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Progressives Call on House Democrats to Probe 'Sham Confirmation Process' for Brett Kavanaugh


Progressives Call on House Democrats to Probe 'Sham Confirmation Process' for Brett Kavanaugh

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A coalition of 26 progressive groups on Thursday urged House Democrats to investigate the GOP-controlled Senate's "sham confirmation process" for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.



Republicans always make a mockery of democracy. They are on board with fascism.



I am happy to see the students at George Mason University protesting against this privileged “man” .



Not only women but many males who were his “peers” in college say that
Brett Kavanaugh was a drunk and the group he had hooked up with were
capable of the things that young women at the college have said happened

We already have these two GOP perverts on the court and right wingers who
are practicing fascism on the Supreme Court – not democracy.

Get the billboards up!

There are many, many questions to be asked about Brett Kavanaugh –
do we want a known drunk on the court - someone who threw his glass of beer
into the face of another customer at a bar where he started a brawl –

Christine Blasey Ford feared for her life during the attack by Brett and his friend
and co-drinking partner – which amounts to two (2) males guilty of the attempted rape.

MARK JUDGE is the drinking partner of Brett Kavanaugh – a man allegedly with no
memory left after years of battle with alcoholism. And MARK JUDGE – according to
the information brought forth by his long time college girlfriend – confessed to having
sex (in a male group) with a young girl or woman who was incapable of giving consent.

The USA has had so much “Establishment News” thrown at it over the last 50 years –
with absolutely no challenge whatsoever to it – not even when it became CIA propaganda
with CIA journalists – that citizens don’t really know what true political debate and
discussion really is. It’s NOT what the networks have been feeding you since TV began –
it’s NOT most of what you’re seeing on TV right now.

Too much leniency is given to MIC and “defense of the nation” where it is destroying
democracy with its secrecy – without acknowledgment that these are “illegal wars of
aggression” by the US – without any challenge to US/CIA’s brutality, TORTURE, cruelty.

Not only in these wars that shouldn’t exist – but in everyday practice of fascism in USA
today by right wingers who will destroy families seeking asylum in order to put a “wall”
up as red meat for their right wing followers.

How can we speak of someone with so little compassion for



The entire Trump Election was a Sham including all of the Appointees he put in place as Department Heads and Judges, including Kavanagh, and his ignoring the Laws of this Counrty. He has innocent people locked up in cages at the border, pulled out of Climate Talks and endangering all life on our Planet. He has blatantly lied to all of us and proves he’s unfit to be President of any country. I can’t think of one normal or decent thing this animal has done… not one! The fact that the People are allowing this vile creature to pillage our way of life with his Direct Assaults is an outrage. The Wild West had more laws and decency than we have today. People are dying from lack of Healthcare, have low rent jobs, if any, and his foreign policies are leading us into a full blown War. This Thing is a psychopath and needs to be in a padded cell. Trump is the real traitor, not Assange. All crystal clear An Extinction Event is under way, maybe that’s why the people have given up and don’t care about doing anything about Any of It.



From the inception of this administration there has been an unraveling all social institutions which was facilitated by decades of slow wearing down of these institutions. In other words the groundwork has been an ongoing process for decades. Deregulation of banking institutions, state laws which destroyed educational institutions and workers rights, voters ability to have equitable access to vote and scores of additional egregious backward efforts have been given to us thanks to the Heritage Foundation et al…

The Senate’s approval of cabinet members whose previous role in public life was the antitheses of the departments which they were given control over tops off the whole shabang. What a joke this country is !!!



They’ve been on board with Fascism since Prescott Bush and his Wall Street buddies attempted a coupe against FDR. Republicans are not fans of democracy and they prove it every time they get control



… and I think they actually succeeded in the end –
lots of conflicting stories about the way that FDR died –
and the removal of VP Henry Wallace 45 days before FDR died –

Look at Truman’s immediate history – mentored by John McCloy who was
also pushing the bombing of Japan with nukes – against all advice.
How does a nation do something like Nagasaki and Hiroshima and still suggest
they hold any morality? Or even common sense?
Who will pity us if someone wants to melt the skin on our children’s bodies and
melt our buildings?
CIA – “OOP’s … think I put a new Gestapo in play?”

It’s been a long road and you can be sure there will be more horrors to come
because that’s the only thing this kind of stuff leads to.



Anyone who doesn’t believe that man is unfit for the Supreme Court is either a moron, willfully ignorant or being paid to see things differently than they factually are. Which category do you fit in?



What a waste of time. I learned a new term the other day: “#Battles” (hashtag battles). The GOP wins real battles and take power, progressives “fight” battles they’ve already lost (on social media).



Did not know about THAT sequence of events. I"ll have to do a deeper dive on that one.



Tell me about it! The list of BAD is so long at this point it would take a lifetime to fix it. We are so screwed!

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Impeach Frat Boy Brett Kavanaugh.

You cannot treat women so contemptuously and be rewarded with a seat on the Supreme Court.



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Persons in their right minds understand that had they behaved during their job interviews the way that Kavanawww did in his, they would have destroyed any chance of being hired. But right minds in Congress are almost extinct, as we plainly see by their allowing Trump to remain (and approving the other sh*theel for the Court).

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We are all thinking the same thing about you. Seems you’re deflecting your deficiencies on me lol… Oh well let the laughter begin hahahahahaha stupid rides into the sunset lol.



Never-the -less, it must have been a shock to have all of government drop in the republicans lap.
I suppose a shock for dems as well.



I have read this crap on other sites. I hope you tire of us and move on sooner than later. We don’t subscribe to Fox Noise type propaganda.



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