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Progressives Declare Victories in San Francisco District Attorney and Seattle City Council Races

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/10/progressives-declare-victories-san-francisco-district-attorney-and-seattle-city


Seems to be people waking up out there! Power to the people!


Considering the oligarch and plutocrats already own the US Congress and state house wh**** … spending your change on city councils is the logical move. Congrats Kshama on sticking it to the number one tax evader in the US.


Instructive that Sanders supported the progressive Public Defender, but I don’t see where Kamala Harris stood on this race.

Did she support him also?

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Bezos and his pals should be fitted for some hand cuffs and chained to that big rock known as Alcatraz.

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Kamala Harris and Governor Newsom both supported Loftus - not the progressive candidate


Beat me to it. Go figure, right?
Harris never misses a chance to miss an opportunity. Plus, her cash cows must be running on empty if she’s pulled staff from Nevada, N. Hampshire and S.Carolina to head to Iowa. She and Sen. Booker are both junior Senators, heavy on the JR., as it turns out.
Sen. Harris was offered time by MSNBC this A.M. She looked tired or bored; anyway, it’s over soon for most of them.

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Agreed. Senator Harris has run a very poor campaign with her highlight reel being just a few snarky comments in the debates. None of her policy positions have any imagination to them whatsoever.


‘Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.’ (Balzac)
Criminals. That’s why Bezos and his pals should be at the location you suggested.

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Maybe Frisco will finally get rid of Pelosi.


The guy running against her is a TRUE progressive, so if he loses to her, THAT will be statement of woe for the future, I fear, even though progressives are surging and waking up the walking dead.


Kamala Harris was never and is not now a progressive. She supported Chesa’s opponent, the corrupt establishment candidate, Suzy Loftus.

solidarity forever comrades.

to the non-rads, which side will you be on lads and lasses?

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It won’t be the first real progressive, or make that ‘true’ progressive, who has run against Nancy. I clearly remember Cindy Sheehan for one.


"They are not on our side and in fact they will use every dollar that they can to try and crush the movement.”–and that goes for all of us across the US America. Step aside Amazon and DNC!

I’d expect more Bloomberg/Holder/Kerry or even Clinton candidates to get in the race.

To replace the once-heralded centrist dream candidates who never caught fire (unless we’re talking about dumpster fires): Kambama, Beto-and-switch, Slobuchar, Hooker, Mayo Pete Bog, HasBennet, Chickencooper, and the list goes on…

And to replace the greatest of great white hopes, Sleepy Joe ByeDone, the personification of the corporate sock puppet and crony capitalist toting a lunch bucket for a stage prop. He’s on the list of people that the Rs want on the stand during the impeachment – he won’t ever be on the witness stand but wherever he is, he’ll need big ear muffs to drown out the “lock him up” chants at Trump rallies.

But Bloomberg or Holder or HER are shots in the dark(ness of oligrachic rule). When the DNC pulls the rug out from under Bernie, they’ll get the low turn out and re-election of Trump they’d rather have than a President Sanders. Take it to the bank.

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Good to see Sawant beat off the Amazon money dump.

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It’s all in the timing. And right now, the timing seems to be right.

Who is the “progressive” candidate? As a local, I find this article to be hilarious, more back-handed Sanders campaign hype than about the candidates.