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Progressives Explode After ABC Panel Featuring Chris Christie and Rahm Emanuel Launches Attack on Medicare For All

That’s brilliant and far more enlightening.

good edit.
2019, does apply to DC clique of nancy / schumer.

Pushing our young peoples out.
To discontent and doubt.
while wall street has clout
and low taxes that flout

And a one time Republican lest we forget.

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“Rahm says no one at a bunch of Michigan and Wisconsin diners told him to take their health care away which is probably somewhat true since who in a diner would start talking to him at all,” Perez said."

The narrative that M4A would be “taking away your health care,” and the fact that people like Emmanuel can use this drivel to advantage, tells us a lot about what they think of the intelligence of the electorate.

If everyone is covered by one government, not-for-profit insurer, and you can go into any doctor or hospital and know that there will be no questions asked, and you won’t be turned away or forced to sell your home to pay for services, well, you have definitely lost your health care.

On Bizarro World, where everything is the opposite of what it is on Earth…

Here in the U.S. you will not only have not lost your health care, but all who can’t afford it now will gain health care. All you will have lost is your need to file bankruptcy.

“Ah, yes, a perfectly balanced panel,” Weigel said sarcastically. “A centrist Democrat, a center-right Republican, a conservative magazine editor, and two straight news reporters.”

When are we going to stop calling people like Emmanuel “Centrist Democrats”? Elizabeth Warren is a centrist Democrat. Al Franken is, or was, a centrist Democrat. Rahm Emmanuel would be right-wing if he was Republican. When is this bullshit newspeak going to stop?

Chris Christie a “Center-right Republican”? Chris Christie supports Donald Trump.

May be we are on Bizarro World after all…


So much pontificating bullshit from talking clowns like Christie and Emanuel reminds me of the following:

What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

Hitchens’s Razor

Dismiss these bloviators out of hand. Why are they given any time at all?


I"m afraid not everyone, in fact not enough, know who she is.

I"m still on the fence and highly skeptical

Remember Obama ran as a Progressive. Then governed as a republican


"Nobody at a diner ran at me and said, take my healthcare away," said Emanuel.

Idiot. That’s the same as someone saying, “Nobody at a diner ran at me and said, feed me to a pack of rabid weasels.”


“Ah, yes, a perfectly balanced panel,” Weigel said sarcastically. “A centrist Democrat, a center-right Republican, a conservative magazine editor, and two straight news reporters.”

AKA as the “I got mine, suckah!” group.



Progressives Can’t Play Nice With Democrats Anymore

Norman Soloman


The War against Medicare For All is precipitated by the For Profit Health Care Industry.

The Mass Media is Loyal to their Advertisers whether in Print or Cable TV.

Currently the largest group of Advertisers that spend the most money are the Drug Pushing Pharmaceutical Corporations.

The Corporations that will be hurt by Medicare For All are the For Profit Private Health Care Providers and the Drug Companies.

The Mass Media is making Billion$ of Dollars in Advertising Revenue from the Drug Peddlers that we see on TV every 5 minutes.

Do you think they will continue to receive this income if Medicare For All becomes the law of the land?

This is how the Networks choose their Political Guests, they MUST be absolutely opposed to what over 80 percent of the American People want, Medicare For All.

The Mass Media does not give a Damn about what is Best for America; they only care about what is Best for their Bottom Line.



Every working family knows that people over 65 have the best medical coverage in their lives and it is called Medicare. If Obama had started out with a plan to lower Medicare eligibility to 62, then 55 and to extend Child Health Plus to all income levels, the Republican resistance to improved public health would have never had a chance. Instead, Obama and Rahm worked with profiteering insurance companies to create a confusing mess and allowed it to be named Obamacare.


One of President Sander’s first acts might be to bring back the Fairness Doctrine.


And chose Rahm as his chief of staff…


Exactly, the friggin’ ACA was a Heritage Foundation brainchild benefitting the insurance behemoths and penalizing the little guy by mandating s/he buy insurance on the marketplace. That last bit says it all. While it may have expanded Medicaid (thank you, LBJ), it really did zip to help with healthcare because INSURANCE IS NOT HEALTHCARE!!


Time to hop off the fence on the LEFT side, Brother! Warren is blowing smoke!


This is good news for Sanders.

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I keep 15,000 in my car trunk just in case.

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Millionaires on a news network owned by a corporate media conglomerate, Disney, trash talking a policy meant to help the poor and working class. Does this even remotely surprise anyone let alone make them “explode”? If you are watching it on corporate TV then whatever is spewing out of their mouth is meant to take money out of your pocket and give it to their shareholders.


A guy standing on the corner, forlorn and hungry.
A Republican stops, trickles all over him, and tells him he’ll eventually get his while walking away laughing.
A Democrat stops, trickles all over him while saying he’s sorry, and walks away feeling righteous.
An Independent stops, looks in his empty wallet, joins the guy on the corner.


He loved pushing all those right wing schemes for Obama. He was a driving force for Obama care.