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Progressives Gain Steam as Ocasio-Cortez Leverages Historic Win to Back Other Insurgent Democrats


Progressives Gain Steam as Ocasio-Cortez Leverages Historic Win to Back Other Insurgent Democrats

Julia Conley, staff writer

Progressives nationwide are applauding the wave of left-wing victories in a number of Democratic primary races—and warning that centrist Democrats who dismiss the growing nationwide enthusiasm for candidates who refuse corporate money and support bold proposals like Medicare for All and tuition-free higher education, do so at at their own peril.


Lets hope that corporate Democrats enroll in a 12 step program to shake their corporate money addiction post haste !

Its the only hope of uniting centrist and leftist voters.


Along with repealing Citizens United I hope we also talk about revisiting the shortening of term limits.
The Clinton, Pelosi and Wasserman models of the DNC need to be melted down in detail.


As Latin populations overtake white, this can only get better. The ruling class will have to find a right wing Latin to compete. Ted Cruz or Melendez as wont fill the bill.


1st time im proud of my state in…forever


This is great! As they work together more, hopefully these DSA people, led by AOC, will follow AMLO’s example and start to form a new and independent Democratic Socialist Party outside of the Duopoly, something that Bernie and his Beltway staff lacked the courage/principles to do.

For those who suggest patience in building anti-Duopoly, anti-capitalist power, I suggest that you look out the window and see just how large the shit storm is that is drowning us in permanent war, austerity, corruption, environmental catastrophe, etc.


Win with Ocasio-Cortez, Nixon and Teachout…lose with Cuomo, Schumer, and Maloney, and all the other DINO sellouts!

What good are so called “friends” that do not support you or our critical issues?

"In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends" – Martin Luther King Jr

"Every man has a right to be heard; but no man has the right to strangle democracy with a single set of vocal cords." - Adlai Stevenson

"Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse." - Adlai Stevenson.


Let’s hope those progressives hold their resolve all the way to not voting for any candidate not actively supporting their policy objectives. Every ordinary Democrat elected more than cancels every progressive elected, because ordinary Democrats vote with the Republicans as a force multiplier.


How many times have Americans seen the word “insurgent” used as trigger word by the military industrial complex as cover excuse to bomb peoples of other countries opposed to invasion by this country? Now we see it used in its proper context and not to be forgotten.


Fortunately for Ocasio-Cortez, when Bernie Sanders ran for president he mangled the definition of democratic socialist so that now everyone thinks it refers to social programs like Social Security and Medicaid. However, is really seems to have more to do with public control of the means of production. I think Bernie did that to walk back statements he made earlier in his political career that he is a socialist. As far as I can tell he is really something like an FDR Democrat and not a socialist at all.


“Democrats need to unite the competing wings of their party before November if they want to win, but they’re missing a central figure who can pull that off.”

No, they have a central figure to unite. He consistently poles as the most popular politician in the country. The DNC has a powerful central figure, they just keep shitting all over him.


Yes. I like! BUT STOP CALLING US the LEFT OR RIGHT OR CENTER B.S.! We are Just. We are Respectful. We are Peaceful. We are Love. Quit pushing tired, old, corporate, puny narratives that dog whistle the “they”, systemic racist background noise! Whew, thank you. I feel better, now - lol


Democratic Socialism has never been about public control of the means of production.

But nice try, Trump Dump.


You do realize that terms like this often vary, right? I mean, you can support democratic socialism (good luck dealing with the environmental crisis without it, given the limit of markets themselves and limits to growth in throughput and pollution generation), but want to deal with the biggest and most immediate problems first. Single payer is an obvious one, as is affordable housing, raising the minimum wage, etc. However, there are structural changes that would also bring people on board if the left and socialists did a mass economic education campaign. Like, what is public and postal banking? How are worker owned cooperatives different than traditional capitalist enterprises? What is the record of privatization of public utilities? What is the record of municipally owned internet service providers? Does it make sense to just put forward a fully radical platform at this point, given the still relative weakness of the actual left? I mean, you always talk about pragmatism, but it isn’t really pragmatism, it’s accepting corruption and inadequate policies when we deserve far more. Pragmatic socialists have the country on board right now on a number of issues. Why throw out issues right now, which socialists support but which many people don’t know much about, before addressing issues that people are already on board with? Fact is, the public agrees with the left on actual policy. People that you support are instrumental in those policies never becoming reality. Very obvious, and you know it. O-C and Sanders do talk about essentially left wing social democracy, but they hint at things beyond that. When she talks about democratizing the economy, that means a lot. Sanders has supported public banking and worker ownership, but he doesn’t focus on that type of stuff as much right now, but it is there, and people will like that stuff too the more they learn about it.