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Progressives 'Furious' After Report of DNC Proposal to Reverse Ban on Fossil Fuel Donations


I would say that thinking people within the party (and without) who want a habitable planet for their progeny find this obscene and evil.


@Boodee Hang in there. We ( progressives ) are moving the whole thing left. It will not happen all in one moment. But look at the in roads we have made in just this year alone. Plenty to give one a sense of going forward and to keep pushing forward. Know that you are not alone and there are many of us who are on your side. Keep your head high and never give in.


Good satire. Progressives furious? No, if some Progressives are furious, it means they have been and continue to be, politically, naive and hoodwinked by the fake opposition party!


Completely agree.


Our only hope is to vote 3rd Party or not vote at all. I think 3rd Party Candidates & Independents should take contributions from voters. The money donated to the Democrats & Republicans keeps them in power.:scream::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::rage::anguished::anguished:


Mountain –

It’s only “idiotic” if you don’t understand whose interests they’re working for –
certainly not democracy or the average citizen.

As we saw with Obama in 2008, they really didn’t want the landslide victory they
were given by their liberal base and threw it away in resurrecting the GOP from the
ashes in order to confuse the public about why they were unable to carry out liberal
legislation. And they will do the same again if given the opportunity in 2018.

Further, it’s not just the two national parties – the entire system is rigged against
democracy and the citizens they are constantly reducing to poverty.

It’s time for us all to begin to slow down the work being done for corporations and to
return to our communities to begin to push up from the bottom to demand action on
Global Warming. Here in NJ, rather than responding in ways to decrease pollution in
our towns/counties, local governments are watching as our mass transportation system/
railroads used for commuting are being dismantled. At times it necessary in order to
carry out long delayed repairs and improvements, but much of it is simply destructive.
Of course, at the same time stress on workers is being increased in this summer of
scorching heat here, while inflation continues to increase financial pressures on all families.


Next time, include a link –
I’ll try to find one.


What has produced this liberal activity has been the unmasking of the pro-fascist
movement in the US and the extent of fascism in the US –

and that has only happened as liberals have refused to any longer vote for the lesser EVIL …
which only produces more evil – and which only moves the government further to the fascist right.


Tom Perez, like many democrats, is blind to the main stream thoughts on where people need this party to go. That in and of itself is why he cannot raise the money he is looking for. Hey, get Nancy Pelosie to help. Each time I hear Perez interviewed he really says very little of any value. He has made one blunder after another. I guess we can thank Obama for placing him in that seat.