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Progressives 'Furious' After Report of DNC Proposal to Reverse Ban on Fossil Fuel Donations


Progressives 'Furious' After Report of DNC Proposal to Reverse Ban on Fossil Fuel Donations

Jake Johnson, staff writer

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WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!! The DNC and most of the damnocrats are CORRUPT! It is time to GO GREEN or start a third party! A wise man once said “If nothing changes, nothing changes”. Granted, the damnocrats are changing…but for the worse!!!




It looks like the Democrats want their party to be as small and as increasingly shrinking as the Republicans. How idiotic!

But, of course, it’s all about the money, as usual.


It’s all about certain unions, too. This is the conundrum when BIG LABOR is deeply in bed with BIG OILIGARCHY & THE MIC.
The same crap Trumka and all the rest of these BIG UNION sellouts have been doing for decades. They’re scammers and bigots, mostly.
It’s sickening and shameless.


Suicide is never painless, especially for the survivors.


I have a feeling that this ban reversal will be voted down, Keith Ellison will certainly vote no. Whatever is gained by getting more money would not seem to be worth what would be lost politically.


Only if he is given “permission” by his Daddy Tom!


One thing about the Republicans is they’re not as two-faced as the Democrats.


Wouldn’t it be to Democrat’s advantage to have the entire party swear off all bribes, legal or illegal, not buy campaign ads, not answer attack ads and simply use the free Internet to inform the voters?

How would the public react to strictly one sided views on the MSM?


Divest the Democrats.


I have been in politics since the 1960s, and it really doesn’t matter what the Democrats do, because by tomorrow those who are angry with the decisions of today will be completely ignored and these people will vote for Democrats as early as the midterms. The Democrats can do whatever they want, such as taking impeachment “off the table,” and people will still vote for them. Democratic voters will justify it because it brings in money to the Democratic Party from big oil. Period. And that makes it all okay.


I’m not seeing this as a negative. The Vichy democrats have painted themselves into a corner they’re not going to weasel their way out of, this time. They’ve been playing a role and following a script that’s gotten less believable over time. Their Bullshit only works when both sides are playing the same game, they’ve got no defense against the arguments based in reality and historical record.
When people are speaking out about the beating Labor has been getting for decades from Capital instead of conservative/liberal rot the tide is definitely turning. Once people see the truth, they can’t un-see it.


I am perversely cheered by this report, not that the ‘reversal’ should be allowed to stand, but it shows that Perez is panicked and running short of money and tricks up his sleeve.


It’s called public financing of all U.S. national elections. With a limit on ALL campaign contributions, combining the primary and general. So, your SS# tracks your contributions and you’re limited to $250 in the primary and $500 in the general election. With penalties on both the giver and recipient; fines of 20-25 times the money illegally given.
NO Pacs, no 501, 503 bullshit, etc. Let the middle and working classes, people of color or real activists back in the political arena.


Well, jeepers, I see this more as a means to the DNC current focus: become GOP Lite and grab all those voters who are denouncing Drumpf in that party. And it reeks. and it will also be their coffin nail should they decide to do this. surprised? Not me.


The democrats (our only hope?) are self-destructing. During an election voters would consider it a plus if the party was not being bought by big oil. Fundraising seems to be more important than actually winning elections.


Honestly, this does not surprise me, at all. The current DNC poobahs are losing fast, losing on what DEMS ARE among other things. I knew during the Standing Rock miseries that MOST corporate Dems were absent. And so this is just another attempt to gain votes from left leaning GOP voters denying Drumpf. Oh, and greed, of course.


I saw Perez on Thom Hartmanns show earlier this week. In a ten minute segment he did not mention
Voter suppression
Marijuana decriminalization
Single payer heathcare
Corporate influence in the party
Voter registration drives
Taking over the senate
What he did was whine and bitch about the Russians and of course try to soft sell the “fringe” of the party by saying they were all one big happy democratic family.

Perez thinks that they can win the House back, but has all but given up on the senate and is hoping to begin to fix everything by 2020 or so.


We left the DNC decades ago. These are the last spastic convulsions of Wall Street puppets who send troops to die for tax free war profits. Believe me. Anyone who can chemically bomb defenseless children is capable of anything against their own. They even have the gall to bring back the Pedesta brothers. Really. Both parties are too conservative for us and there is nothing conservative about pillaging the dead.
GOOD NEWS: Monsanto has lost its first Roundup case, $287 million to the dead plaintiff, a groundskeeper. The award may be reduced BUT this is a stake in the heart of one of the world’s worst chemical polluters who have spread cancer like Johnny Appleseed across America pouring cancer into family’s water with Roundup. Watch the stock. The DNC stock is another Roundup, a corporate cancer spread across America. We left them a long, long time ago.