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Progressives Not Mourning as Neera Tanden's Bid to Head OMB on Verge of Collapse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/22/progressives-not-mourning-neera-tandens-bid-head-omb-verge-collapse


So, in other words, Sanders, Warren, or Brown could quite easily drive a stake into this nomination by expressing their own opposition. At that point, Biden starts to have to find even more Republican votes, which seems highly unlikely if even the QOP-Heretics like Romney and Collins are saying No.

Even a small Progressive caucus in a 50-50 Senate could lay down a strong position that says Biden has to include them in anything that Biden wants to pass. That’s a byproduct of the way the QOP unites to rejects everything. But, instead the Progressives seem to enjoy being walked over.


“verge of collapse”? There actually might be a god after all.

… Tanden has the “lived experience” of “having benefitted from a number of federal programs as a kid.” And she has the “lived experience” of advocating cutting these programs as an adult. THAT, not her mean tweets to Republicans, disqualifies her.

This: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday he is working with President Joe Biden to gather the support needed to confirm Neera…
and then this: Twitter is on the verge of taking down Neera Tanden’s Cabinet nomination.
Go twitter!


Neera Tanden is a neoliberal-war mongering-Wall Street servicing-Red Baiting-apartheid state supporting-tool and a perfect mascot for the Democratic Party.


Well, sure but all their backbones have been replaced with recycled mittens.


Hey, Neera, run back to Hillary, I’m sure she’ll welcome back your toxic political poison with open arms.


The shear dedication the Biden admin has to giving her this spot is…interesting. Oh, and also very telling.


Who knows what will happen but I hate the woman and everything she stands for. The thought of her publicly groveling, deleting tons of her horrible tweets and still getting denied makes me happy. Couldn’t happen to a worse, more corrupt person. But, rotten people like her continuously fail upward in this rotten system.


One progressive urged the Cannibalist to appoint a non-Cannibalist to the position. But the Cannibalist blithely insisted that Cannibalism is good for America.


Most telling (and saddening) is Biden’s undying support for this nominee. Social Security/Medicare hating birds of a feather. Disgusting.

Hoping like hell she does not get confirmed.


We’re told that one or two Republicans, or one or two blue dog Democrats, can stop Tanden, but that all the Senate “progressives” together can do nothing.

Makes you wonder what those “progressives” are good for.


Gene Sperling was appearing regularly on all the appropriate MSM’s talk shows discussing the Biden proposals, etc., in November/December.
Why he wasn’t nominated by the Bidenistas then was quite remarkable. Neera Tanden was an odd choice then and still is.
Do it now, POTUS Biden. Ya’ got bigger fish to catch and fry right now. Neera Tanden will be fine, no doubt.


When trump was gone, I was finally able to sleep at night. I was starting to actually like Biden. Then he does this. Supporting this Clintonian fascist is the last straw. I don’t like Biden anymore. At all.


Biden has got to be counting on Tanden’s presence in that specific office to run interference for him and his big plans to sell out on our vitally necessary social safety net programs that have been under attack by Biden and others for decades. Why else would he place he there? Tanden is the “poster child” reflecting just about everything wrong with the unDemocratic Party and this president. It’s imperative that she be denied the opportunity to help Biden sellout the American people.

As for Sanders, the myth of Bernie the committed progressive and man of principle continues to dissolve as, time and time again, he fails the test. The nomination of Neera Tanden for any post of import in the Biden administration is something that Sanders the committed progressive should and would never sit quiet for. Bernie’s a fraud, plain and simple.


It may look odd that Biden can’t let go of her, but a look at Biden’s career will reveal that he’s her twin. He too worked to cut Social Security, and let’s not forget his work to make sure people being drowned by student debt can’t file bankruptcy, among other endearing things. Democrats should stop swooning over Biden. His true self is emerging.


Good post. Thanks. You say

Even a small Progressive caucus in a 50-50 Senate could lay down a strong position that says Biden has to include them in anything that Biden wants to pass. That’s a byproduct of the way the QOP unites to rejects everything. But, instead the Progressives seem to enjoy being walked over.

I believe their motives are even worse than you suggest. Sanders, Warren and Brown are examples of the undemocratic Party’s growing number of faux progressives. They’ve created these little niches for themselves from which they play progressive to the voters yearning for real progressive changes in their government and who are ripe for being played. Sanders and Brown are experienced experts at the game. Warren has stumbled as she’s been working on her progressive schtick but she seems to still be accepted as such by the meaningful numbers of unDemocratic Party voters. Their response, or lack thereof, to Tanden’s nomination is a clear tell.


You say

Makes you wonder what those “progressives” are good for.

I suspect you already know the answer to that “pondering” but I suggest those so called progressives in the Senate are good for nothing except keeping voters than might leave and support a legitimately progressive party from doing just that.


Tanden is much better suited for the work she does at the Center for Austerity Proposals (CAP). Her current position fits her perfectly. She should stay put.


Hi Mr Tuttle:
And sadly her face seems to reflect unkindness with an undertone of evil. : (

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Bernie supporting Tanden is the same as Cruz supporting Trump after he called Cruz’s wife ugly. Joebama nominated Tanden as a direct insult to Bernie, and Bernie just bent over and took it.