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Progressives Explode After ABC Panel Featuring Chris Christie and Rahm Emanuel Launches Attack on Medicare For All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/08/progressives-explode-after-abc-panel-featuring-chris-christie-and-rahm-emanuel

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I wonder if THIS will be aired on corporate media?


Boycott corporate media…NOW!!!


“Chris Christie and Rahm Emanuel share a laugh” in the photo attached to this story. The proverbial laughing all the way to the bank.

The specter of Rahm Emanuel appears, in this corporate media panel, to bolster Joe Biden’s flailing presidential campaign.

Let’s hope the joke’s on them.


Rahm’s a republican !!
His two terms as chicago mayor left behind hundreds of thousands of poor, elderly, blacks and mexicans. The developers had free reign. All the Illinois money ended up in downtown Chicago. He left behind an in the red budget of over 700 million dollars.

All the Indiana money ends up in downtown Indianapolis.


Some of us always knew that.
I live in the burbs and can’t vote in the mayoral. The only reason he won was Obama was ‘from here’. Oh, and he had the corporate machine behind him

At best, Rahm was a Blue Dog


Unfortunately, most Democrats are really Republicans.


Hammer meets nail, well said!


This reported clandestine contact between the red queen who, through her arrogance, corruption, and ineptitude, allowed the rise of the orange pustule, and Liz Warren, **who had a great one-time opportunity to show her quality, her bonafides, and failed that test miserably,**supporting Hillary rather than the true progressive Bernie Sanders - that was a very calculated betrayal in 2016 and reveals an alliance in 2019 (that means the clinton DNC machine) that should cause all progressives massive migraines and enormous doubt (as if any more was needed) as to the actual beliefs and positions of Warren beyond stating she “is a capitalist”…

Trust is a fragile thing, as opposed to the mindless clamor of the mob, and the subversion and censoring of truth by the MSM in all its guises including NPR, that centrist propaganda tool…

For my money the Real Deal is still, and always has been, Bernie Sanders, not a so called “progressive” that seems to use Sanders progressive direction for her personal ambition. I am highly skeptical to put it mildly!


Did There is only one candidate who has been truly progressive his entire life.

If we don’t elect Bernie Sanders, fascism will take over. The world is at the same crossroads as the early 1930s. If we hadn’t elected FDR we most likely would have turned fascist.

I fear we will take the fascist turn in 2020 because Dims are invested in corporatism, the foundation of fascism.


What a worthless pair of chumps. Emanuel is not even a “nominal liberal.” He is right wing, through and through.

How in the world could the people of Chicago have voted for him for mayor? Did they believe his b.s.?


Who would want to ruin their Sunday morning by watching this bubbling cesspool of duopoly propaganda?


Warren voted for the NDAA in 2018. She didn’t even have to emphasize that she’s a ‘capitalist’. We know who she is…


Yes, I recollect that Clinton’s are republicans.

In Chicago:
A guy is standing at a corner, forlorn.
The republican walks right on past him.
The democrat stops and says “c’mon buddy, I’ll buy you lunch”.

The underlying worldview that motivates people such as this is “I am a better and worthier person then all of those OTHER people so why on Earth should they have access to the same health care I have access to?”

The Rahm Emmanuels of the worlds are parasites. They need the poor so they have someone to compare themselves to so as to polish up their self esteem.


How about this instead as it fits the times:


A bit of editing, oldie:

A guy is standing at a corner, forlorn and hungry.
A republican walks right on past him.
A democrat slows his walk, pats his shoulder and says, “vote blue”.
An Independent walks up, opens his wallet, counts his few dollars, then says, “C’mon, friend. I have enough for lunch for two”.


Never heard that one before. That’s great!

…“this planet is insane…”


Obviously that ‘democrat’ wasn’t a 3rd Way, Blue Dog Centrist.


Why do you put forth the claim that Rahm is a Republican? Isn’t it just as damning — and, as it happens, more accurate— to claim that he is a neoliberal (ie, hardcore right-wing) Democrat? When someone says that _____ (fill in the name of any “centrist”/ right-wing Democratic Party politician or operative) “is a Republican” or “is a DINO,” that person is inadvertently lending credence to a corporate media/propaganda lie — namely that a “real” Democrat would never act like a corporate fascist toady. Yet most “real” Democratic Party politicians and operatives act like corporate fascist toadies all the time!