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Progressives Mock Outrage From the Right After Joaquin Castro Shares Publicly Available Trump Donor Information

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/07/progressives-mock-outrage-right-after-joaquin-castro-shares-publicly-available-trump

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Oh, Is this what the so called conservatives mean by “snowflakes”? Wah wah!
This information will help decide which businesses to patronize, or not. Glad he put it in one easy place to view.


Let’s face it, “most” of the politically motivated gun violence over the past 40 yrs has been extremist based. And most of the “extremists” over that period (if there was a political motivation) were right wing.


You beat me with the “snowflakes” meme, nice going.

This is truly hilarious, considering it’s is public information.
The truth hurts, huh gop?


This should be made into bill boards and plasterd everywhere to be taken down after we rid ourselves of this pestilence.


Well consider this,

If you lie down with dogs, expect to get fleas.

Ain’t life a b!t€h for dogs, especially, the type that support racism.

Dirty Donny and racist Republican donors thought bigotry didn’t have a price? Let’s face it Trump’s fellow manically insecure donors and supporters are justifiably afraid and embarrassed to be revealed as abandoning all the values of honor, morality, ethics, decency, and common sense to kneel at the altar of the ignorant, incompetent, common serial liar, and racist bigot, Trump.They can loudly cheer him on in secret or a crowd, but the cowards desperately don’t want to be revealed as individuals or business supporting donors. Like all cowardly mobs, the mob can dish it out, but the individual spineless member or business can’t take it. Whine on racist cowards, now Donny have your mob chant BooHoo.

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Aw, I like dogs! Can we go with, “If you lie down with hagfish, expect to get slimed”?


If the right is unhappy about this, perhaps they should consider some changes to election law. How about NO ONE is allowed to contribute more than $200 to a campaign and then no names get published.

Works for me.

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Obviously these Donors are Ashamed of their Donation to a Racial Bigot otherwise they would not be annoyed with Joaquin Castro.

If they did not feel guilty about their Donation they would Thank Castro for revealing their name.

I am very proud of my Donations to Bernie, but apparently a Donation to Trump is something that needs to be concealed for fear of being associated with a Loathsome Disgusting Bigot.

Clearly these Donors share Trumps Hatred of Non-White People, but they do not want their Contribution to be broadcast or associated with a Maniacal Segregationist.

Bravo: Joaquin Castro, this expose of people financing this Bigot is the perfect disinfectant to unmask these Vermin.

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That decision on which businesses to patronize works both ways, Jennifer.

Right wingers will know where to spend their money now.

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Like I said:
“This information will help decide which businesses to patronize, or not.”
It’s public information. Knowledge is power.


bless you Jaquin for daring to be a source of REAL INFORMATION, for those who live in the area targeted for killings by a right wing supporter of the yellow haired one in the white house. NOW WHERE THE HELL IS THE REST OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY? No courage whatsoever. ugh.

I totally support the opponent of every politician in every election posting a list of donors for public viewing. What do they have to hide?

OK Ed.

If you lie down with hagfish, you will get fleas.

Can fleas survive in water Ed?

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Donor lists are fair game regardless of party.
I am watching donors for Democratic candidates since I vote for Democrats.
The donor list of concern in this article is for the purpose of exposing those that support Trump. This is also fair game.
If a corporation does not want to be blackballed, they should stay out of the fight.
What pisses me off is corporations that donate to both sides trying to hedge bets with their bribes to Centrist Democrats that are largely just as much Neoliberal warmongers as Trump.