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Progressives Denounce Pelosi for Obsession With 'Economically Illiterate and Politically Insane' Pay-Go Rule


Progressives Denounce Pelosi for Obsession With 'Economically Illiterate and Politically Insane' Pay-Go Rule

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Even as recent surveys, major congressional primary results, and leftward shifts within the Democratic caucus continue to demonstrate a widespread desire for progressive change


What Pelosi espouses now seems much like a republican agenda…but then again how has her entire tenure been much different? Between Pelosi and Schumer caving to R’Cons in craven collusion and fear, we are so screwed…

No universal single-payer, no programs to aid those in need, no restoration of fair taxation for the wealthy and corporate pirates, or Wall Street speculators, and no cuts to the obscene war-machine budget, that’s the new DINO “plan”…WTF Nancy? Listening to those “democratic strategists” again? The same “strategists” that have been selling us down the fuckin river for the last two or three decades (at least!) I want to know who these idiots are - they could use a really good ass-whompin!

If progressive ideas and agenda OF, BY, and For the people need money - need to pay-go - then restore progressive tax rates for the wealthiest and corporations and Wall Street gambling, and cut some (many) billions from the obscene war budget theft from our civilian needs and priorities!

Please tell us what you really stand for…what the DINO party establishment stands for, cause it ain’t selling and doesn’t seem likely to sell! Stupidity (and corruption) is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result…expecting people to vote for more of your BS sellout scam deceit and bullshit agenda after 20 plus years of a losing “strategy” is mental!!


“I just reject the idea that only progressive ideas have to be paid for. If it’s defense spending, nobody even considers paying for it,” Schatz said



Pelosi is like a " dead fish handshake ". She really needs to go away. She could retire and only Steny Hoyer would miss her.
Maybe if 10K progressives sent her 45s of Otis Redding’s " Sitting On The Dock of The Bay " she’d take the hint.


Add to that the BANKSTER BAILOUTS to keep on keepin on the rape of an entire generation’s retirement stability - not to mention destabilizing the entire system!

Pelosi carrying the bag, has become the bag, has no capacity for resiliency, only the intravenous infusion of her keepers. We might just need to let nature take its course and go straight to grass roots where bullshit gets composted and we are the seeds.


Okay, first, that list of progressives at the bottom of the article would make one helluva Progressive Party distinct from and free from the Pelosi/Schumer taint that drags the d-party into uselessness. Too bad those progressives don’t have the guts to lead the way…

Second, we can add deficit bullshitting to the “not a dime’s worth of difference” list alongside endless war and military spending, corporate ass-kissing, and the meritocracy/trickle down charade that justifies income inequality.

Guess what I like about the duopoly? The D half is belly up. In due time, we take down the Rs.


While Im not opposed to a balanced budget, and in fact I would support cutting down on federal deficits through tax increases when the economy is strong enough to handle such; however, this rule that pelosi is supporting is nonsense. In the event of a recession greater spending will be necessary while in times when the economy is strong we can cut back on the deficit by raising taxes and cutting unnecessary spending. Thats pretty simplistic, but its nearly universal economic theory. We can debate how much we cut, how much we increase taxes, when we do both, and what we cut and who we increase taxes on; however, its utterly unecessary for the government to hamper its ability to intervene in the economy when many representatives have been elected on both sides to do just that.


We could have had Cindy Sheehan but the oh so progressive voters in San Francisco gave us Pelosi over and over again. Who is behind her? the same democratic political cadre that was heavily involved with Jim Jones and the People’s Temple - probably? Who else - wealthy techies and real estate developers. You know, the people the dems feed on while they betray the base and people in need.


There is a pattern here-----going back to Clinton-----The republicans hand out all kinds of goodies to the rich—then the democrats come in and talk fiscal responsibility----and the common people get played.

-We should cut the military budget in half and even this is too much.
-Have a national healthcare system that is community based ,
-Teach INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM (and teach the responsibilities that come with INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM) and the COMMONS(we all have a natural right to land , clean air ,clean water, and energy(fire).


Pay-go rules can be lifted by the majority at any moment. Pelosi is thinking ahead to when she has to negotiate a budget with Trump and McConnell and wants to force them to reverse some of the tax cuts. But we should yell at her more, like we did Democrats for not walking out of the Kavenaugh hearings. I mean, we are so smart! I’m sure nobody has any interest in learning a Supreme Court nominee may have perjured himself, which would not have made the news if Republicans had the hearing all to themselves.


Dear progressives:

Reject Fossil Fuels and Fossil Congress people!

Wow!A clean Earth and a clean slate! : )


This article shows why Pelosi needs to retire - she and Chuck Schumer are corporate Democrats and only watch out for their corporate sponsors! It is also time for Feinstein to go… ugh, these kinds of Democrats only drag the party down with their outdated ideas and beliefs! When Congress passed the huge tax cut that benefited the very wealthy, did Pelosi demand a “pay as you go” then???


Pelosi is looking no further ahead than November. And guess what? She’s miscalculating by pissing off progressives. How many will still home on the basis of pay-go? Enough to tilt a close race?

Go, Nancy, go!


Good list, history has taught us none will happen under a D or R.


I’m beginning to think her largest constituency are the voting machines.


The face that launched a thousand shipwrecks


It isn’t anywhere near “universal economic theory”. Read anything by the Stephanie Kelton cited in the article. Whether to run a deficit or not is entirely based on the amount of idle resources in the economy at the time. And “the debt” is the amount of savings held in the economy to the dollar.


Pelosi defends the wealthy with the rest of the corporate snake Repukelicrats.


We are in most ways already our own party. We have our progressive expectations, we elect our own progressive candidates. We just don’t raise funds through an apparatus we could trust to use the funds for our progressive expectations. We’re simply not organized but we exist because Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton fight against us while demanding our money and vote. WE have always existed. You know what they say about blind allegiance. It’s blinding. Stop the corporate war machine!!! peace.


Its not Democrats against Republicans.

Its rich Democrats and Republicans against the people.