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Progressives Have Good Chance to Move a 'Receptive' Biden to the Left, Says Sanders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/10/progressives-have-good-chance-move-receptive-biden-left-says-sanders


A word comes to mind.

It rhymes with full spit.


Here we go again. Herding the sheep back into the the lion’s den. Sander’s pulled this same shit in 2016 and is doing it again now in 2020. We the People have a systems problem because it does not represent the people. There is no political solution that will “fix” this problem. We don’t live in a democracy and never did. Time to start over people.


Bernie, please retire. You’ve done enough damage.


Sheep dog crapola. Write in None of the Above for every federal election slot.

Anybody who believes Bernie Sanders is hearing what they want to hear.


Obiwan: Padawan, I am concerned you trust Chancellor Palpatine too much. I sense that he is given over to the Dark Side.

Anakin: There is a good chance, Master, that we can move Palpatine to the left.


Does anyone believe that on deaths doorstep Biden has suddenly had an enlightenment and will go against everything he stood for his entire career!?
I do not. I also do not believe he is aware from day to day what is going on.
He is the elitists puppet, saying, going and doing as he is told.


Exactly! Bernie has been used that way by the Democratic, Party to tell Progressives what they want to hear for far too long and Bernie your con will not work anymore! Bernie sold out to the Wall Street whore in 2016 and now is selling us out to Biden, the Wall Street stooge in 2020.


They pushed for Biden’s zombie campaign (especially Obama) because they so feared Bernie’s moderate social democratic agenda. Biden has sought the council of Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers and Jamie Dimon. All three hate working people and the poor, they have strong class and ideological biases too. He hasn’t moved an inch to the left on policy, has not hired anyone on the progressive left and has worked and focused on appealing to the right far more than the left. What evidence exists to show Bernie’s dear friend is going to do a fucking thing for the poor and working people. What a shame that he so willingly attached himself to that rotten prick. Biden goes to George Floyd’s wedding and speaks. There are few Democrats alive that are more responsible for police brutality and structural racism than him, and most Democrats don’t fucking care!

People should organize and challenge whoever is elected, on that I agree with Bernie. But, let’s be real about what Biden is, what he stands for and what to expect. I, personally, expect things to continue to get progressively worse, because Biden offers nothing on policy and presents no solutions on anything at all. What I expect is for him to move on rhetoric and I expect the zombies in that party to be perfectly happy with words in speeches. Then the suburbanites that control that party can go back to a life where they can comfortably ignore the mass suffering of the working class and communities of color. That is what they have done for decades, Biden is a steaming pile of shit, and the environmental crisis is just around the corner. This may have been the last chance we have to radically change course and the older voters voted in large numbers to doom their grandkids, just as they have largely voted the country straight to hell in recent decades. We can vote for Trump or a more right wing and mentally decling Tony Blair. And his VP is certain to be a younger, female version of Joe Biden.


[Posted elsewhere but relevant here:]

Bernie’s support means nothing now. In the seven June 2 primaries, Biden got 75-79% of the popular vote, and Bernie got out of the teens only in South Dakota. The delegate split was 13-to-1 in favor of Biden - who didn’t campaign.

Bernie may not have enough delegates to get any of them onto the platform committee.

Was Bernie’s support shallow? Did people see through the platform nonsense? Why did anyone bother to vote for Biden?

Pushing Biden because “He’s not Trump” was always a weak argument, but Bernie should know better than to tell this to his supporters:

“…he [Bernie] believes former Vice President Joe Biden can be pushed to the left on a number of issues if he wins the 2020 general election.”


yikes. guess the vote herder had a higher gear of “sell out” left in the old bag of bones.

i’m content to just root for the protestors this election season. I hope they make this place ungovernable by any of these rats.


True, but the DINO’s love using Bernie and that is the last thing that they want.


That Sanders statement is pure BS. Biden is who he is and has had decades to grow into his own fascist monster, war-lover, socialist hating morally bankrupt–Well, you get it. He will not change. He can’t. Intelligent Progressives/Liverals/LGBTs know this and now know Sanders for the liar and sellout he has become. Same for AOC. Biden being POTUS gains us nothing. He will be a one-termer, like Carter and go down in disgrace. His VP will not be able to take the torch to the Oval Office either. The RP knows by history all they are required to do is nothing, simply wait for the voters to become fed-up and put them back in office. The Dems have learned nothing since Reagan.


Move the Party and Biden… to the left? TOTAL BS!


Who cares what Bernie believes? His judgment has been flawed for quite some time. His campaign decisions were horrible. He never challenged Biden or brought up his dismal record or lies. He wouldn’t even bring up Hillary’s emails, which shows how long his judgment has been flawed. He gave in way too early without getting anything in return. I agree with those who say he is sheepdogging. Biden agrees with Trump on many important issues. They are both against Medicare For All, the Green New Deal, a livable minimum wage, free public college, legalization of marijuana, defunding of the police, reducing the military budget, climate change policies based on actual science, eliminating surveillance of US citizens, eliminating the death penalty, and reducing our reliance on nuclear weapons. They both favor sanctions on Venezuela, sanctions on Iran, sanctions on Bolivia, persecution of Julian Assange and Ed Snowden, expanding NATO, keeping the Israel capital in Jerusalem, persecution of the Palestinians. I could good on and on. What are the substantive matters you actually know they disagree on?


Pretty stupid remarks about a man who has done more good in his life than most of us have ever done. Peace


There is a much better chance that Biden will move left on racial justice, equity, inclusion then on economic inequality and justice - probably just enough on race to keep Black people voting Dem, but not at all on class, because that would mean changing the system that he has bent over backwards to defend his entire career.


People should recognize it doesn’t matter who is elected.

We need a new story about a new direction that is not deceitful representative capitalist voting for stooges.

A seven facet government with a permanent constituent assembly at the center is a modern idea ready with highly educated students and faculty who have analyzed the results of US terrorism in support of capitalist greed. See the excerpt from Latin American Studies discussing constituted and constituent power; issue 229, p 76, by Carys Hughes at ≈ttps://www.constituentassembly.org


Bernie has done a lot of good. He has also done a lot recently that deserves strong criticism. Some in his own campaign have criticized him, for good reason. Him not going after Biden, his corruption, his atrocious record, was a disservice to the working people that needed him to fight for them, and to all the working people that gave time and money to his campaign. Biden winning should be thought of as nothing short of a disaster. The primary itself was a trainwreck from Iowa on, the results often questionable, the party, the media and the other candidates made a mockery of whatever scant democracy that was left of the process. But, Bernie made decisions that have big consequences none the less, and the working people he has long championed are fucked with Biden or Trump. He knows it too. Lesson to AOC, if you talk of revolution, be a revolutionary.


That was Bernie’s role pretend to fix the problem when really the fix was in from the start.