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Progressives Denounce Democratic Senators for Trying to Keep Trump on a 'Permanent War Footing' in Korea


Progressives Denounce Democratic Senators for Trying to Keep Trump on a 'Permanent War Footing' in Korea

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Why, exactly, do we need a bill to ensure we have troops in South Korea at all times, even as the two Koreas seem closer to reconciliation than ever before?"


Expecting coherence from the D-Party? Good luck.

Their tent is big enough to hold every conflicting viewpoint.

But don’t worry. On militarism and perpetual war their stance is clear: hellz yeah.


I used to have some empathy for her, but this article stimulates me to realize that she was a killer. Second, the Rs and most of the Ds in Congress support increase after increase in the Pentagon budget. I suppose that for 50 years most of them did not want to be soft on communism. Now it’s weak on “defense”, but it’s not defense, it’s the military empire. Campaign contributions may also play a role.


… legislation from Democratic Sens. Chris Murphy (Conn.) and Tammy Duckworth (Ill.) that aims to scale back President Donald Trump’s ability to withdraw American troops from the Korean Peninsula.

Chris, you just shot your goodwill among progressives (for your correct stance on the US and the Yemen war) to hell. Don’t expect my vote if you ever run for president.


damn dems at it again, playing games with our lives instead of putting forth a truly progressive agenda to preserve and protect all of us and that means against endless war. they all make too much money from war mongering lobbyists. follow the money. we need a progressive third party, not a reform of these horrible ideas.


How much more proof do progressives need that there is NOTHING progressive or peaceful about the establishment Democratic Party. They are captive to the same military-industrial complex that the Republicans are. When are you going to learn, they can’t be reformed, they hate progressives, and they are totally corrupted by their big-money backers. They deserve to and need to die, in favor of the ONLY party with ballot access that is owned by and for the people, cannot be bought by the rich or MIC, and is the true party of peace and a livable Earth - The Green Party. Please come and join us, and help us defeat and end the truly awful Democrats once and for all!


Duckworth and Murphy are trying to save military contractor jobs and bribes by losing theirs.

Two DINOs down, some more to go:



Why are the troops there? Supposedly to dissuade North Korea from attacking South Korea. Perhaps they have been preventing an attack. Who knows. I would rather see Trump withdraw the troops he put in Afghanistan. Is he going to add more troops there? Does he have an comprehension about what he is doing when it comes to foreign policy? I doubt it. But if he can somehow stumble into finally formally ending the Korean War that would be quite an accomplishment. It wound not come close to making up for all the harm he is doing but it would be one positive against a mountain of negatives.


Keep in mind that Murphy and Duckworth are generally regarded as “:progressives” in the party. This should be adequate warning that when it comes to war, there is nothing progressive about either party. Voting for either party is a vote against peace. if the Koreans want reunification and/or peace, they need to kick the USA out of the negations.


Thank goodness we have a Democrat Party because sometimes the Republicans aren’t big enough a-holes to satisfy the Murder Industry.

Democrats and Republicans are the only two parties that have brought America to the sorry state it’s in. All we have to do is vote for someone else to start turning things around.


Campaign contributions play a BIG role, imo.


“Duckworth, a combat veteran”

So sick of this woman, especially when idiots label her “Progressive” - she’s not. She’s a creature of Rahm Emanuel, who hand-picked her in 2006 to run for Congress, because both Hillary and Rahm were running “security” campaigns that lost to Obama’s faux “change” campaign (out of touch, even then). She was “selected” because 1) she’s a veteran, 2) she’s a double-amputee veteran, 3) she’s a female double-amputee veteran, and 4) there is NO number 4. That’s it. She lost. That was the year Dems took back control of Congress in a landslide, but it could have been a bigger landslide, except half of Emanuel’s 30 or so hand-picked candidates lost (great going there, genius).

This just shows she’s a pro-military Neo-Can like the rest of the Dem establishment, a group, by the way, who are not only corrupt, but have lost their tiny, little minds.


Dem senators more interested in preserving the 'liberal world order" than in ending the occupsation of South Korea.


I was born in Berkeley, California and was amazed when people from the east wanted me to go kill commies for Christ in Vietnam. Three million Vietnamese died to keep them from becoming communist dominos.

Democrats would be very close to a total sellout pile of war monger crapola without representative Barbara Lee.


I don’t think Senator Duckworth can say, “Give Peace a Chance.”


[bitter sarcasm advisory]

Sadly, the strategy of “out-hawking” Trump is probably a good one, electorally speaking, for the Democrats. The US working class loves US militarism. Peace is only for those rich effete hand-wringing elderly liberal white WASP Quakers and Pax Christi Catholic types (plus a smattering “self hating” pacifist Jews) in the affluent leafy urban neighborhoods. Look at how even Bernie Sanders rarely criticizes the US war machine, and then only very mildly.


Someone need to get the courage to simply tell Rep Duckworth: “You are no hero, rather you were a stupid chump who got used by the war machine and got your legs blown off as a result. And if you dare insult me with that vile bullshit that your legs were blown off in Iraq for my “freedom” I hope I have some friends to hold me back…”


Please, spare me the Kalifornia west coast sanctimonious chauvinism. Was not your Ronnie Raygun a Kalifonian? Are you forgetting that the Vietnam antiwar movement started in the east - in Port Huron, and Ann Arbor, Michigan?


I grew up in Philadelphia in the 50s and Santa Barbara and San Diego in the 70s. I think you need to live in many places in order to understand the ethos of the place. Besides i do not hear any west coast chauvinism from the post you are referencing. All I hear is praise for Barbara Lee. Also remember California grew in the 50s from the defense industry.


I see you are ignoring the gist of the article which is the exposure of your beloved damnocrats for the scum that they are.