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Progressives Explain Why Centrist Tech Billionaires Won't Save the Democrats

Progressives Explain Why Centrist Tech Billionaires Won't Save the Democrats

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move already being denounced by progressives as "tone-deaf" and "literally the stupidest f------ idea" ever, tech billionaires Mark Pincus and Reid Hoffman have launched an initiative titled Win the Future (WTF) with the goal of bringing the Democratic Party back from the political wilderness.

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SOMETHING novel needs to be done, because the Democratic party hasn’t had a new idea in decades (individual Candidates have, but not the Party). It’s a huge pity-party staffed by people who are too gentlemanly in their dialog, which Republicans rack up lie-after-lie about “libtards” in an effort to elect people like Trump, McConnell and Ryan…all willing to break any tradition, any law, to get what they want.

The Democrats are a “top-down” party, and the people at the top are too enamored of their superior positions to deign to get down in the mud in local and state elections, always pinning their hopes on the White House.

If these sources of funding focus on local Indivisible and Progressive groups that have sprung up like Spring flowers this year, they can help wrest government from the current crop of power-hungry opponents of Democracy. If they give their money to the DCCC and DNC, plan to see it squandered.


If you’re a millionaire or billionaire, our interests are not the same. Don’t pretend you speak for the masses. Go join the Republican party


Yeah, WTF? The Dem Party has sunk into the muck of their own making thru stupidity, corruption, domination by big-money & corporate influence and utter failure to understand that “left” issues ARE American issues! Is clean water and air and environment and consumer protection “left”? WTF?
The party elite DINO hacks are the flip side of R’Con overt treasonous subversion of our politics by great wealth, corporate/banker/wall street greed, the obscene war-machine MICC Eisenhower warned against, and treasonous foreign subversion by so-called “friends” (read Israel) who do far-more electoral & Congressional manipulation and actual spying than what is highly questionably claimed about “Russia”.


This group simply appeals to the Pelosi, Schumer, Perez establishment people in the party and is a continuation of the status quo. Their program will just help to continue the demise of the Democratic Party, which may be a good thing in the long run. We need a truly progressive party, and the Democratic Party is beyond reform and should be replaced.


Hey “centrist” billionaires, Toto just peed on your feet.


Tom Steyer, are you listening?

A billionaire is just one person. I am just one person. If I say that I fear the Democratic party’s shift to the corporate right, it is just my opinion. If a billionaire says that he fears the Dems shift towards the left and therefore he will contribute part of $500,000 given to influence Dem policies and elections etc, it is treated as if he was creating a social movement!

Every time you turn around, there is yet another attempt made to further separate the Dems from the working class as was shown by Bernie’s meteoric rise in popularity. Bernie’s campaign was eventually sabotaged and undermined by the oligarchy, by old guard vested interest Dems leadership, by corporate media that barely acknowledged that Bernie was running much less telling us what he was saying like was done with Hillary and Trump. The sense was that the most important thing was only to get past this unexpected interest in opposing corporate oligarchy and ‘wealth in Washington’! The oligarchy wanted Bernie and what he represented to just go away. To be forgotten and the game of duopolies be played as usual!

But he hasn’t gone away and his message of social justice hasn’t either. Bernie is still the most popular politician in America! The oligarchy fears that the majority of the voting public will be able to influence the Dems instead of wealthy donors.

So a few wealthy donors (billionaires) want the billionaire’s share in the contest. The billionaire’s share is where a single wealthy individual expects to receive as much ‘equality’ as would millions of voters! In the billionaire’s share, one wealthy person’s opinion is the equal to the opinions of millions of working class voters.

Is it to anyone’s surprise that billionaires want to save the Democrats from connecting with their working class base?



Someone once said in order to control the opposition you have to lead it. Main stream America? We are expected to believe what “they” say about main stream America is true?_What we know for certain is they can say all they want about the billionaires “perception” of political reality we know now it has nothing to do with reality. We as a society must focus and educate ourselves on what is “money” where it comes from and how our federal government is related to it. Watch this you tube video " The Millennials Money" by JD Alt and share it with everyone you know. This understanding of “our money” will get us on the right foot towards ousting these power brokers running our country. One last point don’t even dare to call yourself progressive if you can’t define basic macro economics. You have to decide if your going to advocate real economics namely what is called Modern Money Theory and Public Purpose or you go down the defeatist road and agree with the paid in full economist and take the free market ideals. You can have all the policies you want, if you can’t explain how your going to pay for things then we lose. Again, don’t you dare call yourself progressive without this most important knowledge of "how are you going to pay for… "

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While not a radical leftist, Perez is no Pelosi or Schumer. He is not even a politician! Virtually all the people going on her about Perez seem to be repeating a fake urban-myth meme version of Perez. Most ever even heard about Perez before being picked as party leader. Please look up Perez. His CV - as Labor Secretary and civil rights lawyer in both the Maryland and federal government, is distinctly progressive compared to the previous leaders.


That’s about as perfect an example of a non-sequitur as I’ve ever seen.  How can anyone possibly claim to be both “pro-business” AND “pro-planet” when it’s the Mult-NaZional Business Korporations that who* have been raping the planet for the past two centuries or more?

Piss Upon the PlutocRat$
Overthrow the Oligarch$
Dump Debbie Duhby-Ass
* Please excuse me – I almost forgot that Korporations are People, just like you and me.

The Democratic party is moribund and should be removed from life support. As an alternative to the GOP, the Dems are truly useless. They lost the labor vote when they let unions die. They lost the black vote when they got on and then drove the mass incarceration bandwagon. They lost progressives when they became neoliberals. The only people they represent are those rich liberals who cannot resolve the cognitive dissonance that comes of wanting to be very rich while pretending to care about others. The GOP will retain control until the Democratic party dies or receives a thoroughgoing enema that flushes out all these “I want my cake and eat it, too” centrists. Unfortunately, it appears the Dems are dead set on nothing better than lip service when, in fact, we need revolution.

P.S. Nothing better than this article to define what “WTF” really stands for!


More power to the Democratic establishment clique. Meanwhile, Gates and Buffett are content racking up their billions, throwing a little to social causes. Would never occur to them to use some of their wealth to counter the democracy-destroying wealth generously provided by the Kochs, Waltons, etc.

And then there is the ACLU that is worshipped over their exemplary defense of our civil liberties - even though they have one huge fatal flaw. In their libertarian support for opposing almost any limitations on campaign contributions, they are a massive force in creating our current ever-growing plutocracy.


The Democratic Party is very strong in cities and their suburbs. It needs to figure out how to make inroads into the ex-burbs and rural areas. Its main problem is its strongest supporters are minorities and the main obstacle it faces is strong racism outside of the metropolitan areas. If it could figure out how to reduce racism it would clobber the Republicans in most places. Things have been going backwards for the Democrats ever since 2008 when Obama was elected. Instead on entering a post-racial period racism has intensified. I don’t think these billionaires can help,

For the Democratic party to figure out how to end racism, they first have to stop promulgating it. Mass incarceration–the “new Jim Crow”–is very much a product of both Republicans and Democrats.

For the Democratic party to re-engage with lost constituents, they will have to reject neoliberalism, which right now is a central plank of their platform (whether they admit it or not).

As far as I can tell, most Democrats cannot even perceive these fundamental flaws; they certainly will not act to change them. In truth, modern Democrats could easily be called “GOP Lite” which simply is not an alternative.


Perez was hand-picked by Obama to run against Keith Ellison to please zionist zealot Haim Saban:


The Democratic leaders have not surveyed their constituents for Democratic ideas and principles to run on. They have been all wrapped up in THEIR self-serving ideas and principles for decades, not giving a damn about progressive and liberal principles and ideas, and standing up strongly and proudly for them, rationally defending them when needed… The Democratic party also needs to find common ground with working Americans, the ones who went to Trump, and make changes gradually on controversial programs, but never wavering from their principles. Governing is not easy.

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The D-Party makes it abundantly clear that my views on issues like a living wage, Medicare-For-All, and withdrawal from endless war will never gain traction with the big donors they seek to please.

They’ve also made it abundantly clear that they’re perfectly willing to abandon their former base. According to Chuck Schumer: “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

As such, the D-Party can go its way, and I’ll go mine.


Oh, have a care for acronyms. Up here in Kanukistan a decade or so ago (pre-Harper, if memory serves) there was an attempt to cobble together a “centre-right” party out of the remains of several spent parties. The working name for said party was to be the Conservative Reform Alliance Party. Yep, you can’t make this stuff up. The CRAP party. Not such distant cousins of the WTF dems, methinks.