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Progressives Condemn Trump Anti-Semitism Executive Order as 'Terrifying' and 'Empty, Dishonest Manipulation'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/11/progressives-condemn-trump-anti-semitism-executive-order-terrifying-and-empty

The insanity just goes on…and on…and…


This is what fascism looks like. We are approaching the tipping point.


Hell, I thought we TIPPED a LONG time ago!

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Not quite, but we’re getting there.

This is exactly where all the campus pseudo-leftist attempts to control “hate speech” has taken us, as many were warning all along. You start policing speech, those in power begin to police it for their own ends.

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My question?
If we move Jewish from a religion to a nationality, will EOE apply?
Will college admissions be effected?

This group may also lose various law enforcement protections they now have.

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This EO will include criticism of Israel?

What if a Jew criticizes Israel?

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But haven’t you heard, Sanders isn’t a real Jew. s/

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Damn! I hate this government! HEIL DUMBF!!!

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People like yourself are helping me to have hope, because the idea that Jews are a race rather than a religion, is a repeat of the Adolf Hitler’s ideas and you seem to be aware of that.

Thank you.

The story is updated and corrected.
Brown University, this week, is seeking their endowment fund -Brown Company - to sell any shares in certain companies that are commonly identified as assisting Israel harming Palestinians.

When a story is updated and has 178 degree turn, I am wondering if CD should send an email notice to each commenter.