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Progressives Decry Senate's Approval of Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia as 'Absolute Betrayal to the American Worker'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/27/progressives-decry-senates-approval-labor-secretary-eugene-scalia-absolute-betrayal

From the article:

“‘Making the Labor Department—whose mission is to defend the rights of workers and enforce the law—a satellite office of a corporate right-wing law firm flies in the face of working people’s clearly expressed desires,’ Trumka added.”

Going back at least as far as Grandpa Caligula Reagan, presidential appointments–whether the incumbent be D or R–have nearly always been diametrically opposed to the stated mission of their respective agencies. It’s why we call this The Age of Regulatory Capture.


Until he is removed, Trump will continue to dismantle the US government and continue to destroy what good he can for the middle and lower income americans. This is almost a war and the democrats as a front line protector do not seem to be up to the job.


Its also part of the Inversion theory meaning what they say is actually the exact opposite of what they mean and end up doing. They are liars at heart.


What you mean-um “ALMOST a war”, Kemo Sabé?

We are in an All-Out war between the inhuman korporations and the rest of us.  But the DamnocRats aren’t the direct perpetrators of this particular war, and Tweetle-Dumb isn’t waging it by himself.  One could almost argue that the Presidunce is Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity – Trump’s just nominating people whom the crooks around him suggest.  It’s the 'PoopLickens in the Sewnate who are really to blame – especially “Moscow Mitch” and all the Korporate stooges who surround him – they know full well what evil they are doing.  So long as the 'Pooplickens control the Sewnate there’s nothing that the minority DamnocRats (at least the few decent ones who aren’t sold out to the oligarchy) can do to stop it.   And a funny-dementalist “christian” Presidunce Pence could make things even worse . . .

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Persons with disabilities have a different pay scale? This was enacted in 1938? What is an example where we feel this is appropriate? Just now 81 years later we decide to bring up this labor agreement. No wonder people feel our government is failing us. I don’t get this. Are we in a cult or a democracy? Benevolent no more? What am I missing?