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Progressives Have Good Chance to Move a 'Receptive' Biden to the Left, Says Sanders

Excellent encapsulation of the ways that Biden and Trump agree! Thoroughly frightening and nauseating.


This is a misrepresentation, in the CD article, of what Bernie said. No where in the New Yorker interview did Bernie say this.


If the primary was on the up and up, all of Bernie supporters were at the rallies.
I thought there might be others that were at home supporting Bernie as well. The numbers don’t say that though.
Still something fishy going on there I think.


Here’s a little comic relief from the other side of the duplicity, enjoy.
The headline says it all.


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And at this point, asking “where am I?”

Yes and I would argue Bernie has been disingenuous from the start. Ever since Bernie’s obeisance to the DNC by saying: " I will support the eventual nominee " when Bernie had to know because of the egregious, corruption of the DNC he would never get the nomination for POTUS yet collected millions of $$$ from well meaning people that believed him like me in 2016!

Bernie, you fooled me in 2016 but never again.


Run to the left, govern to the right. The electorate get scammed every time.


Just to be clear. Are the Bernie detractors here claiming Bernie sold out in 2016, or are they saying he has always been a fraud?
If the latter, he sure fooled me and a lot of others.


Bullshit. Utter bullshit. The same fucking democratic party song and dance is coming. 30 democratic members of the house sign letter endorsing austerity, cuts to social security. Cat food commission part II is coming, with either Biden or Trump acting as receptive placeholder- in- chief.

“And now they’re coming for your social security money. They want your fucking retirement money. They want it back. So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.” -
George Carlin - “The American Dream” (2005)


With all the trump atrocities, racist police killings, political/voter frauds and suppression, environmental catsasstrophes and outright political crimes, ragging on Sanders is what gets your attention?

He tried to arouse the voters and they screwed him (and us) so now its all his fault? BS! Sanders knows another 4 years of trump & co will be the death of very much; maybe us all.
Sanders didn’t pick Biden as nominee, idiot voters and the DINO DP sold-outs did, and Monday-morning quarterbacking Bernie’s “failures” is pretty weak jive, IMO.

Bernie is still trying to play a shitty hand with few cards left to play, but still he tries as best he can. He does NOT want trump to win and wants a non-republican Congress. Don’t you think there are real sheepdogs in many places sowing dissension to keep trump in power? Biden is scum and much else, granted, but trump is scum, racist, delusional, very environmentally destructive, and pathological to boot! What does either candidate of the ruling capitalist class bring to the table?

What have you done for me lately? rings a very sad bell.


With all of the bullshit spending we do, including overspending in many other areas, why on earth would anyone pick on social security? It makes absolutely no sense what so ever.


The D’s don’t even bother with even that anymore. Now they just say that they will “push” their candidate to the left once the people have already given their vote and put the idiots in office. Left? What left? Vote Green Party or any other party except D or R…


Well, he fooled a lot of people, including me. I was willing to break my promise to never vote D or R, but would have voted for him if he made the D ticket. So much for that… I don’t think Bernie is a fraud, but I do think that he is part of a TINA (There is no alternative) system where the only choice is a D or R. Since the people are going to lose in this system, I’m going to ALWAYS vote for someone outside the D or R arena, even if it is Daffy Duck write in. Doesn’t matter. the result will be the same, but I at least voted.


The Green Party, or another new party like it would have to get an awful lot of sugar daddy support. Then there is the chance that greed and corruption could find it’s way into just about any party.

The Greens or any other alternative party will NEVER get “sugar daddy” support. The Sugar Daddy’s would never get any bang for their buck like they do with the duopoly who all have the same pay masters that hold the strings on their puppets.

Again, I’ll state for the record, we the people have a systems problem, not a political problem. We need to change/blow up these systems, start over, and create something entirely new out of whole clothe.


It’s a sad business. I find it hard to believe that Sanders believes that any good can come from Biden.


Talk is cheap to the 3rd Way


I keep thinking that the 3rd Way Dinocrats must be holding one of his grandchildren hostage

Gezsus Bernie - When you’re in a hole, just STOP digging
Please stop trying to sell me this SCHIT Sandwich


A demented 77 year old man who was a dyed-in-the-wool racist and economic royalist in his youth will not move one iota to the left.

Contrary to the muddled “thinking” of Biden, Obama, Clinton, and apparently Sanders, “the left” does not mean gay rights and abortion rights. A principled rightist might just as easily support gay rights and abortion rights – along with a slate of other civil rights – as might a principled leftist.

Being on the left means supporting the working class struggle for greater dignity, higher wages, affordable education and health care, economic rights and economic democracy for all People of Earth. Being on the left is defined by class consciousness and class struggle, not identity politics.

Biden, Obama, Clinton, Trump, Pence, Bush, etc will never move to the left because they will never join the majority struggle against the ruling class. They are inveterate, irredeemable servants of the ruling class. This was and will always be their ticket to political power. To suggest they will ever become anything different than servants of the ruling class is to engage in ruling class myth-making. Common Dreams authors and editors would greatly improve the quality of their thinking and their writing by abandoning the project of ruling class myth-making.


What Sanders believes, as he always has, is that the USA needs a revolution.
What Bernie does, is embrace the very system he wants to revolutionize.
What Bernie gets is the status quo because revolutions are not built on polite talk.

Now it’s time for him to accept that he didn’t have a revolutionary bone in his body and fade into the sunset. Revolution isn’t a fucking pillow fight.