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Progressives Must Mobilize and Persuade – And Get Better at Each


Progressives Must Mobilize and Persuade – And Get Better at Each

Gara LaMarche

The 2016 election is more than three months past, and we live each day with its apocalyptic consequences. We need to fight Donald Trump and what he stands for on multiple fronts. We need to fight the Muslim ban, the global gag order, the border wall with Mexico, rollbacks of consumer protections and health care, and a host of ethical issues. We must link all these fights to a political narrative aimed at restoring progressive power in this fall’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey and taking back statehouses and Congress in 2018.


In short: put up or shut up.


Every request for money from a Democratic group should also include a request for volunteers. Field operations need to be set up NOW to be ready by 11/2018 for the next election.

I live in Massachusetts and it's so Blue we activists head off to NH,ME, CT and conservative NY districts to work and organize. That should be the pattern across the country. We clearly need both 1) to get more people to vote and 2) to get more people to vote D in 2018. As LaMarche suggests, issues should lead and open the discussions, and listening, and involvement, and mobilization, and then come the candidates. We MUST take our country back from Corporate Domination or the Trump Swamp pattern will become even more worldwide than it already is. We are in the Sixth Extinction, and unless we tap into our collective wisdom and revitalize government to make wise decisions and set sensible limits, corporate and collective greed will lead to our demise.