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Progressives Need to Ignore the Noise and Stay Ambitious

Progressives Need to Ignore the Noise and Stay Ambitious

Jared Bernstein

The New Green Deal is a 14-page document that exists about 40,000 feet up in terms of abstraction. It will not be passed by this Congress. That’s not just because of the political divide but also because it is not legislation: It’s a set of broad ideas — good ones, from my perspective — to reduce carbon emissions while creating good jobs through investment in green industry.

I hope that the ‘new Democrats’ have a plan B that kicks when they are inevitably marginalized.

Might I suggest pealing off from the d-party to become an independent coalition who refuses to be budged on the urgent issues Bernstein highlights?


FOX (faux noise) will amp up their propaganda machine in response to the additional progressives in Congress…“ignoring the noise” is good advice !

Finally, there’s the response that the new Democrats are “overreaching” and thus undermining their potential success. This is a political argument, based on the belief that there exists a significant, heretofore largely silent, majority of the electorate that might lean toward Democrats but will be scared off by an ambitious progressive agenda.

email to Jared Bernstein 2/14/19:

Hi Jared,

The question of progressive “political overreach” - the right liberal line - is key.

Below, two links bolster the argument that the progressive drive for healthcare for all is not “overreach,” but a politically viable, winning demand.

The first discusses data showing many cultural conservatives are, at the same time, economically progressive. The idea is that these swing voters will support left liberal politicians calling for policies such as healthcare for all.

The second piece gives an example to support the idea that cultural conservatives may be swayed by progressives but not right liberals - the 12% of Sanders primary supporters that voted for Trump in the general.- many conservative Democrats or cultural conservative independents. The idea here is that many cultural conservatives will support a progressive liberal candidate over a right wing candidate; but that if the choice narrows down to a right liberal vs. a right wing candidate, many of these voters will swing right.

In Solidarity