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Progressives Denounce Export-Import Bank's Support for Fossil Fuel Industry as Congress Debates Reauthorization

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/26/progressives-denounce-export-import-banks-support-fossil-fuel-industry-congress

OMG, Maxine Waters , what are you doing??? How could you you support the coal people? What is the planet going to do, and what are the People to do, when everyone gets asthma, or tumors and cancers just from breathing? And you do know, don’t you.that what goes up in the air comes back down into our soil and in our water and into our lungs! : (


When push comes to shove, Con. Waters has got no love; for the constituency she only pretends to serve. This is the second vote in the last couple of weeks that are just mindboggling for progressive causes.
Whatever…" Is that all there is? Is that all there is, my friends? Then, lets break out the booze and have a bawl, if that’s all, there is. " Peggy Lee
However, I’m sure Con. Waters will be on MSDNC explaining how her investigation into POTUS Trump’s banking habits will yield big results very soon. Coincidentally, she just happens to have some bridges to the 20th Century for sale, too.


Nothing will change until true Progressives are in control. Until then, it’s a suicide run. The race to oblivion.
We just arent serious about this yet.


“Simply put, the Export-Import Bank has not lived up to the ideals and principles that our nation cherishes,”

The only ‘ideals and principles’ the Plutocrats running this country cherish is more money for themselves as proven by the forever war that was started by Dick Cheney and his crew in 2002 in Afghanistan leading to the destruction of Iraq, Syria, and soon Iran, propping up the economy of this country through the wealth of our military-industrial-media complex. What we needed at the time for our economy was to start the weaning off fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable sources of energy
to avert the coming climate crisis that our children and grandchildren face in the future. The climate scientists have indicated recently, with the new scientific knowledge, that we have already entered the many of the feed back loops that exponentially speed up the rising temperatures on earth. We will soon be facing the extinction of man on earth along with the biodiversity that sustained most life on earth.

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It’s expensive to establish a one world government. Along with conquering territory, the banking apparatus must be secured. We have to make it too expensive to drill baby drill.
We need all three branches of government to do that.

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