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Progressives Call on House Democrats to Probe 'Sham Confirmation Process' for Brett Kavanaugh


Oh is that why they are doing what they are doing ? Most os them have been around DC long enough to know what they have been doing or maybe what they should have been doing. duh

Mitch duh?



Phred –

Take a look at who John McCloy was –

Stalin also told one of FDR’s sons (Elliott, I think) that Churchill
was responsible for his murder. Stalin wanted to see the body but
Ethel wouldn’t let him. Suspicion of poisons?

There’s also mention of a shot to the head –
(Maybe he wasn’t dying fast enough – they had a timeline)

Some of the first reports were of suicide –

You can see the deterioration of FDR after his doctor was changed -
and daughter Anna given a big line about the importance of changing
his life, drinking etc. Most of the things he thrived on.
Keeping his blood pressure down – changing foods, medicines.

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The trash is all about you toothless CSA trailor park fuknutz. Hehehe you cant throw your stinky laundry out for smart people to clean. Put the glass pipe down and brush them godamm snags. lol ya silly Trumpturd.



You have no idea. What I am opposed to, besides Trump and the GOP and corporate Democrats, is meaningless opposition to Trump. So, far that is all that Liberals and their media have waged. They haven’t opposed his policies. In fact, while the GOP was fleecing America, the Democrats, gave the proto-fascist Trump more $ than he asked for in Pentagon spending - twice. How does that represent the actions of the Resistance TM? They made no meaningful opposition to his “tax cut” - both of these represent massive transfers of wealth from the already strapped to the already overly rich. Liberals mounted an opposition strategy attack on Kavenaugh of an unproved rape occurring over thirty years ago, that could only work if the court deprived Kavenaugh of his due-process rights. It could not have succeeded (there had to have been at least a couple of lawyers among them to know that). What it really represented was a get-out-the-vote campaign to charge up the base to elect Democrats in the mid-terms while not doing a damn thing for working people. While Liberals focus on winning #Tag Battles, the GOP wins POWER - the real thing. Wake up.



Getting pretty personal for a shit head that doesn’t know squat.
Just a right-wing-nut out to cause trouble.



So are you pro trump or are you pro democrat? Seems you have no idea what you’re supposed to do. We have bad democrats sure they are ignorant assholes on corporate payroll. BUT we also have a lot of good democrats who fight the good fight everyday. Now republicans are all corporate strawmen everyone fuking one of them, not one decent republican in the whole batch rotten to the core. You cant support them and get all high and mighty with us.



I am “pro” genuine democracy (which does not exist in the US and never has, although it has been more representative than now) and “pro” working people which means I support policies that benefit regular working people. Since both parties represent the interests of the super rich, that is big corporations, I know that something like 90% of Americans are not represented by either party. So, I criticize both parties of the duopoly. The duopoly has been described as bird of prey with two right wings. The Democrats, if you judge them by their policies are a right wing party. The GOP is a more right wing party. The left (i define as working for the interests of working class people), has no representation in the halls of power in this country. This point can actually be proven: look at the work of political scientists, Thomas Ferguson (“The Golden Rule”) and the research team of Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page. All demonstrate that if you look at who benefits from policies or legislation enacted, it is not the vast majority of the population, it is a narrow strata, call them the 1%.



Oh yes, you can. If you are subservient to power, you can get away with anything - and be well rewarded.



Can you imagine how different the world would be if Henry Wallace had succeeded FDR?

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dogpaddle –
Can you imagine how different the world would be if Henry Wallace had succeeded FDR?

How sad it didn’t happen – and how inspiring he still is –

VP Henry Wallace tried very hard to run an alternate campaign – forgotten
a lot of details and would have loved to have read more about him –

For anyone who saw Cher’s comments about immigrants coming into LA when
there is so much poverty there . . .
She completely missed pointing to a MIC taking 70 cents of every one of our tax $$.

The reality that we could increase taxes on the rich and support the poor they’ve
created with joblessness and destruction of assistance programs.

Cher might have given Medicare4All a thought – and taken an honest look
at Big Pharma making $23 BILLION a year – their CEO’s making $21 million
every year, $17 million every year PLUS – and then raising the price of
Insulin so that many cannot afford it and are dying.

In 1934 – Upton Sinclair tried with EPIC = End Poverty in California – but in
order to destroy him Elites had to hire on Hollywood scripwriters to fight off
his campaign.

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