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Progressives Hit Back After DOJ Designates New York, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon 'Anarchist Jurisdictions'

Come on----Calif-Oregon and Washington----it would be a great new country------Calif should hold back all tax funds to the fed Gov until democracy is restored-------what is so bad about being an anarchist—?-I think Chomski calls himself a social anarchist-----I think he would argue the state system is corrupt and can not be fixed–Trump is a right wing rich fuck asshole.

So let the revolution begin in these cities----70% of the people in this country are slaves in this CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE.

Do people know the largest newspaper owner in the US is Softbank—a Japaness bank???

Chris Hedges said today he prefers Biden over Trump but would not vote for Biden------It’s going to be another giant mess left by the top 30% who are stealing everything they can.

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How much of DOJ should be designated a Fascist Jurisdiction?


Washington DC must be designated, "The Antichrist Jurisdiction."

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Yes – big time!! Esp. the Blue States on both coasts put more money into the US treasury than they get back…So all those Red States (and the US Treasury) depend a lot of US (I live in WA State)… and have for years and years…

All of the people in the highest positions I’m sure…

IIRC, Maryland, Delaware, the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida all have ports on the Atlantic . . .

Progressives are not looking to be anarchists. They are pushing for a return to something that looks more like NORMAL.