bottom line is both parties are Israeli bootlickers and racists - both Black and Palestinians the victims, Emanuel twice serving in the IDF rather than US military - with demonstrated first-loyalty to a foreign nation, not what we really need in US government - more Israeli agents or Israeli training US cops in racist violence and murders!
The murder of McDonald in 2015 and shooting Jacob Blake yesterday are the same depraved cop indifference to people of color in America and Palestine!



~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2015/nov/24/chicago-officials-release-video-showing-police-killing-of-laquan-mcdonald-video - sound intentionally deleted! This under Emanuel tenure


Says who? I see no indication of any landslide at ~https://www.cnn.com/election/2016/results/exit-polls. Now nationally, she did win, but if you look at state by state exit polls, I’m not aware of any major discrepencies.

The exit polling mistake made by Democrats is that:

  1. they assume Stein voters would vote for Clinton if they couldn’t vote for Stein (no, only about 25% would, 15% would vote Trump, the rest wouldn’t have voted)

  2. they assume Johnson voters were somehow the inverse of Stein voters and would have voted Trump (no, they actually had almost the same percentage as Stein voters given above).

See ~https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cbs-news-exit-polls-how-donald-trump-won-the-us-presidency/.


You’re arguments are saying " negative campaign advertising " doesn’t need any help. Aim higher, please. Pander to our better natures.
However, its ( negatives ) been proven to work for a long time; " fear of loss vs. hope for gain ". Salesmen and brilliant marketing in the U. S. is the art of politics; ya know, fine art even.

A voter could be excused for noting that the d-party’s consistent message of “we’re not as bad as _____” is a strong indication of that being as high as their bar goes.


Wish there was a button to multiply my thumbs up by a hundred.Thanks

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They will beat Trump, maybe, but do nothing to change the context that produced him. They have no plans or solutions to any of society’s problems and have supported a long list of right wing policies that have destroyed our democracy, environment, working people and infrastructure. With the GND, ask that empty, soulless sociopath what changes he proposes in the time we have. With Biden’s garbage healthcare plan, at least 15,000 would still die a year, hundreds of thousands would still be driven into bankruptcy, it will still be tied to a job and purchased on a market, and it will still be horribly inefficient.

To anyone saying, this time I will vote for Biden, but next time, if things don’t change…it won’t change. The next time the Republicans will nominate a monster, the Democrats another vapid neoliberal, things will continue to get worse and that worthless party will rig the process once again to make it very hard to change anything. When is that fucking party asking too much and where is the breaking point with the left? At some point, the left has to be willing to be hated by everyone in power and the media for no longer going on with this, and it has to start not only scaring those in power, but also the beourgious, upper middle class base of theirs. Put in place these changes or we are climbing into your gated communities and starting the class war. Enough!


George Wallace got millions of votes and so did Ralph Nader and Ross Perot. And I was told many times that voting for Nader was the reason Gore lost to Bush. Those are, in my opinion… examples of tangible effects.


The breaking point is with the progressive majority in their phony party. That’s where they break, always. That’s their MO: to prevent progressive legislation from ever seeing the light of day.

But you have to vote for them, because how else will you appear to be saving the planet? /s


From what I’ve seen, read, heard, over the last couple weeks here’s my take:
The D party is now the “Classic R party” of 1950-70’s and are no longer ashamed
to say it. They are actively courting the Rs who are disaffected by the New R party,
which we should just call the Fascist (Trump) Party.
So, in reality, we now have the R party (former D), and the Fascist Party (former R).
Anything Left of that needs a New Party (Peoples Party?) to champion the items that
are discussed in this post.
Maybe, 4 parties: Fascist - Repub. - Dem - Peoples, ie. Fascist, Conservative, Neo-Lib, Progressive.
Where the difference between Conservative & Neo-Lib is “social policy/Identity politics” friendliness.

All we’re gonna get from Biden/Harris is “We’re Not Trump”! Same as 16! Good Luck!


Until Progressives break and start another Party, nothing will change. The Dinocrats cannot be ‘forced’ to change from the inside in any meaningful way. They must be forced Left (bludgeoned) from the outside through a 3rd Party so they can be ignored.


Rahm Emanuel currently doesn’t hold any political office. “At one point, half of Chicagoans favored Emanuel’s resignation.” - Wikipedia


Joe and the Dem Party or Don and his gang of fools are here to provide cover. Like Melania’s rain coat speaks for both teams we are allowed to bet on says, “I don’t really care, do U?”

This story doesn’t end well.


I think we should break after we cede all power to the fraudsters. That way, we’ll be in a much stronger position in a couple of years. Cause everyone knows, the best way to fight is to give up and live to whine another day while being ignored, openly told to fuck off and slapped in the face. I mean, that’s always worked in the past.


Has a third-party candidate won high office in your lifetime?
Nor mine.

Going unnoticed - to the disservice of Democrats - is the fact that Biden greased the skids for the far-right rubberstamp Clarence Thomas to ascend to the Supreme Court. No penalty, no foul for Biden.