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Progressives Celebrate AOC Proposal to Ban Army Recruiting in Schools, 'An Insidious Practice That Preys on the Vulnerable'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/27/progressives-celebrate-aoc-proposal-ban-army-recruiting-schools-insidious-practice

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Good on AOC! Consistently looking out for those who have far too little voice. The last time I went to a popular movie–years ago–I was repulsed by the military trailer that preceded it. I can only imagine what it must be like to be subjected to that conditioning should one be growing up in a place of underprivilege. Predatory recruiting is not all that different than what Epstein and Maxwell were doing from a mind control perspective. This is neither the world we want nor the one we need. Progressives like AOC fight for a better world.


WiseOwl, sounds like you might agree with me that not all democrats are bad for us. Something I hear too much of. AOC is one of many good dems imho.
The corporate dems are what they are, but should be thought of as separate from the good dems.


Forget Parties

We Need A StatesPerson

AOC steps up to the Morality of Leadership every time


At the very least a parent should be present when a student is being recruited.

Beyond that, a guardian ad litem whose duty is to protect the interest of the student, including informing them of the risks of injury and death, permanent disability and homelessness and chronic mental health issues, should be present and available for follow up counseling.

Finally, recruiters should be required to adhere to a truth in advertising standard of the highest order, including personal liability for the recruiter and governmental liability for misrepresentations and failures to disclose relevant risks and facts.


this is how you put your politics into action. boy could she teach her fellow “progressives” a thing or too if they are truly watching her! AOC for president as soon as her age permits.


Next steps…stop the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) from making military movies and games, stop judges from giving convicted young folks a choice of signing in the jailer or signing up for the US Army.


Well you gotta get them when they are young, impressionable and easily manipulated and don’t know any better. How else could you recruit a ton of people and convince them that going out dying for the bottom line of the oligarchs or murdering people for the geopolitical interests of the robber barons was the honorable thing to do? Ever seen images of the troops in Vietnam? They are children. It is like you are looking at a high school graduation class. Yet our government callously sent them there like canon fodder to die for nothing. AOC’s proposal will never pass of course because our government never met a war it didn’t like but I am happy to see that there is at least ONE PERSON among over 400 in the House, who understands that dying for and/or murdering in ceremony and for profit are not what propels a society, let alone is an honorable and courageous thing to do. All those troops we got killed in Iraq, that are now rotting away in some grave, how have their deaths make us a better, safer place? iraq is in shambles and so is our nation and we got more military money than the next 11 nations combined.


yeah the trailers look like flashy action movies where the soldier is a hero and saves the day. it romanticizes war and combat as bucket list items. Impressionable young minds will latch on to this stuff like crazy and most of them truly have been convinced to think they are doing their country or themselves a service. I know someone who said he grew up poor and joined the military as a way to get out of his town and travel. Isn’t it sad that he felt the need to join the war machine just to have a chance in life to get out of the house and the means to see world outside of the town gates? it isn’t rich peoples’ kids losing their lives.


The problem is it’s ultimately going to be the child’s choice whether to join or not, and children don’t yet have fully developed brains, not to mention their value systems are still in a rather primitive state, so it’s still going to be recruiters preying on the most vulnerable. I suspect this is one of the main reasons they do it, because they know that if they would instead wait and prey on young adults over 25 - after children’s’ brains have developed - they would not be able to make their recruitment quotas.


Screw the presumptuous democratic candidate Joe Bidet



PPS- The Portland ( Oregon ) Public Schools didn’t allow military recruitment in their high schools when I first moved to this city. A policy to be proud of, certainly. Then, of course, outside federal pressure ( $$$ ) was applied to change all that. Another instance of " careful what you wish for, you might just get it. "
Good on A O-C here. We need to bring back the old idea that " joining the service to see the world and kill people you don’t know and who haven’t done anything to harm you " is really bad juju. Personally, or collectively, being a member of a highly skilled killing force is not one of life’s higher callings.


Damn straight!

So we are still at war, no end in sight, longer than any of our many other wars by far, with one of the poorest countries in the world, because they are a failed state which attracts terrorists, yet we attacked the most advanced, progressive muslim country in the world and turned it into a failed state, while going all out to turn our own country into a failed state, on the backs of the poorest citizens. Is it just me or do I detect a theme?
Math hint: 1>99, 0!

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Now, if we could only protect children from religious indoctrination…


Please supply a Dem list at AOC caliber.
On the short list I came up with, all but a few are dead.

You know, our son Cloudrunner just played in an ‘Overwatch’ gaming tourney, and it was sponsored by the US Marines !

I like the Marines - not sure how to view this.

If children had the disposable income of adults, that would outstrip all other niches of the over half a trillion dollar a year advertising world.

How many schools have Peace Corp recruiters on campus?
It’s an old idea but maybe it’s time has come, replace or augment voluntary war service with voluntary peace service.
We literally owe it to the world.


So glad she bought this up. I live in a small Arizona town and my 2 sons were subjected to the recruiting lies from the military their whole high school career.

Are the Marines any less liable than the Army or Navy for making the USA a rogue terror state?

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