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Progressives Fight Back Against Centrist Democrats' Ploy to 'Water Down' $15 Minimum Wage Bill

Agreed. That directly addresses the inequality problem. But, I would make it on the basis of a formula applied to an individual company, not some dollar maximum for all cases. For example, Bezos’ income (including all non-salary compensation) should not be more than, say, 20 times the median (or average?) Amazon employee’s income.

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What part of an honest hour’s pay for an honest hour’s work is so difficult to comprehend? If you have to underpay your employees to show a profit you need a new business model. The number fifteen has been bandied about so long that it is obsolete. Lets go for eighteen since fifteen seems so repugnant for some. Seattle adopted the fifteen hour wage and guess what? The city is still in business.


That was very effectively done with a top tax rate of 98%.

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It’s time. I called my representative and will email her too to sponsor the bill. It will boost the economy contrary to popular belief. So would raising taxes for that matter.

Let’s get real;

A decent wage in the USA is about $22.50 to $32.50 per hour. The upper limit is depending on where one lives, like a bus boy or taco cafe waitress in downtown San Fransisco.

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Min wage was defeated in the all Blue State of NM this last legislative session. Wage was increased but, far less & far slower than what would pull people into a living wage.
Neoliberal Austerity is so indoctrinated into our Democrats that they naturally default into it.

Please don’t call the bribe inflicted politicians centrists. They are just corrupt.

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Jake Johnson: Stop calling them “centrists” please. The corporate controlled Dems are waaay to the right of the people in every poll.

It already is. The 15.00 wage seemed high when first presented six years ago and even then it was only less than 3/4 of the buying power of the mid sixties minimum wage of less than 3.00/hr. Twenty won’t create parity and closer to thirty is what is needed to make for a secure family life.