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Progressives Made Trump's Defeat Possible. Now It's Time to Challenge Biden and Other Corporate Democrats.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/06/progressives-made-trumps-defeat-possible-now-its-time-challenge-biden-and-other


Nope! You were one of the ones cheerleading for the awful right winger, racist and compulsive liar Biden as I recall. You don’t get to change direction now and think you got away with it. That only works with the gullible. As for the the Democratic Party, it is too far gone to be reformed. Instead resistance groups will work to defund the Party and bypass it completely, along with those who enabled the likes of both Biden and Trump, particularly the vote lesser evil types who are either in denial of reality, or stand for nothing.

And for the centrists who took such pleasure in rejecting nearly half of the Party base and nearly every single policy that could actually do some real good, they are right wingers and are as much enemies of the people as are Republicans. Going forward, they will be treated as such. The Democratic Party had a chance to learn and to change and refused to. They will get what they deserve and go the way of the Wigs.

Now the real action will move to the streets, to the continuing record strike waves and planned general strikes and other actions. The system is rotten and no amount of tinkering will save it any longer. There are too many who are now facing eviction, don’t have enough food to eat, are getting sick and dying because of the ineptitude of the psychopaths that lead both parties and more and more people have had enough.


The percentage of voters inside the Democratic Party that support something like M4A is well over 80 percent. It has been this high for Decades yet had no impact on the Clinton or Obama Presidencies.

Both Clinton and Obama owed their victories to the left yet ignored them and the Left had NO IMPACT whatsoever when it came to pressuring those parties to move left. In fact both Clinton and Obama went to the right.

Somehow Solomon suggests this time it will be different.

Why and HOW if you are going to vote for them again anyways no matter what they do? While those so called “progressives” try and force change by holding their breaths until they turn Blue, the Democrats will be dashing off to the next fund raiser to get more money from big Oil and the Health Insurance industry and the arms makers.


The democrat party has loudly heard that they can ignore progressives, and still get votes. They have heard that they can brag about being against everything the progressives believe in, and they will still get votes.

The democrat party has no reason to care about progressives, because progressives have shown that they will always roll over and take it.

Also on the conference call with congressional Democrats was House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, who reportedly declared that if “we are going to run on Medicare for All, defund the police, socialized medicine, we’re not going to win.”

First of all, M4A, free college tuition, a green new deal and the progressive agenda in general have widespread supermajority support among the party base, so Clyburn is just gaslighting his constituencies. Second, progressive goals are not frivolous and inconsequential ones; they will save 10’s of thousands of lives and keep the planet habitable. So, even if they are as unpopular as corporate Democrats claim, it is their responsibility to convince the electorate of their necessity.


Not critizing but again singing to the choir! What actions can we take? It is obvious that the dem centrists don’t listen or understand the outcomes like we do and mainly because they have a financial interest in keeping status quo continuing the corporate take over of America.

It obvious to most of us liberal/progressive that dems took a “shellacking” in 2010 because Obama capitulated and award corporate interests in his administration. Elitists in the party I guess continue not to see clearly so how are we to change that? We have a media owned by a few that their livelyhood depends on these corporate interests. Media has failed we the people.

How many billions were spent on this election cycle? Probably enough to pay living wages for the world for many years.

Did the world stop turning? What is going on in the world and good ole US of A? besides elections… Yes we hear about Covid and it is rising and will continue, we hear of another hurricane coming our way maybe but not about climate change on our so called national media.


But how do we keep the rioters and violent provocators from creating chaos?

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God, you progressives need to get over yourselves. First, Trump is still the president and the vote-counting is still going on. Secord, I saw comments from many progressives that they voted 3rd party which is the same as voting for Trump. Third, there are plenty of Democrats who are in favor of M4A and other lefty ideas.

A student loan strike would hobble Wall Street AGAIN. And lead to loan forgiveness just to save Wall Street. Those loans have been rehypothecated just like the subprime mortgages.
Many states and local governments have begun instituting public banks. Support that movement strongly to get revenues out of Wall Street and benefit Main Street.
The Public Banking Institute is doing good work. Visit their site and see where you can help.


A vote for a third party candidate is not a vote for either Trump or Biden. There is no such thing as a wasted vote. In CA a vote for Howie Hawkins is not a vote for Trump. All of CA’s electoral college votes are going to Biden. The same for all the heavily Blue or Red states which are going to Trump. With the electoral college we have only a shadow of a democracy.


Challenge them? First we’ll need to get through Mitch McConnell just to appoint a cabinet!

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Since the election’s over, wonder if Sellout Solomon™ is still garnering checks from the DNC for this swill, or whether he’s just gaslighting us for his own sadistic amusement?


There will be no significant electoral challenge of this sort for 8-12 years at the soonest because voters have just awarded the right wing control of the party.

There can, of course, be challenges outside the electoral system, given popular will to accomplish that sort of action.

We ought to start building with that assumption, building something outside the Democratic Party, and starting locally. Might the People’s Party be of potential interest to CD-ers, given sufficient gravity?.


Get back to us when you get a clue, meanwhile keep kissing the corporate party elites butts, and receiving nothing for your chapped lips.


As long as the Democratic Party primaries are dominated by morons, our country and the world will keep speeding toward the abyss, Sadly, they haven’t yet developed a vaccine for stupid.


Thank you!

The ink isn’t dry yet on the volumes of vitriol that centrists and liberals have written, shitting on progressives and lambasting them for “enabling Trump” . Now, that they got what they wanted, they’re ready to dismiss our concerns. throw us into the latrine, and move to the right for 4 years until the next election cycle when , without a doubt, they’ll demand that we stfu and vote lesser evil again.


I don’t usually cuss, but they had damn well better listen to the people, because the Democrats flat out would have lost the election if left to their own devices.

Biden almost lost this election. And while the Biden campaign poured in vast financial resources and vague flowery messaging that pandered to white suburban voters, relatively little was focused on those who most made it possible to overcome Trump’s election-night lead—people of color and the young. Constrained by his decades-long political mentality and record, Biden did not energize working-class voters as he lip-sunk populist tunes in unconvincing performances.

Amen. Time to get out into the streets – again!


You wanted a right wing democrat, Norm. Congrats. You brought my class austerity. And you brought the world more war. Again. Go rot.


why should they have done anything? we both know the reason they can be ignored: they get in line at the first sound of the crack of the corporate whip.

If I had voters this gelatinous, I’d probably be tempted to abuse them, too.


I suggest that when Mr. Clyburn says “…we’re not going to win,” he is not speaking of winning elections, but rather winning corporate donations. He knows that the issues you raise here are overwhelmingly popular throughout the country, regardless of party affiliation. But he doesn’t care. He and the rest of the corporate Dems only care about money and power. It’s time to start challenging them on this reality and forcing them to defend themselves.